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Echo Metal Ball Pens

When you’re looking to get promotional merchandise for your next advertising campaign where do you start? Do you look at targeting a large volume of people with inexpensive gifts, or target your top 100 customers with a prestigious item they can cherish. Well why not do both?

Executive promotional pens, printed with your logo are one of the most effective ways of advertising your business, services you have to offer potential clients, and the ways in which to contact you, all in one place.

Our metal personalised pens are also available at extremely affordable rates. The Pen Warehouse has one of the largest metal pen ranges around with the majority being added in 2010 to ensure the amount of choice you have to choose from ensures you can always find the pens to best suit your company and the promotion itself.

One ball pen range that I like writing with myself, are Echo Metal Ball Pens. These are sleek push button printed pens with sleek lines and a chrome trim, offering a trendy pen for minimal cost. These are available in either blue or black so you can print your logos onto a neutral background.

These pens can also be ordered with optional presentation boxes or pouches for an extra cost to belie the true cost of these pens and give them the executive feel that they are capable of. These pens also offer a generous print area of 35mm x 20mm so you can fit your logo on these pens with ease.

If you need a sample of these pens then do not worry, we offer free of charge samples so you can try before you buy and ensure you are 100% happy with your choice before you invest in them and put your company name on the pens.

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Algae Retractable Ball Pens

Eco-Friendly Pens are trendy promotional pens made from recycled materials, which are complete with a metal gilt trim. These pens offer a large print area of 45mm x 20mm which can be printed in upto four spot colours, dependant on artwork.

These printed pens are unique as they are made from algae that are collected from problem areas and are mixed with recycled paper to create seaweed paper, which is then used for the pens themselves, giving them the unique body colour you can see. If you would like a sample of the pens to see the quality and if you like the true look and feel of the pens then please either contact us via phone or email and we can send some out to you FOC.

Printing your logo on these personalised pens can demonstrate to your customers your key values and can count in your favour in the majority of occasions. Currently, eco-friendly values are at the front of most people’s minds with Global Warming being a hot topic.

Personalised pens can be used for a huge range of different uses, from exhibitions, sales reps out visiting customers as well as on your reception desk for people to take when they come and visit. As long as you put your printed pens into the finger tips of your clients, that’s the most productive way of marketing your company.

Our customer service team have been with us for years and so please utilise their experience and ask for assistance on whatever you need. We want you to be 100% confident you are choosing the right pens, are getting them for the right price and are confident they represent your business and brand.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future to advise you on the pens for your company.

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Algae Stickpens

When you think there are over 1,400 exhibitions within the UK each year, and sometimes over 100 exhibitors attending, you need to think about how to make yourselves stand out from the crowd and ensure your company gets remembered.

You could invest heavily in a bold backdrop to feature on the back of your stand, but people can walk away from it and may not be able to place the company with the stand when they get home. You need to leave your potential clients with a small reminder of your company, contact details and the services they can from you to benefit them, but how do you do so without blowing a large budget?

Promotional pens are the answer. You don’t need a big budget to buy printed pens so let us know if you need any advice on which pens are best then please do give us a call or email us and we will advise you on the personalised pens that best suit your specifications.

Recycled Eco Pens are capped pens manufactured from recycled algae, which can be branded with a one colour print in one position around the barrel, within its large print area of 45mm x 18mm.

Its refill colour is also blue, which is quite a popular ink colour is for 2011, as standard. These pens also have a unique quality as they are made from Algae. The algae is collected from areas where it is causing problems, and mixed with recycled paper which is why the body of the stick pen is seen today.

We also offer optional recycled packaging in the form of wallets, but these are chargeable, so let us know if you have any queries regarding options available to you to keep within your budget.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Sprite Ring Ball Pens

Promotional products are one of the most popular items used by an array of companies. If you need to promote your company then there’s no need to look any further- The Pen Warehouse offers over 1,300 models of printed pens and are dedicated to finding the best pens to suit your business and represent your brand. We allow you to find the promo pens that best fit your corporate identity and will offer you the best prices. If you ever find a quotation that is lower than what we have quoted you, then we guarantee to price match any quotation.

