general Image for The Pen Warehouse Introduce Their Promoted and Newly Appointed Professionals

The Pen Warehouse Introduce Their Promoted and Newly Appointed Professionals

As part of The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products’ commitment to continued growth through groundbreaking customer service, both companies have taken a fresh look at all aspects of their current offering with a view to providing a more streamlined, efficient and professional service to the trade. This involved root and branch analysis of the organisations’ structures, production facilities, warehousing, communication and sales, both internal and external. Exploiting the full potential of the latest technology and systems is pivotal to their strategy for enhanced customer-service. Invariably, many of these changes will be dependent upon internally promoted and newly appointed professionals that can deliver this new vision. Various announcements will be made in this regard over the coming weeks and months.

To begin with, they are pleased to announce the promotion of Matthew Dyl, to Head Of Sales. Matthew will be responsible for the delivery of Field Sales and Customer Service teams going forward. He has made huge strides since joining both companies last year in re-engaging with their customer base, and now seeing them through their highest sales month to date!

Both companies are excited to further announce the appointment of Nicole Phillips as the new Field Sales Manager for the Midlands area of the U.K. Nicole is a BSc graduate of Staffordshire University, has been in B2B Field Sales Management for the past five years and has a passion for customer service and strategy.  Nicole is looking forward to embracing the latest field-sales’ software systems recently installed by both companies and feels that real-time communication and reporting is the most effective way forward.

Nicole will be accompanying Matthew, on customer visits throughout the coming weeks and months but in the meantime will be undergoing intensive training at Head Office in Aldershot where she will be learning about the industry, the company’s customers, product ranges, services and systems.

Helen Dyl, Operations Director said: “Last year ended on a high for both companies with the purchase of our largest premises to date. This marked the start of the positive change we have been working towards since last summer. Matthew’s promotion and Nicole’s appointment are the next phase of our new and dynamic approach which is helping us to achieve our goals of increased sales and even better customer service. Both companies are looking forward to the future with technology, service standards and our employees at the heart of the business direction we take.’’