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Carlton Metal Ball Pens

Christmas is a great time of year when you can show appreciation to all the hardworking people who have supported your company for the past year. A quality metal pen either printed or engraved fits the bill perfectly here and The Pen Warehouse offers a huge selection of suitable promotional pens for you to choose from, but to select the right one for you there are several things to consider.

Although we would all appreciate receiving an expensive Cross or Parker pen set, some budgets just can’t stretch to such prestigious gifts. There are many quality metal pens available from us which are beautifully designed, with a smaller price point.

Carlton Metal Ball Pens are a great choice this Christmas as they are executive twist-action pens with elegant chrome trim. They are extremely stylish ball pens which are very popular with all ages.

The way your Christmas gifts are presented can make a huge difference to the perceptible quality and value of the pens themselves. By choosing a pen box to accommodate your printed pens, it adds perceived value to a mid price pen, belying the true cost and making your customers more appreciative. All of our higher priced executive pens have suggested gift boxes but if you’re still unsure please give a member of our customer service team a ring who will be more than happy to advise which one to go for to fit your budget and compliment your chosen personalised pens.

One pen set that I can recommend that ticks all the boxes is the Carlton Metal Pen Set. Carlton Metal Ball Pens and Carlton Metal Rollerballs are a great addition to our range this year and can be presented in one of our luxury presentation boxes, such as the PB50 Presentation Case, which complements the pens extremely well.

If you are unsure about your choice of pens then please ask for samples of your chosen promotional pens, so you can test them before you buy, to ensure you are 100% happy with your choice.

The Pen Warehouse wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

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Lucerne Metal Fountain Pens

Christmas is now only three days away and is a time of year to show your appreciation to all those people who have supported your company in 2010, both customers and employees. Many companies organise a company event however during a recession, you cannot always afford to do so. Another way to show your appreciation that is suited to everyone, is giving out gifts for such an occasion. Engraved promotional pens definitely fit the occasion perfectly and never outdate themselves.

Lucerne Metal Fountain Pens are high quality pens, supplied by The Pen Warehouse. They are top of the range, executive chrome Fountain Pens. They are weighty fountain pens in highly polished chrome with gold plated contrasting trims. These personalised pens are supplied in free luxury padded gift boxes; just ask one of our customer service team for more details. They are suitable for all promotional events where you need to create a long-lasting impression. These pens are suitable for laser engraving only but can also be supplied as plain stock if needed. Matching Lucerne Metal Rollerballs are also available with a luxury gift box, or in a set with the Fountain Pen, should your budget suffice.

Promotional Fountain Pens are usually regarded as esteemed promotional gifts which are often targeted towards highly valued clients of your company who have been loyal customers for many years. It’s a great way of reinforcing relationships.

When engraved to your exact specifications, all of our Fountain Pens will be perfect presentation gifts for your colleagues, clients and business partners. If you need some advice on which printed pens to go for to best fit your budget and time scale, please contact one of our customer service team, who will be more than happy to talk to you.

Keep tuned into our newsroom here at The Pen warehouse – the home of printed pens and pencils to stay up-to-date on the latest offers and products.

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Giotto Ball Pens

Demand for promotional pens is consistently high within the promotional gifts sector. They are so popular because of their ability to fit any budget as there is such an extensive range of pens to choose from. Printed pens with your details are hard to beat when it comes to brand exposure and gaining a great return on investment. Customised personalised pens, given out at corporate events and shows, will be used time and time again by your clients, reinforcing your advertising message and contact details.

Giotto Ball Pens are mid- range personalised pens are suited as executive gifts for both clients and employees this Christmas. They are popular, classic, push-button pens, with brushed chrome trim and classic styling makes them perfect for conveying an image of traditional values to your clients. Their appearance belies their relatively low cost and as a result is now one of our most time-honoured promotional pens in the complete range.

If you have a tight deadline, then there’s no need to worry- Giotto Ball Pens are available on our optional express service, just give us a ring for more details. Our Giotto Ball Pens are also available in a set with our Giotto Mechanical Pencils for more prestigious promotions.

These mid-range pens also have the capabilities of holding a 6 spot colour print on the barrel, so there’s no need to worry if you have a colourful logo to replicate. Samples of these pens are available by either completing the online enquiry form or by giving us a call.

It’s not too hard to see why promotional pens are so popular – they’re cost-effective, useful and versatile- everything you want in a promotional gift to suit all your clients.

Keep tuned into our newsroom here at The Pen warehouse – the home of printed pens and pencils to stay up-to-date on the latest offers and products.

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Why Promotional Pens Are the Best Marketing Tool

Pens are a vital part of any company’s promotional advertising. Not only do special pens portray a more professional image, you can also personalise them with company information to promote your products and services. Personalised pens can be handed out to clients to encourage company awareness and brand association. The intent would be that daily use would keep your name in front of your client. This makes them remember the company and services provided without the loud, obvious marketing campaigns. Whether you are a small business or a million dollar company pens are essential to promote your company.

