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BIOFREE – NOT a friendly Living Pen

Over a year ago, The Pen Warehouse launched the BiofreeTM range of promotional pens after eighteen months of R&D, backed by one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sanitising chemicals. We had no doubt that our innovative approach to product development would spark many ‘Johnny-come-lately’ manufacturers to produce products along the same lines and we are now beginning to see some evidence of that – that’s life and we are all ‘big boys’. However, an element of desperation from our competitors as backrunners is no excuse for false claims about our ground-breaking product and unfortunately we are beginning to see evidence of this.

For the record, here are some facts:

  1. BiofreeTM additive is moulded into the plastic – it is not a coating. It continues to clean the pen of microbes and other pathogens as you use it. It does not wear away. However, we would not refer to it as a ‘Living Pen’ but more a killing machine.
  2. It is the same additive that is used in many medical plastics, top brand fridges and food processing equipment. It is very tried and tested and as such we are quite transparent about the mechanism at work; silver-ion technology. No smoke and mirrors – just complete transparency because it is proven technology endorsed by many of the world’s leading brands.
  3. The product is fully certified by the manufacturer. This is relevant certification and we do not intend to cloud the issue by including references to certification that has no relevance to its sanitising properties.
  4. Price – Well, here is the real achilles heel of the competition. Here are our prices for the new Spirit BiofreeTM
  5. Style – Compare the look and feel of the Spirit BiofreeTM with our competitors’ product and tell us which you prefer, it’s a no-brainer.

Our competitors’ prices are between 51% and 84% dearer – check it out. Visit us at the Trade Only Show, so you can see this killer pen in the flesh. The BiofreeTM range is now in stock and samples are available by calling 01252 400270.