We have the ability to offer personalised pens that can be with you within 48 hours of ordering- not many companies can offer such a quick turnaround service on up to 5,000 units, printed 1 colour 1 position with your artwork. If you aren’t sure what your artwork will look like on one of our promotional pens, then ask us for a free of charge mock up to ensure you are completely satisfied that you have chosen the right pens to best suit your company. We also offer free of charge samples, so you can test the writing quality, comfort factor and appearance of the pens before purchasing them.

Sprite Ring Ball Pens are a popular pens that offer a clean background with a hint of colour in the rings around the top part of the pens. These promo pens are great for making your logo stand out from the rest and also offer a generous print area making these particular writing implements perfect for a huge range of promotions.

These particular pens are great as they have a sleek appearance without the price tag associated high quality levels and durability of reliable writing instruments.

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Sprite Extra Ball Pens

When looking at what you can do to boost your order volume, then why not invest in some form of advertising? Magazine campaigns can be quite costly, so how can you make your campaign cost effective while still delivering a great return on your investment- well, promotional pens is the answer.

Personalised pens, printed with your logo are renowned for having a great impact on clients both current and new. Printed pens are great giveaways for when you go to exhibitions or if you’re looking to do a postal mailing which needs to be lightweight to reduce your postage cost. If you think about how many times you use a pen on a daily basis, you will see just how effective pens can be, especially printed with your details and a catchy strap line as they will have your logo and contact details reinforced time and time again over a long period of time so will constantly have your details at their fingerprints.

Our Sprite Extra Ball Pens are retractable pens which are available in a large amount of popular trim colours, meaning that we will have a coloured pen to fit your logo and corporate colours, without the need to pantone match the pens themselves, reducing the overall cost of your promotional merchandise.

These pens come with blue ink as standard, but if you need black ink in these pens then please allow for a longer leadtime.

These promotional pens offer a large print area as well of 44mm x 20mm so if you have a large logo then these are the pens to go for, as their plain background offers a blank canvas to print your details onto, meaning you won’t have to worry about ink colours changing and being influenced by the body colour of the promotional pens themselves.

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Auto Tip Pencils

Printed pens are great promotional items which should be considered when looking for your next promotional product to advertise your company and the services it offers both your new and current clients.

Pens have been one of the most popular products used to advertise a huge variety of companies over the years so why not give them a go and reap the rewards they are capable of giving you. We offer over 1,300 personalised pens and pencils on and all of our staff are trained in all the printing techniques we do so if you would like advice on how best to print your logo, then please give us a call and speak to one of our highly trained customer service team members who will be able to advise you on exactly what’s best for you.

Promotional pens are great for exhibitions, but when you need a writing instrument that doesn’t make much of a noise as some push button pens might, then that is when we have created the perfect item for you. Auto Tip Pencils are an innovative item that only The Pen Warehouse supplies. It is a great plastic mechanical pencil, which appears as a wooden pencil. It features a brand new pressure sensitive fully automatic mechanism to propel the lead as you write, so you don’t have to keep using the push button mechanism to propel the lead from the pencil itself, making it almost silent as you write.

These pencils can also be printed full colour around the barrel offering an extremely large print area which is unbeatable by any pencils currently on the market.

If you would like pen or pencil samples so you can see the quality of the items before you invest in them, then please either drop us an email or give us a call.

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Setanta Frost Ball Pens

Promotional pens are great products that you could use for your next promotion as they are renowned for being one of the most versatile printed products around.  Setanta Frost Ball Pens is one of the most universally appealing pens currently on the printed pens market as it’s a wide barrelled promotional pen that offers a large print area around the barrel of 35mm x 25mm and 25mm x 6mm on the clip itself. I don’t think you would need any more space to support your logo, contact details and website!

This great range comes in 8 vibrant colours making it suitable for any campaign you could possibly have. This range is exclusively available for UK Mainland Destinations only, so you can be sure that if this pen is not available at our high standards from anywhere else.

These personalised pens are also available on an express service for an extra cost, so if you are looking for pens to promote your company but have left it until the last minute, then you have chosen the right pens for your next promotion.

These pens are also available for an extremely low cost so there’s never a budget too small that can’t fit a promotional pen.

We offer a free of charge plain sample of all our pens so you can try before you buy, ensuring you’re happy with the quality of the pens before handing them out to you clients, with your companies name endorsing them.

