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Promotional Pencils

The promotional pencil has proven to be a popular choice for businesses looking to communicate their corporate message on a budget. Historically the perception of the printed pencil has been one of inferiority when compared to the mighty printed pen. However, times have changed and with developments in multi colour printing for pencils the profile of this once inferior promotional item has now been elevated.

Businesses opting to use a promotional pencil for their corporate seminars, marketing campaign, promotional give-away or exhibition are likely to share some common attributes and goals. Evidently they are conscious of delivering results on a budget but most importantly they realise the branding potentials a printed pencil can offer that simply cannot be matched by a printed pen.

Using bespoke high speed printing lines with optical registration we are able to produce cost effective multi-colour imagery in up to three colours.

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Eco-Friendly Products for Trade Shows

Even during the tough economic environment of recent months it is apparent that “green-washing” is still high on the agenda for most businesses and organisations. This poses a dilemma in itself as expressing green credentials is often considered a costly exercise which is difficult to measure and therefore almost impossible to prove a return on investment.

With so many organisations looking for innovative ideas to communicate their green credentials there is opportunity for the suppliers of promotional printed pens to take up the challenge and make a contribution to sustainability as well as their bottom line.

Lecce Pen, who we have been working closely for a number of years, has recently unlocked a major innovation in the recycling of post-consumer Tetra Pak™ drinks cartons. The process involves separating the polyethylene and aluminium from the paper in used drinks cartons. The paper is sent for recycling and the remaining polyethylene and aluminium are then granulated through a complex process to produce an innovative raw material called EcoAllene™. This innovative material has almost identical properties to ABS plastic and best of all, it is derived from a post-consumer recycled product.

We invested time and money in considering how we could make this innovative material work for us in the promotions industry, a trade which is flooded by claims of supplying recycled products, yet very few declaring the use of post-consumer recycled materials. The launch of the Envirostick Ball Pen with the World’s First Recycled Refill is the fruit of our labour. 100% of the plastic components are recycled; the body of the pen is made from recycled polystyrene and the trim and refill from Ecoallene.

The Envirostick Ball Pen is a truly innovative promotional pen at an exceptionally affordable price point. It has proved to be immensely popular choice for businesses and organisations concerned with communicating a proactive approach to the sustainability of our planet.

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Golf Pencils

With over sixty new promotional products released this year alone, The Pen Warehouse now has the most comprehensive range of promotional pens anywhere in Europe. You are almost spoilt for choice and naturally your attention will be drawn to the big-sellers and most popular designs that current fashion dictates.

Unfortunately, this means that some niche products are overshadowed and this is probably true of two new golf pencils released in this year’s ‘Pens Galore’ catalogue. We have added a new half pencil with eraser in a range of popular colours and after two year’s R&D we finally launched our revolutionary mini golf mechanical pencil; the Golf Pro PencilTM. This relatively inexpensive promotional pencil comes with a fully-functional retractable mechanism and inbuilt eraser. Golfers no longer need to worry about broken leads, just press the pushbutton and out comes fresh lead every time.

Printed pencils remain one of the most popular promotional items in the United Kingdom and Ireland and with our existing mini pencil without eraser bringing our total golf pencil range to three we believe that our distributors now have a one-stop shop – unequalled anywhere in Europe for not only printed golf pencils but printed promotional pencils in general. We will be explaining the benefits of our extended range of pencils with printing up to three colours in future articles. Just drop in to view these articles and keep abreast of developments at The Pen Warehouse; you will undoubtedly discover products that you never knew existed and it is a useful source of inspiration for your future promotional campaigns.

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Exhibition Giveaways

Organisations utilising exhibitions to promote their brands, products and services are continuously looking for cost effective merchandise to communicate their message. So why will a high proportion of these organisations almost always use promotional pens to communicate their message at an event?

It is rational to assume the organisation will have considered the promotional pen as one of the most cost effective give-away mechanics and they will have certainly thought about the impact of branding a pen (assuming the print is good quality the branding on the pen only becomes redundant when once the ink is finished and the pen no longer has a use). This functional selling point identifies the underlying fact of why the promotional pen is such  popular Exhibition giveaways. The product has a practical purpose and will therefore be used regularly, ensuring the organisations corporate message is at the forefront of the recipient’s mind for the entire life of the pen.

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Promotional Wooden Pencil - Jazz Printed Pencil

Printed Promotional Pencils

The humblest of writing instruments, the wooden pencil, is as popular and relevant today as it was one hundred years ago. Of course the vast majority of pencils are used as stationery items but it has long been a popular item in the souvenir market because it holds particular appeal for children.

Traditionally its use as an advertising product has been limited to low-cost promotions, training, seminars and hotels because multi-coloured corporate branding was impossible to achieve unless transfer systems were employed requiring high volume orders to justify the very expensive set-up costs.

The Pen Warehouse changed the market’s perception of pencils as a promotional item over three years ago through its development of multicolour printing technology and consequently printed wooden pencils are now considered as a cost-effective alternative to printed pens for promotional campaigns. We can print up the three colours around the barrel at high speed and in close registration on most full-length pencils either with or without erasers. With over five million units in our UK warehouse we can cater for even the largest orders on a very quick turnaround.

You can view the complete promotional wooden pencil range here.

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Product Innovation

The Pen Warehouse continues to invest in product development with over 30 unique promotional pen designs already launched over the last five years. These are products that have been designed from scratch by our development team in-house, rendered, prototyped and then taken through to final tooling. Typically, this entire process from concept to launch takes over two years and there are currently numerous promotional pens in various stages of development that will be rolled out over the coming years.

Neil Cleere, our Managing Director heads up the design team having been a design engineer and draughtsman in his early career and our in-house facilities include CAD, modelling and prototyping. It is a little known fact that we have been investing in this way for many years but we recognised a long time ago that our continued growth and success would not only require technological innovation, but also product innovation.

Contrary to some industry opinion, a new promotional pen is not necessarily “just anotherexample of  printed pens”, it represents an opportunity to stimulate sales, exploit new printing processes and gain entry to new markets.

We are unashamedly passionate about promotional pens and the pursuit of new opportunities to exploit their full potential whilst working in partnership with our loyal and supportive distributor network throughout the UK and mainland Europe.

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Larger Print Areas

We are pleased to announce that we have now successfully installed specialist machinery that will allow us to offer larger print areas on the Contour Ballpen. This popular promotional pen is also known in the market as the Curvy Ballpen and is now one of the largest selling promotional items in Europe, despite its limited print area.

The Pen Warehouse has now solved this problem after several months of development work and we can now offer very large print areas on both sides of the barrel. These enhanced print areas come at no extra cost to you. See here for details. of what is possible with our Contour Printed Pens.

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Why Settle For Less?

Why Settle For Less? We can now offer an even larger print area on the Contour Ballpen, one of the UK’s best selling promotional pens. The original print area dimensions of 45mm x 7mm have now been increased to cover an area of 57mm x 10mm giving you the maximum coverage for your advertising slogans.