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High-Quality Personalised Pens

Creating the right image and portraying your company in the correct manner is vital to success. Marketing is an important aspect of this, yet it can be difficult to think of ways to go above and beyond what your competitors have to offer. Here at The Pen Warehouse, we believe that high quality personalised pens can be the solution as they are designed to clearly promote your company name, logo and colours, alongside offering the user a practical and functional product to carry with them at all times.

There are a number of different aspects to consider when looking at personalised pens as a way of connecting with your target market;


An early aspect to consider with regards to the quality personalised pens here at The Pen Warehouse is choosing the correct design and style that will appeal most to your potential audience. In business, first impressions count for a lot, so you need to make sure that the design of your pen leaves a lasting impression in the mind of whoever sees it.

We have the skills to supply pens that are in your company’s colours and are available in a range of models from plastic and ballpoint through to the more executive fountain pens. With the option of having the company name and logo, we can help to create the perfect style to successfully promote any business.

Creating the Right Impression

Personalised pens can be the ideal solution in the endless task of trying to get a business recognised in a highly competitive market. Alongside the style and model of pen, you have to make sure that you are successfully creating the right impression for your business that is also cost efficient. With top quality, well made personalised pens available from as little as 12p each, this method of advertising is by far the cheapest, yet one of the most effective on the market.

For an effective marketing tool that also leaves your customer or client with an attractive and useful product, our range of personalised pens here at The Pen Warehouse are guaranteed to succeed.

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Panther Eco Extra Ball Pens

Global Warming is now at everyone’s forethought and everyone wants to play their part in making sure we limit the amount of damage we do to the environment and reduce our carbon footprint. Eco Friendly promotional pens are available in all shapes and sizes and in a wide variation of designs. One of our most highly sought after are Panther Eco Extra Ball Pens.

This range of pens all come with a glossy white barrel and coloured trim, available in five colours. These personalised pens are extremely durable and are one of the hardest wearing pens available. These pens also offer an extremely generous print area around the barrel of 40mm x 20mm and the clip can also be printed to compliment your logo with further contact information, ensuring you don’t have to leave any detail out. These pens can be used to both increase your green credentials and brand awareness to a wider audience.

These printed pens are extremely popular promotional pens as they are inexpensive compared to similar pens that are available in the market and their appearance and quality is as any non-recycled pens.

These retractable ball pens are also available with matching barrel and trims in the Panther Eco Colour Ball Pens range.  This range of promotional pens is priced to suit both small and large marketing campaigns with the ability to accommodate the largest logo or advertising message.

If you are still unsure what Eco Friendly Pens to go for, please browse our Eco Friendly tab on the website and you can see the huge variety of pens we offer, here at The Pen Warehouse.

If you would like more information on the products and pricing, feel free to contact us either via the contact us page, or give us a ring on 01252 796867 and one of our customer service representatives would be more than happy to assist you with your enquiry.

Keep tuned into our newsroom here at The Pen Warehouse – the home of printed pens – to stay up-to-date on the latest offers and products available to suit any budget.

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Lucerne Metal Fountain Pens

Executive Promotional Pens are regarded as prestigious promotional gifts and are often used to reward your larger clients at Christmas time. Pens can be used to both develop and consolidate business connections. They may also be appropriate as gifts to reward members of staff for recognition of a job well done to show your appreciation of their hard work. Whatever the occasion, quality metal personalised pens will always be greatly appreciated by the recipient.

One of the most heavily used printed pens suitable for executive gifts are metal fountain pens. Lucerne Metal Fountain Pens are one of the most popular pens in our range. They are top of the range fountain pens that offer that wow factor. They are heavy pens in highly polished chrome with contrasting gold plated trim. When you need to create an impression, these pens are definitely the ones to use. These Fountain Pens are provided with a luxury gift box as standard, just ask us for more details. These promotional pens are suitable for laser engraving only, but can also be supplied as plain stock if needed. We are able to engrave all our pens in house so we are able to look after you from the moment you place your order, through to delivery.

We also have Lucerne Metal Rollerballs which are also supplied in a luxury gift box, for that added touch of luxury. The Lucerne Pen Set is a luxurious gift that anyone would appreciate receiving.

The Pen Warehouse offers a great choice of fountain pens for you to choose from. The Lucerne Metal Fountain Pen is a truly prestigious promotional gift and has a very stylish and contemporary appearance, appealing to all age ranges.

