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Symphony Metal Ball Pens

Do you have an upcoming promotion or event and are you looking for something a bit special but at the right price? Trying to choose promotional gifts that stand out in the crowd but are affordable can be a challenge but not to us at the Pen Warehouse. We have a huge range of pens, pencils and desktop ideas to suit all events and budgets.

If you are looking for something a bit more up-market for those prestigious events, you can’t go wrong with a quality metal pen and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Of course you may want to look at our top ranges but we also have a wide choice available to suit all budgets.

Symphony Metal Ball Pens are the top choice when you are looking for high quality metal printed pens at a great price. This push-button range is suitable for any busy executive and is available is 6 popular colours. The barrels have a highly lacquered finish for extra shine and they are fitted with comfortable black rubber grips with contrasting bright chrome trims and clips to complete the overall look. Silver print really looks classy on the coloured barrels and black print on the silver version, but of course the choice is yours.

For added impact, your personalised pens are supplied with free transparent presentation tubes, ideal for you to hand out at your event or presentation. You may also want to have a look at our range of presentation boxes (at an additional charge) to add value to your promotional gifts.

You will find it hard to beat these smart promotional pens which will certainly create the impact you are looking for.

If you have any questions or would like any help, please just give our knowledgeable customer service team a call and we will help you with your order.

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Contour Pens

Here at the Pen Warehouse we know that you are looking for top quality promotional products at great prices that will really stand out and promote your business. We are constantly looking for new items to add to our vast selection of high quality writing instruments and desktop accessories.

In this tough economy, budgets are tight but promotions and events are even more important to keep your business in the public eye. Pens remain the most popular promotional items in the market place and are great giveaways that will always be used ensuring your message lives on. So whether you are on a tight budget and planning a large promotion or looking for promotional items for smaller events, we certainly will have just what you are looking for.

Contour Pens are great promotional pens suitable for all events. This stunning push-button range has unusual translucent barrels available in 10 bright colours which include bright pink, purple, turquoise and orange, so you will have a difficult choice to make. Sculptured barrels have matching coloured rubber grips and contrasting chrome trims and clips for a smart look. You can be sure your printed pens will be eye catching in any pocket or on any desk.

These chunky personalised pens are one of our best selling ranges and for many good reasons. They have a modern stylish look, are priced to suit all budgets and can be printed in record time! We can offer the Contours on our 3-day express printing service at a small additional charge for those rush jobs.

If you are stuck on a colour choice, why not ask for a free sample or two so you can see the vibrant colours.

Our friendly customer service team is waiting to hear from you.

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Panther Eco Colour Ball Pens

Are you looking for some inspiration for your next eco-friendly event? Worried those eco-friendly products will cost too much? Think again. We offer a large range of pens made from a variety of recycled materials with many ranges at incredible prices. We are also able to offer a quick turnaround for those tight deadlines.

Recycling plastic is vital to reduce the use of landfills. The process is fairly simple, plastic bottles and other plastic packaging is first chopped into flakes which is then formed into pellets and finally melted down to produce a range of recycled products.

Personalised pens are still the most cost effective way to promote your business and if you can choose a ‘green’ option, so much the better for the environment.

Panther Eco Colour Ball Pens are affordable on all budgets. These top selling quality push-button printed pens are made from recycled plastic and are available in 6 bright solid colours so you can match your corporate colour scheme with one of the colour options. Your messages will stand out in the generous print area which is 40mm x 20mm on the barrels with clip prints available too. This range is offered on our 24-hour express printing service at no additional charge for a single colour print on the barrels.

If you are looking for eco-friendly promotional pens and need help or would like to know what else we have to offer for your next promotion or event, please give us a call. Our friendly team are standing by just waiting to assist you.

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Promotional Pens with a difference

Promotional pens are quite simply unrivalled as a piece of promotional merchandise in terms of popularity, versatility and ease of access. However, the range of printed pens available to organisations looking to promote their corporate message or identity is mind boggling, so how do organisations find pens that will help them stand out as a unique business when so many suppliers are offering generic products with no point of differentiation?

