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Eco Friendly Promotional Pens

Eco friendly promotional pens provide organisations with an opportunity to communicate more than just a simple printed message. The connotations that are associated with environmentally friendly personalised pens enable a company to also address awareness of their green agendas whilst communicating their corporate message to customers.

The range of Envirostick Extra Recycled Ball Pens available at the Pen Warehouse, have proven to be a popular choice for organisations looking to increase the awareness of their eco credentials. The eco credentials of this innovative new product are second to none, offering the world’s first recycled refill in a pen. Furthermore, the green status of these personalised pens is authenticated by the recycled material utilised in the trim and refill of the Envirostick. Ecoallene® is the result of a number of years of research and development by Tetra Pak and Lecce Pen.

The over reliance on food and drink packaging we have developed in modern day society has caused an overabundance of post-consumer cartons taking up valuable space in landfill sites and contributing heavily to greenhouse gas emissions. Owing to the nature of the process, Ecoallene® will help us to dramatically reduce the amount of food and drink carton waste we are currently sending to landfill or incinerators.

Tetra Pak cartons are made up of three layers; paper, aluminium and polyethylene. Under a complex process developed by Lecce Pen, the three payers are separated. The waste paper is then sent for recycling, whilst the aluminium and polyethylene layers are combined under a high pressure heat process, the result being small plastic like pellets. The Ecoallene pellets can then be used in the same way as traditional plastics to produce any product that we would normally associate to being made from plastic. For example a major high street retailer is using Ecoallene to produce a range of recycled jewellery, a European super market chain has produced shopping trolleys from Ecoallene®, the potentials for this incredible innovation really are endless.

For more information on eco printed pens just give us a call.

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Promotional Pens printed in Full Colour

Promotional pens are a cost efficient tool for organisations looking to communicate their corporate message to targeted audiences, e.g. through direct mail or at trade shows and exhibitions. The vast selection of printed pens on offer in the market often dilutes the awareness of a select few products that could dramatically improve the impact of corporate messaging. Full colour printing for pens provides the opportunity to relay photographic quality images onto the barrel of the pen, offering a solution for highly detailed corporate logos that would not suit traditional printing techniques.

The push-button Spectrum Ball Pens were developed with full colour printing techniques specifically in mind, offering a new opportunity for customers to communicate their message. The oversized plastic barrel provides a large print area on both sides, enabling a full colour image and text to be clearly visible to the user. The polished chrome trim and selection of colourful rubberised grips makes this an attractive product for any promotional campaign. The results achieved when printing with Spectrum Ball Pens means there is an increased possibility of customers keeping hold of the pen making them an ideal selection for organisations involved with trade shows or exhibitions.

One of the most trusted techniques organisations employ when communicating to customers is direct mail, namely because it offers an economical, targeted and measurable alternative to mass media investments. However, one of the key draw backs with direct mail is the knowledge that the majority of your printed media will end up in the customers bin. By offering customers a tool to improve the perception of added value with their direct mail you stand a higher chance of your message being noticed. Kite Pens are the perfect tool to achieve the perception of added value with your next direct mail promotion. Specifically designed with direct mail in mind, these slim line pens can be printed full colour on both sides, their size means they can fit into a small envelope with minimal added weight making them cheaper to mail than other models.

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Make your Mark with Promotional Pencils, Erasers and Pencil Sharpeners

Pencils, pencil sharpeners and erasers go together hand-in-hand. If you are planning to print some promotional pens for your next marketing campaign, why not consider putting together a package of items, including a promotional pencil, printed pencil sharpener and personalised eraser? This triples the advertising and promotional opportunities from your campaign and will also create a much bigger impact in the minds of your target audience.

You could choose colours to complement each other, or go for clashing colours to make a real impression on your clients. Perhaps imprint each item repeating the same information to make sure it hits home and sticks in your clients mind. These may be small promotional gifts on their own, which would be perfectly acceptable, but together they represent a great bit of promotional merchandise and offer great value for money.

Our Oro Pencils are one of our best selling pencil ranges, as multicolour printing is available on this pencil. The whole range comes with gold ferrule and white eraser as standard and is available in 14 gloss paint finishes. We also offer a 3 day express on this pencil if you are only after single colour printing.