When engraved to your exact specifications, this beautiful range of fountain pens will be perfect presentation gifts for your colleagues, clients and business partners.

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Promotional Pens to promote your business

Promotional Pens are a cost efficient advertising tool utilised in abundance by businesses across nearly every imaginable industry. The popularity of pens as an advertising medium can be attributed to their low price point and ease of access compared to other advertising techniques. Whilst investing in ATL advertising will deliver coverage and reach for your corporate message, printed pens offer a far more economical alternative for smaller to medium sized businesses that simply cannot justify the significant levels of investment required to deliver an above the line campaign. However, this is not to mean that personalised pens can’t deliver as equally as impressive results.

Consider the organisation that invests heavily in mass media communication to achieve awareness and recognition for their corporate message or identity. It is highly likely they will experience benefit in the form of improved awareness and saliency of their brand, however, owing to the nature of above the line advertising tools their corporate message will not be as ‘targeted’ as other, more direct marketing mechanics. I am not suggesting that investing in promotional pens to communicate your message will deliver more value and benefit than an advertising campaign utilising mass media, however consider how pens and therefore your message is delivered. Your printed pens used at exhibitions or trade shows will be placed into potential customers hands, as long as your customer perceives the pen to hold enough value to warrant them keeping hold of it your message will remain at their fingertips for the foreseeable future. The same claim cannot be applied to a Television advert, which once finished is only a memory in the customers mind.

The next time you are looking to promote your corporate identity, why not consider using pens to communicate your message. For more information on our range please call 01252 400270.

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FSC Carpenter Pencils

When looking at what product to use for your next campaign – printed pens or pencils- why not use promotional eco friendly pencils to exhibit your company’s credentials?

FSC Carpenter Pencils are traditional, flat carpenter pencils available in three popular colours- white, yellow and natural. Due to the shape of the pencils, they provide a generous print area for you promotional message, logo and contact details. We also have the ability to print in full colour on this pencil at extremely competitive prices.  No matter how many colours you logo is, we only charge one origination for full colour printing. Choosing these promotional pencils to print your company’s details onto for your next promotion demonstrates that you comply with the highest social and environmental standards on the market.

The state of the world’s environment is at the foremost thoughts of everyone around the world at the moment. Using FSC Carpenter Pencils is a valuable way of gaining recognition and credibility with your customers and demonstrating your values. These printed pencils are suitable for all promotions and events where the environment is a key focus and where you wish to convey your logo on the biggest print area possible on a pencil.

The Forest Stewardship Council is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organisation which and has offices in more than 50 countries. They provide standard setting and trademark assurance for companies who take part in responsible forestry.

Our FSC certification is re-visited annually as a condition of our continued compliance with the FSC certification, so you can be assured that all our FSC products – both pens and pencils- are ethically manufactured from sustainable sources.

Please visit to verify our certification using our FSC chain of custody certificate number: SA-COC-001942.

We also offer FSC personalised pens, just give us a ring or email us for more details on the products we have available in our range.

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Laser Engraved Pens

When it comes to promoting your business or corporate event we understand the importance of choosing the right product. With this in mind, has a wide range of Laser Engraved Pens – the classy alternative to throwaway promotional products and one that can be highly personalised to suit your businesses needs.

To achieve the most from your promotion, we believe it’s important to offer you a wide range of options. To that end, we are proud to be able to offer you the largest choice of Laser Engraved Pens in Europe, with a range to suit every brand and budget. We use the latest state of the art equipment to finely and accurately engrave your pens, guaranteeing a clean and high-quality finish, resulting in an appealing and attractive end product.

Our 24-hour express engraving service guarantees your order will arrive in plenty of time for your deadline. We can dispatch overnight to anywhere in the UK or mainland Europe from our Hampshire-based warehouse.

Our helpful and friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will deal with your order quickly and efficiently through one of our trusted distributor partners.

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FSC Top Hat Ball Pens

When looking at what pens to use in your next promotion, why not use an eco friendly pen to demonstrate your company’s credentials?

FSC Top Hat Ball Pens are retractable FSC certified wooden ballpens with chrome trim. They are very distinctive promotional pens as they have a top-hat styled wooden push button. Choosing these personalised pens for your next promotion, shows that you comply with the highest social and environmental standards on the market, as you are printing your logo onto a FSC certified pen, showing your company represents these values.