Here at The Pen Warehouse we pride ourselves on offering personalised pens that will suit a multitude of businesses and organisations. From the FSC Carpenter Pencils for tradesman through to the Galileo Space Pen designed and developed to work in zero gravity. Whilst we appreciate we are limited in the number of customers our distributors would find a genuine need for zero gravity pens, the USP has proven popular with businesses looking to differentiate themselves from other organisations utilising promotional pens for advertising purposes.

Consider a visitor to an exhibition where all suppliers are looking to entice prospects with give-aways that will act as reminders of their organisation, product or service offer. Apart from the obvious branding the visitor is unlikely to remember exactly which organisations gave them which promotional give-aways. However, if your organisation utilises promotional pens with a stand out USP the prospect customer is far more likely to remember you and your organisation, therefore increasing the chances of your businesses being recalled during the buyer decision process. It is important to remember that the way you present your give away to a customer will determine its effectiveness as an advertising tool. If you talk in detail (but not at length) about the USP of the give-away and tie this into your product / service offer the prospect is likely to remember you.

For more information on our range of printed pens why not give us a call today on 01252 400270.

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Sentinel Metal Ballpoint Pens

Pens are one of the most popular promotional products within the promotional merchandise market, as the scope of use is so great! Promotional pens can be used for high volume promotions or for individual gifts for special occasions at different times of the year.

Printed pens are so useful at getting your marketing message across, as they are available in the largest amount of colours possible. No other product has such a wide range available! We can even pantone match personalised pens or pencils so you can have your exact corporate colours in the form of a writing instrument. All you need to do when it comes to pantone matched requests, and it isnt a standard option, is to email us directly with images and specifications, then let us contact our supplier directly and get some quotations that are competitive and suit your budget.

If you don’t know which pen model to even go with, then of course call us or drop us an email and let us suggest items which we think suit your artwork, company appearance and marketing budget.

Sentinel Metal Ball Pens are executive writing instruments made from aluminium that certainly stand out from the crowd. They certainly demonstrate the wow factor that most companies look to go for, as they have a stunning lacquered finish with a stylish grip with chrome ring detailing.

The standard print area on these particular pens is beside the clip and is 40mm x 16mm. They can also be supplied with luxurious presentation boxes at a small extra cost, but are certainly worth it.

If you need a free of charge digital mock up of your logo onto these pens then all you have to do is provide your artwork in ai format and we will be able to turn it round in just 24hours.

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Linn Metal Ballpoint Pens

Different companies have different budgets to spend on their marketing and advertising, however due to the current economic climate, budgets are decreasing rapidly, so the little amount you do have you need to make it count.

Pens are one of the biggest volume sellers in the promotional merchandise industry as they offer a great print area, are used by every person, of all ages, a number of times a day and vary in price from £0.10 per unit to £10.00 per unit, can be engraved or printed and come with a twist action or push button mechanism.

Linn Metal Ball Pens are attractive, are very modern, sleek and stylish while appealing to both sexes. They are retractable promotional pens which come with elegant coloured trims, available in 6 bright colours to suit every possible promotion and corporate colours.

Printed pens are great for demonstrating your business, as you can base them on the budget you have to spend on your products, can buy metal, plastic, eco friendly etc. and can even pantone match personalised pens for that unique feel, to ensure you can match your corporate colours perfectly.

If you aren’t sure what to start with then give us a call or drop us an email and let one of our customer service team members give you some different options based on your budget, corporate colours and even your artwork. We even offer free of charge samples and digital mock ups so you can gain a better picture of what you will be investing in and what pen or pencil will be best suited to your budget.

Here at The Pen Warehouse, we pride ourselves on offering great customer service, so don’t feel you can’t contact us. We look forward to hearing from you and your company in the very near future!

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Light Ball Pens

Light Pens are innovative pens which light up at the touch of a button, literally. They are extremely popular pen models and have been round for years. There are only two colour options available, black and grey, which have a clear centre barrel part which illuminates with an intense blue light when the button is activated.

These particular promotional pens are supplied with the batteries and so are ready for immediate use, straight from the box. These personalised pens also come with chrome trims and therefore are extremely stylish writing instruments which are capable of making you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons!

We can print on the clear barrel of the pen and offer the print area of 22mm x 25mm, reasonably generous for such an exquisite pen. The print area beside the clip is quite large also, of 25mm x 7mm, so you have plenty of room to print your logo and company details.

