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Knightsbridge Metal Rollerballs

Knightsbridge Metal Rollerballs are a new addition to our executive metal pens range. They are luxury promotional pens with the ability to work wonders for your business. In the current economic climate, you may be wondering how to stand out from your competitors and ensure your business survives the recession. By using printed pens to promote your business, ethics and services, that’s certainly one of the most cost effective options you could take.

There are new businesses opening on a daily basis so to ensure you have the ability to keep hold of your top customers, you need to demonstrate how they are important to you and your business and how you value their custom. By giving your top customers personalised pens and engraving your message onto them will ensure that your company’s details stays in their finger tips for a much longer period of time than others. If you’re looking to invest in ways in which to get your customers involved, then giving them the Knightsbridge Metal Rollerball, printed or engraved with your details, presented in one of our many luxury presentation boxes will guarantee a return on your investment.

Here at The Pen Warehouse, we have had years of experience in the promotional products industry, so if you are unsure if your logo will be suitable to print or engrave then please contact us and let us guide you through the best options available to you. We supply one of the largest ranges of promotional pens, ranging from pencils, plastic pens to executive pens worth over £20 per unit, personalised. If you don’t think you can find the right pens for your company or next promotion, then let us know and use our knowledge to advise you and help you select the pens best suited to your company.

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Knightsbridge Metal Ball Pens

When thinking of your next promotion, what better way to advertise your company than using promotional pens. Here at The Pen Warehouse, we offer plastic printed pens, executive personalised pens and promotional pencils that range from pence to pounds per unit.

Once you have looked through our vast range of pens and pencils and chosen which pen you are looking for, say an executive metal pen such as our Knightsbridge Metal Ball Pens, and then wonder how you are going to use it to best promote your company, then try thinking about the pen and if it matches your corporate image, colours etc and how best to personalise it. Engraving our metal pens gives all your promotional pens a superior finish and will make you stand out from your competition. All our printing and engraving is done in house in our Aldershot Head Office which means that your account manager has the ability to literally follow your order from start to finish.

A great benefit of engraving on these sleek executive pens is that your branding will never rub off and you can always replace the ink cartridge when it runs out, giving it a much greater life span than standard plastic pens. These luxury pens are likely to become your customer’s favourite pens and are likely to be kept instead of thrown away after one use ensuring your company details stick around!

Because of today’s technology we also have the ability to offer you a minimum order quantity on these pens of just 25 units meaning that you don’t have to order the usual 100 or 250 pens unnecessarily.

If you are still unsure of what you need from your promotional pens then please contact one of our customer service representatives and use their experience in printing pens and let us advise you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Henley Set

Giving your customers gifts is a great way to thank them for all their ongoing support, especially during the current recession. Instead of giving your customers chocolates that get eaten and forgotten about, why not give them a more prestigious gift without spending any more money that has your details on and will stick around for more than 5 minutes.

Our executive pen sets definitely will catch your customer’s eye, presented in luxury presentation boxes with the ability to be either printed or engraved with your logo and contact details. One set which is a personal favourite of mine is the Henley Set, which is made up of the Henley Ballpen and Rollerball, which both have a textured leatherette barrel and satin silver and chrome fitments. These elegant promotional pens are not only lovely to write with but offer extremely good value for money as far as printed pens go. These personalised pens presented in our PB85 Presentation Case with its cream interior and matching exterior to compliment the Henley range will definitely catch your customer’s attention and make them feel as though you appreciate their business.

We have brought in a large range of new pens this year, especially on the executive pens side, to ensure we covered all bases and price ranges. These particular pens have been a huge success since being brought to our range but if you don’t feel 100% confident that you want to go with these pens, then don’t worry- we offer free of charge samples of all our pens just email or give us a call and we will be able to send a couple out to you so you are completely satisfied with the quality of the pens before you buy.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate in asking us, after all, it’s what we are here for.

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Promotional Pens and the marketing mix: where’s the fit?

The number of Promotional Pens available to organisations looking to promote their corporate message with existing and prospective customers alike is phenomenal. There is undoubtedly a large enough of a variety of Printed Pens on offer to cater for organisations operating in any industry around the world. For example, organisations operating in energy markets are likely to be looking to promote their green credentials at this time, for which an eco pen such as Envirostick Extra Ball Pens would be ideal. Food manufacturers and medical organisations will find Vogue Biofree Ball Pens, with their anti-bacterial protection more aligned to their business whilst white collar businesses are more likely to lean towards metal pens that can be used as a means of gratitude from loyal customers or as rewards for top performing sales reps.