Our Snap Eraser has an ingenious design, incorporating a plastic insert allowing full colour printing on both sides of the eraser.

The Pencil Sharpener we offer is a high quality white sharpener with an extremely large print area, suitable for either line colour printing or full colour, creating a high quality representation of your logo or advertising message. All of our pencil sharpeners come complete with lids, to make sure all your pencil shavings are kept in one place.

Lots of people love writing with pencils instead of printed pens, erasers are always a popular item that everyone needs around, both at home and in the office, and who can find a pencil sharpener when you need one? Have your bespoke collection imprinted with your logo and company details to result in a very cost-effective package. Your customers will love them, remember you and keep coming back for more! Pens might be a good option for your next campaign as an addition to your pack.

Stay tuned to the newsroom here at The Pen Warehouse- your personalised pens and pencils specialist.

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Eco Friendly Personalised Pens

In today’s environmentally conscious society, it is important that every possible initiative is undertaken to ensure the long lasting sustainability of the world we live in. This is the reason why we here at The Pen Warehouse like to play our part in protecting the environment through our eco friendly range of personalised pens. Ideal for office use, you too can do your bit in looking after the surroundings at the same time as promoting a business.

Like all of our pens, our eco friendly pens can be adorned with a company name or logo in addition to being in the colours of any particular business. This is a quick and effective way of advertising any business with the addition of also being a highly useful addition to any office or reception area.

We are well aware here at The Pen Warehouse that everyone is trying to play their part in lowering their carbon footprint so that the world as we know it now can be enjoyed by generations to come. Therefore, our eco friendly personalised pens are all made from sustainable or recycled sources and are guaranteed to bring you the same high quality finish as any of our other pens.

Our recycled pens and pencils, which are ideal to be personalised, are made from used and recycled plastics, paper and FSC wood. With all of the styles also available at highly competitive prices, we hope to see our eco friendly products stocked in a range of business units across the country so you can credit yourselves as looking after the environment.

For an effective way to both promote a business and protect the environment at the same time, the eco friendly, sustainably sourced personalised pens on offer from us here at The Pen Warehouse are the ideal solution. If you require any additional information on this innovative range, feel free to contact us via one of the methods on the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website.

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Personalised Pens for Christmas

Christmas is now under two months away and is a time of year to show gratitude for all those people supporting your company, both customers and employees. Many companies organise a company dinner or event however, during a recession, you cannot always afford to host a lavish party. Another way to show your appreciation is by giving out gifts for such an occasion. Engraved executive pens definitely fit the occasion perfectly and never outdate themselves. There is a huge range of promotional pens to choose from, here at the Pen Warehouse, but there is a few things you need to consider when choosing which range of pens to go for.

At Christmas you want to be as generous but in a recession, it’s sometimes hard to know how much to spend. We offer personalised pens to fit any budget, all of which are of an extremely high quality.

One from our high-end executive range that I can recommend for you all your loyal customers are Saville Metal Ball Pens. It’s a new generation pen that redefines modern writing, making it an ideal contemporary gift. These pens are available to be engraved for that added touch of luxury and can also be supplied with an optional presentation box.

If you’re looking for a high quality, executive rollerball then Europa Metal Rollerballs are the pen to go for. The Europa is the perfect choice, combining both simplicity and practicality with a lustrous silver finish and sleek lines. It is also available with an optional presentation box to belie its cost even further.

If you’re looking for a low cost executive pen, Symphony Metal Ball Pens are the range for you. They come in six popular colours with a highly lacquered finish and can also be supplied in a presentation tube if needed.

Printed Pens are a simple, yet classy gift and don’t necessarily need to be that expensive, although you can spend a lot on a high-end option if needed. If you need a hand choosing the Christmas gift to suit your company, give our team a call or leave your details on our contact us page and we will be in touch shortly.

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What makes Promotional Pens an all round favourite?

The elegant style, the attractive features, and the immense choices are among the few reasons that make printed pens the popular brand promotional items they are today. They are the most user-friendly gift items on the market as they can be used by all age ranges. They are useful to all categories of people, which is why they deliver the biggest return than any other promotional item.

