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Custom Packaging – Increasing Perceived Value and Premiums

Product packaging plays a far more important role in influencing purchasing decisions than you might think.  A recent survey of promotional merchandise users indicated that seventy percent of recipients form their first impression of a product or company brand based solely on packaging. 

This is why different and unique shapes of packaging designs have long been used as effective branding and marketing tools because they have the ability to create an exclusive image in the minds of users. 

For businesses, the case is even clearer – thirty percent of companies questioned in the same survey reported a noticeable increase in revenue when they used or improved the product packaging for their promotional merchandise.

From blister packs, Pen+ Greeting Cards to robust custom printed pen boxes or branded pen sleeves, we offer a full range of custom packaging options to suit any promotional campaign that make eye-catching, potent merchandising tools.  Our collation services provide total convenience as products are packed directly inside the custom packaging.

As a leader in custom packaging, our designs have been created to fit a wide variety of products, providing a significant retail upselling opportunities. 

Selecting the right kind of packaging can clearly serve as an effective and cost-efficient tool to increase opportunities for upselling, adding value to the offer and providing a premium retail look and feel.  This ultimately reinforces the perceived value of the merchandise, maximising the emotional connection.

Plus, with minimum order quantities starting from as low as fifty pieces at economical prices, we can support small orders easily without the traditionally associated large costs.

Yet packaging need not be cost-prohibitive.  From as little as a few extra pence, our custom printed packaging service can make a difference in the first impression of a product and is by far the easiest way to add a retail look and feel to a promotional product. 

For the ultimate in packaging customisation, try variable data printing.  This allows packaging orders to be printed with artwork that differs from piece to piece.  Personalise the packaging with an individual’s name and develop a true emotional connection and long-lasting resonance with your target audience.  Ideal for creating significant differentiation and a personal feel in a world of commoditised products.

So invest in our strategically-crafted unique packaging designs to make your promotional product stand out and put the power of custom packaging at the heart of your product promotion.

Our custom packaging services at a glance:

  • FSC card is used across all of our custom packaging
  • Minimum order quantities start from as low as 50 pieces
  • Personalisation – we can offer variable data such as names, telephone numbers and addresses
  • Collation – products are packed inside custom packaging for convenience
  • Soft feel lamination – soft touch lamination is available for all packaging at an additional cost

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The History of A.T. Cross Company

The A.T. Cross Company is America’s oldest manufacturer of writing instruments with a history that extends back for almost 170 years.  The era into which the A. T. Cross Company was founded saw great change in the writing instrument industry.  Many writers were still using quill pens or had recently made the transition to more durable dip pens made from a range of precious or durable metals.  Cross’ contribution to this period of pen evolution was the first stylographic pen, often cited as a technological ancestor of the ball point pen in 1879.

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The History of A.T. Cross Company
Thumbnail of Roman Lead Stylus Pencils

The History of the Pencil

Graphite, used in the core of the modern pencil, is not the first example of an element hewn from the ground and used as a mark making tool. This process dates back to the very first examples of human art seen in the prehistoric cave paintings created using charcoal and chalk in the era between 40,000 and 10,000 BC. These substances were ground and mixed into a paste with either saliva or animal fats and smeared onto the porous cave walls.

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The History of the Pencil
Political Graffiti - Kilroy was Here

The Writing on the Wall – Graffiti as Art, History and Politics

In the crypt of the Basilica in Lourdes, south west France, the walls are covered with graffiti. The temporary boundary fences placed around the ruins of the World Trade Center were covered with graffiti within days of the September 11th terrorist attacks. These disparate places and times are connected not just by our common understanding of graffiti, but by our collective need to express often overwhelming emotions and leave our mark for others to identify with. It seems that the tradition of the unsolicited public expression of beliefs and ideas is as old as humanity itself.

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Ballpoint Pen Art by Mark Powell

Dynamic Doodlers – A History of Ballpoint Pen Art

The humble ballpoint pen. Since its introduction to the masses at Gimbel’s New York Department store in 1945, it has become a staple of any office, classroom or study. But whilst John Loud’s original 1888 patent, and the Biro brothers’ later updates in the 1930’s, undoubtedly arrived with the intention of revolutionizing the stationery world, it is unlikely that these innovators could have fathomed the truly marvellous works of pen art that would eventually spring from their bold balled inventions.

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Dynamic Doodlers – A History of Ballpoint Art
Image of Victorian Ink Scraper Eraser

Now You See Me… A History of Erasers

For as long as there has been writing there have been errors and the need of an eraser to correct them.

The first writing implements and surfaces were made for mistakes, as the wet clay used in tablets could simply be smoothed over and new letters formed with the stylus. It is likely that the complexity of the glyphs used in the first written languages seen in Egypt and Sumer (now in southern Iraq) resulted in many mistakes being made as each glyph would be formed individually. It is estimated that Sumerian cuneiform had approximately 1000 different glyphs in its infancy.