If you aren’t sure of which pens are suitable to suit your company’s image or logo then please give one of our experienced customer service team members a call who are here to offer advice to you to ensure you make the most suitable decision for your company.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Promotional Pens driving awareness for your brand

Promotional pens are prevalent throughout society, we use printed pens far more often than most people realise. Heading down to the bank today to pay in some money? You will almost certainly be offered a branded pen to complete a paying slip. Off to the bookmakers to place a bet on any of the weekend sporting fixtures? Again, you will almost certainly use personalised pens to fill in your betting slip. Switched on organisations will not miss an opportunity to drive awareness of their brand, product or service and pens are one of the most cost effective and easily accessible promotional items with which to advertise.

Whilst all forms of promotional merchandise offer a degree of assistance in driving brand recognition and reach amongst an organisations target audience, promo pens are simply unrivalled in this respect. Even in today’s digital era when a day without time spent at a computer is a rare event for many, we still have a reliance on pens and for this reason above any other, pens will continue to provide an unparalleled medium through which to communicate your brand message.

One of the most important considerations for organisations utilising promo pens should always be the subliminal messages a pen can communicate about the brand. Businesses aligning themselves with sporting events through commercial sponsorship arrangements will select sports that best represent and reflect their brand identity. The cost of promo pens is insignificant compared to a sponsorship deal, however, the same principles should apply; the type of pens will communicate as much about your brand as the printed message on the pen. For example engraved metal pens will hold a higher value in the user’s eyes than plastic promo pens, although this is not to say plastic pens don’t have their own benefits; shaped barrels, sleek clip and contrasting rubberised grips and ease of accessibility to name but a few.

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Topstick Ball Pens

Promotional Pens are great to use when you need to promote your business or just encourage your current customers to give you a call and find out the latest news, products and special offers you have to entice them to order from you. In the current economic climate, you need to try to keep your clients and this can sometimes be harder to do than some people may think when the competition is so fierce at the moment.

Personalised pens can be used in your office, on hand to give to visitors when they leave your premises so they have a reminder of their visit to you. One budget stick pen that is used by a large amount of different corporations are Topstick Ball Pens. These pens are budget capped ball point pens, that offer one of the largest print areas of all time for a stick pen. Their clip is positioned on the cap to allow for a generous print area and these can even by multi-colour printed.

The colour range available with these superb stick pens is infinite- with different contrasting cap and trim colours meaning you will always be able to find a pen with trim colours to best suit your corporate colours. Printed pens are a great way to get your message across, but subtly, without your customer sometimes realising. If someone uses your pens day in day out, they are constantly looking at your message, reinforcing it in the memory.

Topstick Ball Pens are available on our 3 day express service at an extra cost so if you are on a tight deadline and need pens quickly, then these might be the ones for you. We can offer upto 5,000 pens on a 3 day express with a one colour print, one position so if you have a date in mind, give us a call and we will try and work with you to meet your deadline.

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Spirit Extra Ball Pens

Printed pens are a great method to use when re-branding your business, to launch a new website or even just to offer to your clients as a reminder of the services your company has to offer. Promotional pens personalised with your logo are great for demonstrating to your clients, both current and new, that you value their business.

Pens can be personalised with a huge variety of different details, from your web address, contact details or even a special offer that you have on at the moment. Instead of using a flier and it being lost, personalised pens can be used time and time again, passed on to friends and family, broadening how many people see your message overall.

One range of pens that are contemporary in feel and design is our Spirit range, available on our 3 day express printing service. Spirit Extra Ball Pens make up a section of the range, and offer a white barrel and coloured trim, meaning that you have a clean background to print your corporate colours and logo onto.

The Spirit offers a large printable area of 45mm x 20mm to the barrel and 20mm x 5mm on the clip. The complete range of Spirit Ballpens are a registered design and trademark of The Pen Warehouse, so you can be assured you won’t be able to find the same pens anywhere.

As this range is also available on our 3 day premier ship service, you can also get these pens on a tight deadline so there’s no need to panic if you have left it until the last minute to order your promotional pens as we can work to meet any deadline you need to meet.

If you have any further questions about the Spirit range or any of our pen models, then please give one of our customer service representatives a call and let us help you make your pen selection.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.