There are so many promotional pens to choose from that your company will find exactly what you need! Whether you personalise your pens with your company name and logo, or add your phone number and website address, it will be unique to your company.

As clients use your personalised pens in their day-to-day activities, you will be advertising your business as well. Not only does this bring positive attention and possibly a new client, but your previous client will be reminded about your company by discussing and sharing your information.

Personalised business pens are an amazing bargain! Let’s face it, advertising is extremely expensive and many times short lived. When you pay to have an advertisement in the newspaper, on television or on the radio, you will be paying a great deal more then if you have personalised pens made. Once you invest in your promotional pens, your company information is a constant billboard and advertisement. Which means your company logo and name is getting shown around several times a day rather than just once on the television, in the paper or mentioned once on the radio.

There are so many different style’s to choose from. With an advertisement in a newspaper you will have a limited amount of space and a limited amount of styles to choose from. There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing your personalised pen. Some of the options include: Eco-friendly, plastic, full colour, specialists, top brands, executive and sets. We have just the pen your organization needs! We know you will be extremely happy with the end result. We guarantee it!

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What are Eco Friendly Pens?

Protecting the world that we live in for the future generations is very high on the list of priorities at present. With many making every effort to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the present environment, as a business you can play your part to by investing in eco friendly pens from our selection at The Pen Warehouse. These are pens that are made from a diverse range of materials including recycled plastics and paper as well as FSC wood and corn starch, yet guarantee to supply you with the same high standards of functionality as the more traditional pen.

We have a vast selection of eco friendly pens ranging from the recycled ballpoints through to those made from wood and biodegradable pens that won’t have any effect on the environment when you throw them away. With pens made from recycled algae also available, there are a number that can be personalised to bear the name of your company to show that you are playing as active a role as possible in protecting the environment.

Eco friendly pens are all ethically sourced from sustainable areas to ensure that you are still receiving a high specification product made from materials that can be used over and over again. With competitive prices for each type, we at The Pen Warehouse believe there is no reason not to invest in quality eco friendly pens to be used by staff, visitors and to be handed out to clients within your business.

An eco friendly pen is an item of stationery that has been made from materials that are either sustainable or have been recycled in order to protect the environment. Here at The Pen Warehouse, we take pride in our eco friendly pens and strongly believe that they are beneficial in getting across the message that your particular business, whatever it may be, is committed to looking after your surroundings both now and for the future.

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Kingsley Metal Ball Pens

If you’re company purchases the same promotional pens each year, why not go for something different and modern to change your image for 2011.

Here at The Pen Warehouse, we offer a vast range of executive pens that have the ability to fit any budget. We have lightweight anodised, aluminium pens as well as high end, Cross and Parker Pens, which are all able to be either engraved or printed to your requirements.

Kingsley Metal Ball Pens are a great range of metal, twist-action pens, with textured barrel and lacquered finish. These pens offer a generous print area on the barrel of 40mm x 25mm. The Kingsley Metal Pen range is also available in two stunning colour options, my favourite being the Royal Blue. It’s a reasonably priced executive metal pen which looks extremely elegant and modern.

Unlike brand name printed pens, these do not come with a gift box, though gift boxes are available from us. I recommend looking into this option because gift boxes will give these printed pens an additional touch of luxury to belie their cost even further. I would suggest going for our PB75 Presentation Box to show off the pens colour and trim. These silver presentation boxes have a flock interior and are suitable for one or two pens- it’s completely up to you.

The Pen Warehouse also now has the ability to now engrave on these pens in house, meaning that lead times are now shorter so if you have a tight deadline to meet, there’s no need to worry. We will do everything we can to ensure you have pens for your event!

If you are still unsure of which executive metal pen to go for, why not contact one of our customer service team who will be more than happy to talk you through available personalised pens to suit your campaign.

Keep tuned into our newsroom here at The Pen warehouse – the home of printed pens and pencils to stay up-to-date on the latest offers and products.

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Promotional Highlighters


It’s not easy to find unique and worthwhile products to promote your business with, like Promotional Highlighters. Here, at, we understand that and aim to provide you with a large range of selective and useful products, to remain in your customers minds and their pockets.

Promotional highlighters are a good example of this because as a writing instrument they have a high perceived value as they are a little out of the ordinary. They also find practical use in a multitude of situations, from business meetings to official presentations and general office use. We can supply these as either plain or personalised in a range of colours and designs, just visit our website at, for more details and to see our full range.

Need your promotional highlighters in a hurry? No problem! We offer an optional 24 hour express service and can dispatch your order overnight, direct from our base in Hampshire, to anywhere in the UK or European mainland.