In the early Middle Ages, the removal of ink from parchment would be completed with a solution of milk mixed with oat bran. Over time, the original ink would begin to reappear faintly underneath the new writing which has enabled modern scholars to decipher their original contents.

The Victorian era saw the invention of the ink scraper which was a fine pointed and very sharp metal tool used to carefully scrape the ink from the page when mistakes were made.

View our complete range of promotional erasers here.

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Now You See Me… A History of Erasing
IMage of the Zimmerman Telegram

Shhhh! A History of Written Secrets

One of the oldest examples of writing being disguised or changed to hide meaning is seen in a cuneiform tablet dating from 1500 BC. It is believed to contain the recipe for a pottery glaze which the craftsman did not want to share with his fellow artists. By the 5th Century BC, Herodotus, the famous Greek historian, writes of a process that involves the tattooing of a shaved slave’s head and then allowing the hair to regrow before sending the slave to the recipient of the message. The message would then be revealed when the slave was once again shaved.

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A History of Written Secrets
Thumbnail or Pen Tapping Beats

Pen Beats: Tapping into a New Generation

If you have ever been sat at a desk bored, the likeliness is you have found yourself idly pen tapping away on your desk without even realising. But did you ever become so caught up in the rhythm that you found yourself throwing out fills like a desk-bound Dave Grohl? If the answer is yes, then you are already part of a movement that has taken the internet by storm. Pen Tapping Beats has been a thing since late 2006, but has since grown in popularity with new pen beat tapping videos being uploaded daily.

Check out our downloadable .pdf for a full Pen Beats history:

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Pen Beats
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Allstar Argent Ball Pens

A smart silver pen is the perfect way to promote any business or service and here at The Pen Warehouse we have a huge selection of smart silver pens for you to choose from in various styles and shapes and made from both metal and plastic. You will be surprised at our incredible low prices and we can guarantee that we will have an eye-catching silver pen to suit any budget, promotion or event.

Allstar Argent Ball Pens are top sellers. These popular push button retractable personalised pens come with a smooth satin silver finish and contrasting polished chrome nose cones and trim accents under the large clips. They come fitted with black ink refills as standard.

You have 2 print areas to choose from either on the barrels 50mm x 20 or on the large clips 25mm x 6mm. Why not print on both for the best effect and to ensure that your print will always be clearly seen?

Our minimum order quantity is just 250 printed pens so they are suitable for all promotions and events as well as making perfect promotional giveaways at trade shows and exhibitions. Prices start from an amazing 25p each and this great low price includes your logo and message printed in a single spot colour on the barrels. Multi-colour printing is also available so why not take advantage of the great low price and print in 2 or 3 spot colours.

If you want to dress your fabulous promotional pens up, why not supply them in a clear frosted or suede pouch, we have a selection for you to choose from and these not only add value to your gifts but they are the perfect way to hand them out at your marketing events.

Call our friendly Customer service tam now for an immediate free quote on this striking great value range.  We are waiting to hear from you on: 01252 796 867

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Absolute Argent Ball Pen – Amazing Value Pens

A silver pen always shows off your print to its’ best advantage and they always look more expensive than they actually are. A silver pen lends itself to any product or service and is the perfect way to promote any business. Here at the Pen Warehouse, we have a huge selection of smart silver pens for you to choose from, made from both metal and plastic and at great low prices too. Today’s featured range just can’t be beaten for outstanding value and colour choice.

Absolute Argent Ball Pen will be a winner at any event. These popular personalised pens have a push button mechanism and come with satin silver barrels and a huge choice of 10 brightly coloured translucent clips so there is bound to be a colour to match any promotion or event. They come fitted with black ink refills as standard and are offered at an amazing low price. Choose your bright translucent clip colour from: green, yellow, orange, purple, blue, aqua, magenta, silver, red or solid black. Please note that the black clip is a solid black and not translucent.

Both the barrels and clips can be printed so why not print on both so that your messages will be seen in shirt pockets too. Your large barrel print area is 50mm x 20mm and your clip print area is 30mm x 6mm.

Our minimum order quantity is 250 printed pens so they are suitable for both large and small promotions and events as well as making smart promotional giveaways at trade shows and exhibitions. Prices start from an incredible 18p each and this great low price includes your logo and message printed in a single colour on the barrels. Why not print in 2 or 3 colours for extra impact as we can also offer multi-colour printing on this range.

Absolute Argent Ballpen with Colour Printing
Full-Colour Printed Absolute Argent Pen

If you need your promotional pens in a hurry, we can also offer our 24 hour express printing service for a single colour barrel print at no additional charge, just ask us for details.

If you have any questions or need any help, just give our friendly Customer Service team a call on: 01252 796 867