So we have established that the shear variety of personalised pens available is suitable to adequately serve organisations operating in most industries. But how do promotional pens fit into the strategic marketing mix for organisations that will be primarily concerned with significant investments on above the line advertising and complex below the line activations? Where will they find the time to see value in how printed pens can add real value and deliver a return on investment? It is the responsibility of the promotional merchandise industry to ensure corporates are not only aware of but also understand the value promotional pens can bring to a campaign.

Brand marketers will talk of the need to ‘touch’ prospects at least seven times with marketing communications before they become switched on to a brand. Of course ATL techniques will ensure your message achieves ‘reach’ and a memorable campaign will self-perpetuate this objective through viewers reminiscing about the qualities and highlights of the campaign. However, ATL campaigns involving mass media will achieve spread for your message, but at what cost? Promotional pens in your customer’s hands will certainly ensure your brand and corporate message is at the forefront of their minds every time they use it. We are not suggesting that corporates swtick their multi-million pound activation budgets from ATL providers and invest the entire budget into promotional merchandise, but it’s worth considering that for a very small investment you can get a product with your corporate message into your customer’s hands where it will stay for an awful lot longer than a 20second TV commercial.

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Engraved Metal Pens

Engraved metal pens hold a far higher perceived value for the user than generic plastic promotional pens. This is naturally reflected in the price of metal printed pens when compared with personalised pens made from plastic. Plastic pens provide entry level access to promoting your corporate message or product, price and promotional messages to existing customers and prospective customers alike. Whereas Engraved metal pens offer a solution to more of a niche sector of the market for organisations looking to employ promotional merchandise into their communication strategy and marketing mix.

Here at The Pen Warehouse we recognise that one promo pens catalogue is simply not adequate enough to provide a targeted solution for distributors to take a targeted approach when communicating with their customer base. Top end luxury brands, exclusive retail outlets and specialist financial service providers simply wouldn’t consider using plastic promo pens to advertise their business message, most likely because plastic promo pens do not hold relevance or fit with the businesses or organisations operating in these fields. For this reason we have launched Recherché, an exclusive metal pens catalogue primarily, but not exclusively, focusing on engraving as the featured imprint option.

An engraved pen can act as a year-round reminder to your customers of your business and services. Why not consider presenting your most loyal of customers with an engraved metal pen as a reward and a token of gratitude for their on going support.  There are delightful options at both ends of the price spectrum that would offer most businesses a feasible option. Organisations looking to make a minimal investment in engraved metal pens should consider Engraved Metal Pens, with their low price point and availability in 4 vibrant anodised colours they are a popular choice for businesses looking for metal pens at an entry-level price point.

For more information on how your business can benefit from promo pens give our friendly sales team a call today on 01252 400270.

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Anodised Aluminium Ball Pens


What are Anodised Aluminium Pens and why would they benefit your business? Anodising is basically  a process that allows our aluminium pens to be coated with an accelerated oxide layer, increasing the hardness of the aluminium and allowing the pen to take on a range of distinctive metallic looks and colours.

The resulting promotional pens are lightweight and attractive with a low price point that belies their expensive appearance, giving you a very appealing product for exceptionally good value. Anodised Aluminium Pens can be personalised to your requirements by conventional printing methods, or can be laser engraved for that touch of class.

Need your order quickly? Then take advantage of our express 24 hour printing, engraving and delivery service. We will ship your order, direct from our warehouse in Hampshire, to any UK or mainland European destination.

Our fully trained staff will ensure your printed pens order is processed quickly and efficiently, through a distributor of your choice. We also offer a full 100% money-back total satisfaction guarantee as well as a quality free gift on completion of your order.

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PTT10 Plastic Presentation Tube

Printed pens are great, especially when you want to demonstrate to your customers that you value their business. Executive metal pens are becoming extremely popular to cater for this situation, but to show you stand out from your competitors, why not add that little something extra?

Here at the Pen Warehouse, we offer our PTT10 Plastic Presentation Tube, which has been a firm favourite for years. They are translucent tubes so you can see the pens within, allowing the pens, print or engraving to be shown off. These items are available from us for very little extra cost and make your executive promotional pens look that little bit more expensive. Giving these pens out to your clients will put you strides ahead of your competitors and will mean your company’s logo and contact details will be seen by your customers on a daily basis, ensuring they know where to find you and how to get hold of you.