Once you are ready to place your order, our friendly staff are on hand to ensure a smooth and easy transaction. We will make sure your order is placed through a distributor of your choice, and we offer a full money-back guarantee if you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase.

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Recycled Pens and Pencils


When it comes to selecting advertising gifts for your next promotion why not consider recycled pens or pencils to carry your corporate message or logo and at the same time demonstrate your stance on the environment.

At we have a vast range of recycled models to choose from and in a variety of recycled materials. You can have your pens or pencils made from recycled paper which also has the benefit of being biodegradable after disposal. Also available is a large range of recycled plastic pens and pencils including the patented Envirostick Ball Pens made from EcoAllene material produced from recycling drinks cartons. This even comes with a fully post-consumer recycled refill – the world’s first and only pen to reach this level of recycling.
Do you need recycled pens in a hurry?…not a problem as we offer a rapid 24-hour express print service on a range of selected models and we can despatch your order overnight to anywhere in the UK mainland from our production facility based here in Hampshire.

When you decide what you would like we will ensure your enquiry is dealt with efficiently through a distributor of your choice at no extra cost and a money-back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

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Atlas Metal Ball Pens

Promotional pens are one of the most used promotional products that organisations use to continue creating their brand recognition in the market. They are handed out at exhibitions, trade shows or are available from your office reception for visitors.

Since the ability to print directly on to products became possible, pens have been one of the most popular corporate gifts used for all types of events and occasions. Personalised pens have always been a popular option as they are relatively inexpensive and the cost per pen is one of the lowest of all give-aways that you can choose from. They are also appreciated by people as a useful promotional gift and they tend to therefore stay around for much longer than the majority of other advertising printed items.

Atlas Metal Ball Pens are executive, anodized aluminium promotional pens that are available in three outstanding colours. They are a new addition to our range this year and have been a very popular range so far. We also have the ability to print these pens in up to six spot colours, as well as now offering engraving on these pens, in house, for that added touch of luxury. This is a mid-range executive pen, suitable for Christmas promotions for all your clients.

There are a variety of pens to choose from here at The Pen Warehouse. They can be as inexpensive as a low end plastic pen to as expensive as a Parker pen, the choice really is yours. There are no negatives to giving out printed pens. They are inexpensive, useful, appreciated and they will be in circulation for a long time. Put all of these together and you have a very successful corporate gift for your clients, customers, employees and prospective clients, so what are you waiting for.

If you aren’t sure of which pens to go for, then do not hesitate in contacting one of our customer service team who will be able to find the right pens for you.

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Pen Warehouse Video Blog

Welcome to our brand new video blog, my name is Rob Hayes and I head up the marketing team here, at the Pen Warehouse. Over the coming months, I will be talking to you about our exciting new products, special offers and latest business news, as well as taking you on a tour around our website and helping you become more familiar with it’s layout and contents.

Back in June this year, we relaunched our website,, providing you, our distributors, with a valuable new tool to help your business. Our new easy to use interface, was designed to create a friendly and appealing end user site, that allowed us to attract new potential business, which could then be passed back to our network of distributors.

To maintain the status of our business as a strict trade only, supplier, we have implemented a range of procedures that ensures we can easily pass on the results of our hard work and investment, to our network of distributors, providing new business for you, and greater flexibility for potential future end users. Let me give you an example of how this works…

Once we have received an enquiry via our website, the very first question, any end user is asked is…”Do you have an existing distributor of promotional pens?”. If the answer is yes, that enquiry will then be directed back to that particular distributor.

If no distributor exists, our next question would be to ask if they have a preference to use a local distributor, in which case we would pass the lead on to an approved business in the local vicinity.

If there is no preference to location, then the next step in the process would be to look at the past records for our distributors and see who has previously purchased the product that has been requested and pass the enquiry to them.

Finally, if the product in question has not be purchased recently from any of our distributors, we will take a look at any product reviews on our website and base our choice on that.

When developing our new look site, we put a lot of time into creating areas that provided our distributors with various opportunities to participate in, and benefit from our powerful new features. With you in mind, we have created three new key areas that I would like to tell you about…

To begin with, we have the, “Distributor’s Blog”. This provides you, our distributors, with your own online forum, where you can share your thoughts, ideas and comments on industry topics, or specific products, with other like-minded businesses.

Secondly, to make it easier to voice your opinions and make your own choices on our products, we provide a review section on each product page which, after you have purchased the product, will enable you to not only share your thoughts but also gives you an area in which you can leave a link to your business website. This allows any future potential end users to view your comments and be directed back to your business.

And last, but not least, we are committed to producing at least one blog post every single day of the week, keeping our website current and up to date. We love to hear feedback from you and welcome your comments on these posts which, once approved, will also provide you with another opportunity, to share a link to your own website, directing more potential business your way!

We look forward to working with you to provide an unrivalled business experience.

Thanks for listening and join us again soon for our next video blog update!