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Senior HR Appointment Signifies Investment in Employee Welfare

In a further sign of company investment to support business expansion, promotional writing instrument specialist, The Pen Warehouse, and Snap Products, a leader in digitally printed merchandise, are delighted to announce the appointment of Leanne Sanders as Human Resources (HR) Manager, effective 19th August 2019.

The senior hire continues the companies’ strategic investment in the appointment of industry leaders within their field to foster a professionally-driven organisation structure, underpinned by modern processes and operations.  Central to this appointment is the commitment to an internal culture that drives employee welfare, health and well-being at the heart of the companies’ business practices.

Leanne Sanders is an experienced HR leader with significant commercial experience, most recently acquired as Group HR Manager at Orchard Valley Foods Group and NIC UK.  In this management role, she oversaw the human resources function across multiple national and international sites and led department mergers and restructures.  Her notable career highlights include managing the merger of three companies which involved the development of a streamlined infrastructure and the transition of shared services into central operations.

Leanne joins The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products with a remit to establish a forward-looking HR company culture centered on employee welfare whilst promoting strong working relationships between line managers and employees.  She affirms: “I am looking forward to introducing myself across the companies and meeting our employees, listening to their needs and building strong, productive relationships across our functions to support our next phase of growth.”  

Operations Director, Helen Dyl, comments: “We are delighted to welcome Leanne, an experienced and high calibre HR professional, to lead our Human Resources function and drive our internal company initiatives that will nurture employee welfare.  Her appointment demonstrates the commitment, investment and focus we place on ensuring our processes and structures thoroughly support our employees and stakeholders in their roles.”

As part of her detailed management induction plan, Leanne will be spending significant time within each function of the companies’ businesses during her first four weeks, working closely with teams to identify areas for training improvement, both on a personnel and coaching level.

For further information, call 01252 400 270 or email

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Custom Packaging – Increasing Perceived Value and Premiums

Product packaging plays a far more important role in influencing purchasing decisions than you might think.  A recent survey of promotional merchandise users indicated that seventy percent of recipients form their first impression of a product or company brand based solely on packaging. 

This is why different and unique shapes of packaging designs have long been used as effective branding and marketing tools because they have the ability to create an exclusive image in the minds of users. 

For businesses, the case is even clearer – thirty percent of companies questioned in the same survey reported a noticeable increase in revenue when they used or improved the product packaging for their promotional merchandise.

From blister packs, Pen+ Greeting Cards to robust custom printed pen boxes or branded pen sleeves, we offer a full range of custom packaging options to suit any promotional campaign that make eye-catching, potent merchandising tools.  Our collation services provide total convenience as products are packed directly inside the custom packaging.

As a leader in custom packaging, our designs have been created to fit a wide variety of products, providing a significant retail upselling opportunities. 

Selecting the right kind of packaging can clearly serve as an effective and cost-efficient tool to increase opportunities for upselling, adding value to the offer and providing a premium retail look and feel.  This ultimately reinforces the perceived value of the merchandise, maximising the emotional connection.

Plus, with minimum order quantities starting from as low as fifty pieces at economical prices, we can support small orders easily without the traditionally associated large costs.

Yet packaging need not be cost-prohibitive.  From as little as a few extra pence, our custom printed packaging service can make a difference in the first impression of a product and is by far the easiest way to add a retail look and feel to a promotional product. 

For the ultimate in packaging customisation, try variable data printing.  This allows packaging orders to be printed with artwork that differs from piece to piece.  Personalise the packaging with an individual’s name and develop a true emotional connection and long-lasting resonance with your target audience.  Ideal for creating significant differentiation and a personal feel in a world of commoditised products.

So invest in our strategically-crafted unique packaging designs to make your promotional product stand out and put the power of custom packaging at the heart of your product promotion.

Our custom packaging services at a glance:

  • FSC card is used across all of our custom packaging
  • Minimum order quantities start from as low as 50 pieces
  • Personalisation – we can offer variable data such as names, telephone numbers and addresses
  • Collation – products are packed inside custom packaging for convenience
  • Soft feel lamination – soft touch lamination is available for all packaging at an additional cost