Public concerns about the state of the world’s environment, forests and rainforests is ever increasing and so having your company supporting the cause by choosing certified pens for your next promotion.

Using FSC Top Hat Ball Pens is an effective way of getting recognition and credibility with your customers. Using FSC pens helps to protect your brand and reputation as it allows you to access highly environmental markets who wouldn’t otherwise know your credentials. These printed pens are suitable for all promotions and events where the environment is a key focus.

It is vital that the world’s forests meet the social and economic rights and needs of the present generation without compromising those of future generations. The Forest Stewardship Council is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organisation which was set up to find solutions to the problems created by bad forestry practice. It has offices in more than 46 countries and provides standard setting and trademark assurance for companies who take part in responsible forestry.

Our FSC certification is re-visited annually as a condition of our continued compliance with the FSC certification, so you can be assured that all our FSC products are ethically manufactured from sustainable sources.

You can visit to verify our certification using our FSC chain of custody certificate number SA-COC-001942.

For more information on our FSC pens and pencils, please call us for more information.

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Metal Pens


Looking for a high quality, promotional  products for your business or corporate event? Then you’ve come to the right place! Metal Pens are a long lasting and memorable way to promote your business image to your target audience, providing them with a product they will enjoy using, thereby providing maximum exposure for your business logo or message.

We offer a large range of high quality promotional metal pens on our website,, with a selection that covers all tastes, from traditional to modern. Our colour range and choice of printing options, provides the ideal environment for you to find the pen that suits your needs…and as we can offer you the largest range  of unbranded pens in Europe, we are able to provide you with the perfect product…at the perfect price.

To ensure you meet your deadline, we offer a 24 hour express printing and delivery service on a large range of our pens, dispatching them from our base in Hampshire, to anywhere in the UK or mainland Europe.

We will handle your order quickly and efficiently, via your choice of distributor, at no extra cost to you. A money-back guarantee is also offered, to ensure your peace of mind and total satisfaction with your chosen products.

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Biologo Ball Pens

When it comes to selecting printed pens for your next promotion why not consider biodegradable pens to convey your company logo and details, and at the same time demonstrate your stance on environmental issues.

We offer a vast range of biodegradable printed pens to choose from, made from a variety of materials that fit into any price points. You can have your biodegradable pens made from algae from Italian lakes, or recycled paper. Alternatively we have a large range of promotional pens made from biodegradable plastic and even maize extract that are impossible to differentiate from normal plastic pens.

If you need your eco-friendly pens in a hurry, that’s not a problem as we offer a rapid express print service on selected pens and we can despatch your order quickly to anywhere in the UK or mainland Europe directly from our UK factory.

Biologo Ball Pens are part of our recycled paper pens range and offers that little extra in eco-friendly value than a normal plastic pen as it demonstrates your company’s credentials. This personalised pen comprises a recycled paper barrel, whilst the trim is made of recycled corn starch. It is also available in blue, green, natural and red so you can always find a suitable colour for your logo, to compliment your corporate colours. Biologo is a trademark of The Pen Warehouse so you can be sure that this pen cannot be found anywhere else.

Please browse through our Promotional Eco Friendly Pens and Pencils section on our website, which displays our full range of eco friendly items for you to choose from.

If you are still unsure and need help deciding which eco-friendly pens to use for your next promotion or advertising campaign, please call the personalised pens experts, the Pen Warehouse who are here to help.

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Personalised Pencils


When it comes to selecting advertising products for your next marketing campaign why not consider Personalised Pencils to carry your message or logo. They are one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising and are growing in popularity for general promotions and as souvenir items.

At we have developed a range of personalised pencils to suit every need. You can choose from budget Round Wooden Pencils with or without eraser, FSC Pencils, Mechanical Pencils, Recycled Pencils in plastic or paper, carpenters pencils, Black Wood pencils, Foiled Pencils, Sets of Colouring Pencils, Multi Colour Pencils and golf pencils – The choice is yours.

Do you need personalised pencils in a hurry?…not a problem as we offer a rapid express print service in up to 3 colours on a range of selected models and we can despatch your order quickly to anywhere in the UK or mainland Europe from our factory based here in Hampshire.

When you decide what you would like we will ensure your enquiry is dealt with efficiently through a distributor of your choice at no extra cost…..and don’t forget every order comes with a money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.