An excellent pen to demonstrate just how well these tubes compliment executive pens is our understated Excelsior Metal Ball Pens. These plain silver pens with their rounded tops matched with our triangular presentation tubes look extremely stylish. They are definitely worth investing in if you’re looking for a plain pen to either print or engrave. They also don’t break the bank so if you have a low budget, then there is no need to panic.

The Pen Warehouse offers one of the largest metal personalised pens ranges so you’ll be spoilt by choice. If you’re stuck with which pen best fits your specifications, then do not panic- we have a trained customer service team who are dedicated to finding the right printed pens for your next promotions, so why not give us a call or drop us an email today, and let us find your next pens.

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LPC 1005S Presentation Box

Printed pens are selling in huge volumes and have been for years. They are simple promotional products that are easy to order, have the ability to suit any budget and fit any criteria, no matter what you need.

All our personalised pens are high quality promotional pens that you can print your logo on and your contact details, with the confidence that your customers, both current and potential will enjoy the writing quality of the pens themselves. In today’s economic climate, you need to ensure you stand out from the crowd, so why not do something different and when you purchase some executive metal pens, think of a way to present your pens to further belie their true cost and also show that you invest in your customers and demonstrate that you appreciate them.

Our LPC 1005S Presentation Box is one of our most popular, because they are made in Italy, ensuring high quality standards are kept to at all times. These lovely presentation boxes are available in two colours, so you can choose which one best compliments your choice of pens. They also have display windows in the lid so your pens aren’t hidden and people can see who the pens are from by viewing your contact details as soon as they receive the product.

These boxes hold single pens of varying sizes in a clip that is positioned in the centre of the box itself, so your pens are secure and won’t move around in transit.

If you aren’t sure these are the boxes for you then please visit our Pen Sets tab on our website. If you need any advice on which pens fit in which boxes, then please contact us directly either via telephone or email, and one of our customer service team members will be able to advise you on a suitable option.

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Granada Ball Pens

Printed pens are great items that have the ability to fit any situation you see yourself facing. The Pen Warehouse offers cheap metal pens such as our Granada Ball Pens that fit corporate days yet are cheap enough to warrant giving out at exhibitions.

These popular retractable promotional pens come with solid metal trims, giving them an executive feel and appearance. These great printed pens also come in 6 colour options as well, so you can be assured that you will always be able to find a colour to fit your logo and corporate colours. This range also comes with frosted barrels so it gives these personalised pens a more edgy, modern feel, appealing to all age ranges.

These pens are also guaranteed to stay around for a while, as they come with Jumbo Parker Style refills with black ink, so if you choose these pens to personalise with your logo, you can guarantee your details will be seen time and time again and switch hands from individual to individual.

All our pens are available on an optional express service at an extra cost so don’t panic if you have a tight deadline to hit, we have the solution for you. We have the ability to print some of our most popular lines in just 24 hours from sign off- you can’t ask for speedier service than that can you!

All our pens are available from our samples department free of charge, so you can see the colour of the pens before you purchase and even test their writing quality, appearance and writing comfort.

If you aren’t sure of which pens to go for to suit your company and use, then please give one of our dedicated customer service team members a call and let them share their knowledge and advise you on the best options available to you.

News Image for Signature Ball Pens

Signature Ball Pens

Printed pens are great promotional items, where you need a guaranteed return on your investment. You need to ensure that when you give out promotional gifts to your current and potential clients, that you give the right impression of your company and communicate the services you offer and how you stand out and are different from your competitors.

Using personalised pens allows you to use your logo in a variety of ways. For young adults, funky plastic pens might be the ones to go for, but for your mature clients, why not try some of our popular pens, Signature Ball Pens for example. These personalised pens are slimline, twist-action pens with a stylish gilt trim. These elegant pens may look expensive, but when you see how little you need to spend to get your hands on these, you won’t believe it!

Even though you have one logo and one strap line, why not use bright coloured pens printed with your logo for younger audiences and then our Signature Ball Pens, printed in a classier font and appearance for your other customers, this way you are using your one brand image but appealing to a wide range of customers, maximising your return on investment, by giving your clients what they want.

Here at The Pen Warehouse, we offer one of the largest ranges of pens and pencils available, all in one place, and as we have been established for over 20 years, you can guarantee that our knowledge of promotional pens and the printing processes that accompany them is second to none.

We also offer free of charge samples of our pens to ensure you are happy with the writing style of the pen, ink and pen quality itself, before you invest in these pens. If you have any further questions, please let us know.