We offer a large range of presentation boxes for your printed pens so you can present them nicely and ensure they give your customers the impact you are hoping for.

These items are high quality so you can be sure that putting your name on them isn’t going to reduce your credibility with your clients. We aim to ensure you are 100% satisfied with any pen or pencil you buy from our range, so you can order with confidence that your marketing budget has been invested in the best way possible.

If you aren’t sure of which model in particular you want and don’t know where to start, you can of course give us a call and we will be able to suggest models suited to your specifications. We offer free of charge mock ups as well, to ensure you know what you are investing in.

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Cobra Braid Metal Ballpoint Pens

When you are looking for promotional items to use to advertise your company what is the first product that comes to mind, when you need to stick to a small budget, during a recession? Pens!

When it comes to promotional pens, we offer one of the largest ranges of plastic pens, printed pens, metal pens, executive pens and a huge selection of pencils, colouring pencils and even crayons, all of which can be personalised to your specifications. We offer a 24 hour express service on some of our plastic pens as we try to meet the tightest deadlines possible! We also offer a same day express on one of our best selling personalised pens so you can even get pens delivered within 24 hours- no other pen supplier can offer such express services.

We have an ever increasing volume of writing instruments to choose from, all of which can be viewed on the website. We offer every type of pen possible, across all price breaks, from low budget stick pens to high end sterling silver rollerball and fountain pens.

How do you choose the right pen for your company though? Well if you have a specific logo, then send it to us and let us match the pen to your company image. We do free of charge mock ups so you can be sure that you are happy with the appearance of your product before even placing the order. We aim to make sure our customers are 100% happy and are sure you are getting the best deal that’s the most cost effective to you.

Cobra Braid Metal Ball Pens are great items if you are looking to stand out from the crowd. They are luxury items with a very unique appearance. The barrel is actually made from plated, woven wire to give a braided effect which means that printing occurs on the top part next to the clip.

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Consul Metal Ballpoint Pens

Pens are great products to use when you are trying to raise awareness of your company, the products and services you have to offer. All promotional items are great but you need to find one that your customers are going to find useful so why not use promotional pens. Personalised pens are used on a daily basis by people of every age, from children at school to the MD of a multinational corporation. Everyone uses a pen of some kind a dozen or so times a day, so that’s certainly a great reason to put your logo onto a pen!

When choosing your printed pens, where do you start? First you have to look at comfort and then the message you are looking to get across and then work out how much of your marketing budget you are looking to spend. That way you can then filter our range by pen colour and/or price range.

If you don’t know where to begin, then give one of our trained customer service team a ring and let them suggest the perfect pen or writing instrument for you. All our customer service team members have been trained in our range, on both the technical and product range so you are in capable hands if you need answers quickly. We aim for our complete team to have general knowledge of all aspects of the products and printing processes, to make your phone call as efficient as possible!

Our Consul Metal Ball Pens are top quality metal pens which are one of our top sellers, as they are extremely smart writing instruments with twist action mechanism for that additional executive feel.

These items are available in two stunning colours with bright silver trims which offer a great contrast and belie the true costs of these items.

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Clio Metal Ballpoint Pens

When it comes to advertising your business, you want to spend as little as possible, yet achieve the best results you can. When you are looking to do your next marketing campaign, using pens is one of the best ways you can get your business and brand out there and make people aware of the products and services your company has to offer!

Printed pens are great products as we offer such a large range of products, from pens, to pencils and crayons, that can be personalised with your details, ensuring that you will be able to find a product to best suit your company and target audience.

If you aren’t sure of which personalised pens you are looking for or where to start looking, then feel free to give us a ring and let one of our customer service team give you a ring or drop us an email and let us suggest the most suitable options.

Promotional pens from The Pen Warehouse are great as you can trust the manufacturing is high quality, yet we don’t charge through the roof pricing!

We offer free of charge artwork mock ups so you can see exactly what your logo will look like on your pens before placing your order and investing your budget in something you aren’t too sure about. We want you to be 100% happy with your choice so will take you through every step of your order.

Printed pens, such as our Clio Metal Ball Pens are extremely popular at the moment, as they are metal pens, made from aluminium so are light weight, but yet are very reasonable when it comes to cost.

They have a sleek clip action as well as coming with a rubber grip for that added comfort when writing.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.