Every promotional pen has its own USP that makes it stand out from the rest. While some might score high on the style factor, the other offer great traditional values, but it depends on what market you are trying to break into as to what pen you go for. Contour Pens have a rubber grip, which enhances the ease of writing as it helps to both reduce the pressure on your fingers while you maintain a firm hold on the pen.

Personalised pens are easily available to fit every category, from plastic pens to executive metal pens. Despite the comfort they offer, pens with rubber grips are available at extremely affordable prices so can fit every budget.

Our most popular printed pens are Contour ball pens. It’s an attractive push button ballpen, available with a translucent body, white body or silver body. The complete range comes with chrome trims and comfortable rubber grips to make writing that much more enjoyable. These personalised pens are available on a 3 day express service- another reason why they are one of the most popular pens available at the moment.

Torpedo Metal Ball Pens are new to our range this year, and are part of our executive metal pen range. They come with a stunning rubber grip that fits the elegant curves of the pen. It is an up and coming favourite, available in either silver or gold at extremely low prices.

Viper Frost Ball Pens are another favourite within the industry at the moment, as it offers a budget promotional pen, with comfortable rubber grip at extremely affordable prices. It’s also available in 10 vibrant colour options, making it suitable for all promotions and advertising campaigns. has a huge range of promotional pens to choose from, so browse through and see if you can find one perfect for your campaign. If you need any assistance, please feel free to give us a ring or contact us via the contact us page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Envirostick Ball Pens- Low Cost Eco-Friendly Promotional Pens

Using promotional pens to endorse a company or organisation isn’t something new or out of the ordinary in the market today. Almost every business has used personalised pens at some point and they are still one of the most popular promotional items to use as give aways. Due to the utility that this fabulous promotional item has to offer to the recipient, it makes one of the most well received and appreciated items ever. Printed pens come in an unimaginable range of options and can sometimes leave businesses in a state of utter confusion as to which one to choose. Plastic pens, metal pens, pencils, printed highlighters, multi functional pens, and specialist pens– the options are simply endless here at the Pen Warehouse. The latest addition to this vast array of options is eco-friendly pens.

You would certainly have heard of promotional pens and seen them being used to promote companies and the services they offer, but have you heard of eco-friendly promotional pens used to endorse your company principles?

Eco Friendly Pens are a relatively fresh product in the world of promotional pens; eco-friendly promotional pens are a great way to endorse your business as they are a great way of endorsing the green ethics of your company. The eco-friendly nature of these promotional pens is sure to present you as a socially responsible organisation that doesn’t just believe in making profits but is equally thoughtful about the environment in which it thrives. Eco-friendly promotional pens lay a strong foundation for building the perfect image for your organisation.

Our new innovative Envirostick Ball Pens are the first stickpens available made from recycled polystyrene and coloured ecoAllene trim. With the world’s first recycled refill integrated into the structure of the pen, it really is the first ever 100% recycled ball pen. Sometimes, even the best of corporate advertising fails to create the right image for a company, which is where the Envirostick Recycled Ball Pens come in, as they do so with ease. To add to the positive image building attribute of these promotional pens, their low cost is another great benefit that comes as an added bonus to you.

The Envirostick ball pen is made from Ecoallene, which is a post consumer recycled material. Ecoallene is made from items that would typically go straight to landfill and contribute to green house gas emissions from discarded Tetra Pak cartons, so you are helping the sustainability of the environment when purchasing this range of pens.

For help choosing the right pen to build the image of your organisation, please call us or fill out the contact us form on the website and we will be in touch shortly. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Promotional Pen Sets- including our Sterling Classic Pen Set

There is a wide variety of promotional pens on the market for you to choose from and this year, and it’s bigger than ever before. There is also a great range of prices designed to satisfy the budgets and needs of all companies and corporations wanting to use personalised pens. Choosing the right kind of personalised pens for your company can seriously affect the success of your marketing campaign, so it is essential that you give careful consideration to what you are hoping to achieve and who your target market is.

A selection of the more popular promotional products and items used are plastic pens, cheaper metal pens, such as anodised aluminium models, and highlighter pens. The products themselves are available in a vast array of colours meaning you can always find a pen to compliment your logo or marketing message. The message you decide to have imprinted on the body of the pen can be anything from an advertising slogan, your company’s name or logo, or in some cases, all three.

