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The Pen Warehouse Hosts Self-Defence Class

Following the heart-breaking news earlier this year regarding Sarah Everard, The Pen Warehouse has taken several steps internally to provide guidance and assistance to their employees when walking alone as part of a ‘Walk safe initiative’, which included hosting a self-defence class to ensure all staff members are fully equipped with the latest defence techniques to help keep them safe. This went ahead as soon as COVID restrictions allowed.

The activity-filled afternoon was delivered by Streetwise Safety Training, a company founded by Martyn Bowie, an ex-police officer with a mission to connect working professionals to law enforcement. As well as excellent safety training, this was a considerable team-building opportunity, great for employee wellbeing and allowed staff members to socialise whilst respecting social distancing measures. Bringing together members of all different departments.

Participants were taught incidents where these techniques may be suitable as well as Common Law. They were then placed in pairs where they learnt a handful of easy-to-remember moves using soft pads.

Additional parts of the initiative included:

  • Police recommended personal attack alarms  offered to all employees for use both in and out of work
  • All work phones have now been installed with listed SOS contacts, which is mandatory for any work phone going forward. Walking safety tips have been shared from recommended sources including Personal Safety Advice from and 5 Safety Tips For Walking at Night from My Fitness Pal.

Helen Dyl, Operations Director at The Pen Warehouse commented: “Our employees are our family, they are also mainly based in the local community and will walk to and from work. Their safety and wellbeing is our responsibility and after the tragic news of what happened to Sarah Everard, we knew we had to act. This will now be an annual offering for our teams. Martyn and his team were fantastic and we would recommend their service.”

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The Pen Warehouse Celebrate their Employees

To celebrate the relaxation of Covid restrictions, on Friday 23rd July The Pen Warehouse are having a socially distanced lunchtime party to thank their employees for their hard work and commitment during this time.

The last year has presented challenges and hard times, but the staff members’ determination and dedication have been unwavering. It is important to acknowledge and recognise this.

The Pen Warehouse’s company policy and health and safety measures surrounding Covid will remain in place as before but the 19th July milestone is a pivotal point worth celebrating. A marquee will be erected and staff members will have lunch outside in groups of six. There will be a stone-baked pizza and ice cream van to enjoy. The companies will also hold their annual charity sale with proceeds going to Frimley Health Charity.