Imprinted promotional pens can be expensive, brand name products and are usually intended as gifts to senior managers or other influential customers and are mostly presented by major corporations. These pens are given out to people who are associated with the corporations and are sometimes personalised with the recipients’ names. A new pen set we have introduced this year to our range is the Sterling Classic Rollerball Pen and Sterling Classic Fountain Pen, offering one of the most exquisite promotional gifts available. They usually come in expensive gift boxes for that added touch of luxury.

Another Pen Set option is the Chequers Metal Ball Pen and Chequers Metal Rollerball Pen set, a new edition to our range this year. It’s one of my favourite Ball Pens to write with and the reviews from our customers have all been fantastic. It’s modern, sleek design is suitable for both men and women and makes an excellent luxury pen set for Christmas.

Giving luxury engraved pens, whether it is a mid range of top of the range will always be appreciated by the recipient. When you give your key customers a good quality executive pen, you expect them to keep if for a long time so why not think about investing in some executive promotional pens.

If you need the Pen Warehouse to help you choose which printed pens are for you, call us on 01252 400270 where our highly experienced promotional staff will be more than happy to help.

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Corporate Promotional Pens for your Business

If you have been in business even for a little while, you are guaranteed to have attended several corporate meetings and exhibitions. Corporate events and meetings are a lucrative opportunity for your company where you are looking to generate more business. Promotional pens are the perfect promotional item for you to use every time.

Every individual couldn’t envisage a single day of their life without using pens even in this highly technological era where everything is communicated using computers. You always need a pen, whether you’re in office, at home or even at corporate meetings. Our range of promotional metal pens are suitable for every budget and can be customised with your own logo or corporate message by either printing or engraving on the pen, providing an impressive first impression of your company.

As laser engraved printed pens have their surface removed by the laser during the engraving process, the image becomes a permanent feature of the pen. This has significant benefits for the longevity of the personalised message compared to conventionally printed pens which is why Engraved Pens have a much longer life than the personalised pens.

Cyclone Metal Ball Pens are an innovative design and a new addition to our range for 2010. It’s a high quality metal ball pen with cap action and lacquered finish which can be engraved. It’s a modern ball pen which is a popular choice for young professionals.

Moda Metal Ball Pens are another range which we have brought in this year. They are a funky chunky ball pen with a twist action mechanism and chrome trim. It’s available in a vibrant orange or silver and is another popular choice if you’re looking for a pen to make you stand out from the crowd.

Verona Metal Ball Pens is one of our time-honoured, elegant metal promotional pens. It has a luxurious lacquered finish and chrome trim for added style. It is a classic slimline ball pen which offers a generous print area across the barrel and is available in three very popular colours. Once you choose this ball pen, you won’t ever think of changing.

We all know that the average lifespan of pens is far greater than the majority of other promotional items on the market today, as it can be used in a multitude of situations. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order some of our executive metal printed pens today and get them into the hands of your influential customers- you’ll never look back.

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Impress Your Customers with Innovative Promotional Pens

Using printed pens to promote your business can leave a lasting impression of your company and services available. A lot of companies offer great quality products and services and in this climate, you need to stand out from the crowd and give something extra to survive. Quality Promotional Items are a good way to change your customers buying experience from a good one to a great one. When you offer promotional items such as printed pen as an added extra with your products, you automatically give your customers a sense of satisfaction that will ensure that they will remain loyal to your company.

Additionally, since pens are items that are used daily, you need to ensure they are durable and write well, so why not order a free sample from us beforehand to test run the pen before you put it into the hands of your clients.

To widen the scope of your advertising campaign using promotional pens, giving out pens that offer the biggest print area possible that maximise the impact of your logo and contact details is always a winner. Using promotional Banner Ball Pens, which allow more space for the printing your logo, contact details and corporate message.

A wide variety of promotional pens are available with intricate designs and innovative features. Transformer Robotic Pens are unique compact plastic pens that extend to full pen length when a button is pushed; great for making your brand stand out above the rest.

Another innovative design is our Flip Ball Pens, which is a folding pen with a snap lock mechanism. It can be personalised on both barrel and cap using both single and full-colour printing, providing your logo with maximum impact.

To find out more about our specialist ball pens, please either give us a ring or send us an email via the contact us page on the website. We look forward to hearing from you.