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Espace Frost Ballpoint Pens

When you are thinking of what to spend your marketing budget on to give you the best return on your investment, what springs to mind? Do you invest in doing a mailing of your catalogue to all your clients, which can work out to be quite expensive in postage costs, or do you send out a goody bag with top sellers in it to your top 100 clients?

Well one method which has proven to be extremely successful is using pens, printed with your logo, contact details or even a promo code to get 10% off the next order placed, as everyone uses personalised pens on a daily basis and if you give them a reason to hang on to your promotional pens then they will continuously see your logo, think of your company and have your details reinforced in their memory.

Espace Frost Ball Pens are high quality frosted ball pens which have a twist action mechanism and offer an extremely generous print area on both the barrel and clip, ensuring you can make the most out of your printed pens by maximising your advertising space.

This particular range can be printed in up to 6 spot colours, pantone matched to your requirements making this range of frosted pens suitable for the majority of promotions, both large and small.

They are also very reasonable when it comes to price point, including a 1 colour print to the barrel where the price starts from 26p per unit. For such a high quality plastic pen, you can’t get much cheaper than that.

If you aren’t too sure as to what items you would like to go for, then feel free to give us a call or drop us an email and let us suggest the best items to best suit your campaign.

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Lumi Metal Ballpoint Pens

Pens are a popular promotional item used to promote a large variety of different companies throughout a wide range of different industries. We offer metal pens, plastic pens, pencils, eco friendly writing instruments as well as accessories to accompany all of the above.

Promotional pens printed with your details are one of the most effective advertising methods around and has been for years, due to the fact that they are so economical and appeal to such a broad audience, unlike the majority of other promotional items.

Printed pens offer a different way of showing your company logo and contact details all in one place. They are also a lot more useful than your standard company card as they have a purpose and so your clients will be less likely to misplace them in comparison to a business card.

Personalised pens are suited to postal mailings as they are light weight so won’t cost you the world in postage. You can also buy eco friendly items to demonstrate your green credentials to both current and future clients, to make you stand out from your competitors.

Lumi Metal Ball Pens are one of the most stylish, modern executive pens you can have as they can not only be printed but engraved as well. They are mini metal writing instruments that go to full size when the lid is placed on the opposing side over the torch part. The LED torch end is very bright so will definitely give you an edge over your competitors.

The standard print area is beside the clip of 30mm x 6mm so you can print your logo and strap line one side while printing your contact details and website the other, taking advantage of the full advertising space offered on these promotional items.

If you have any further questions, please do give us a call.

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Grafton Metal Ballpoint Pens

Pens are one of the most popular promotional products around. They are sold in billions each year to a huge variety of different companies. Large multinational companies use them and reap the benefits a smaller company do as they lend themselves very nicely to any use. Whether you are looking for pens to put on your reception desk for guests to take on their arrival or pens to do a postal mailing out to your database of thousands of clients, then we have the promotional pens for you.

Our huge range allows you to buy printed pens, personalised in line colours, full colour digital print or even engraved, so you can choose exactly how to present your company, based on your budget, lead time or target audience.

The Pen Warehouse is one of the largest, trade only pen suppliers in the UK and EU. We offer an extremely large range of personalised pens, from plastic with a frosted or transparent finish, to high end metal writing instruments that are extremely reasonable in price.

A person favourite from our metal pen range are our Grafton Metal Ball Pens which offer that extra special finish as they are high end metal pens that ensure your customers feel appreciated at all times.

It has a leatherette barrel and gloss black fitments with chrome trim which combined ensure this pen certainly looks high end and stands out from the crowd. The look and feel of this pen is very much like a high end branded pen, but is available for a fraction of the cost.

Black ink refills come as standard as they are the preferred ink colour for signing official documents.

We also offer this pen with matching rollerball and as a set with luxury presentation gift box- just give us a call for more details.

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Sterling Classic Rollerball

Sterling Classic Rollerball pens are luxurious rollerballs that are made using the latest technology and the highest quality materials to produce an extremely high quality promotional writing instrument, which is probably one of the most superb, luxurious, promotional pens on the market today.

These items in particular combine craftsmanship from before our time with state of the art technology to create the Sterling Classic Range of Rollerball and matching Fountain Pen, making them one of the most prestigious personalised pens.

If you are looking for extremely high end printed pens to impress your top clients, then using these items in a set will definitely demonstrate how serious you are about their business and how much you appreciate them. These particular items are also great as they mean the recipients will remember you every time they use them as your name can be engraved or printed onto them, meaning there will be a permanent message left on the items. Engraving a promotional item is the most permanent way of branding as it is so durable and cannot rub off over time as some print can.

These particular items are available with optional prestigious presentation boxes, to ensure the true cost of these items it represented in the appearance of the item itself.

Prices are on application so please do give us a ring to find out what we could offer you on your budget per item.

If you aren’t sure your artwork will suit this particular pen range then let us know and we will be able to do a free of charge mock up for you so you can gain a better idea of exactly what your logo will look like and if it is best suited to this particular range.

If you have any questions, then please do let us know and we will be able to advise on what’s best for you and your company.

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Centaur Metal Ballpoint Pens

Pens are one of the biggest volume sellers when it comes to promotional products. If you are attending a huge range of exhibitions, then using promotional pens is a cost effective yet beneficial way of promoting your business. Giving people a product they can use on a daily basis is one of the best things you can do. Giving printed pens is great as they can be used by all age groups, males and females so you aren’t excluding a certain audience, but appealing to everyone that could possibly use your company.

Plastic Pens are great if you are looking for mass volume promotions, as they are colourful and make you stand out from the crowd. However, metal pens are great for letting your customers know you care and want to invest in them to ensure they put business your way.

Centaur Metal Ball Pens are high quality executive metal pens, with a twist action mechanism. Personalised pens are great but using these high quality metal items are will definitely get you noticed.

This particular range of pen come with free of charge presentation tubes for that added extra to ensure your items don’t get lost in the crowd.

If you don’t think the tube is suited to your customer base, then why not choose one of our executive presentation boxes to insert your pen into and we can let you know how much extra this will incur on your order.

All our items seen on the website are available from us FOC as samples so you can test the item before you invest your marketing budget in them. If you do not know where to start then please do give us a ring and we will be able to advise exactly what items would be best suited to fit your specifications, whether it be price, colour or appearance.

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Envirostick Extra Recycled Ballpoint Pens

When looking at what product to use for your next promotion, why not take into consideration an eco friendly product to demonstrate your credentials?

Our Envirostick Extra Recycled Ball Pens are revolutionary pens as they are the first range of promotional pens that contain the first ever fully post-consumer recycled refill. The matching cap and nosecone is also made from the same material as the refill which is produced from used drinks cartons to generate the innovative material, Tetra Pak.

The sleek barrel is constructed from recycled polystyrene so if you are looking for a truly recycled pen then the Envirostick is the choice for you.

All our printed pens are fully compliant with current EU and UK safety regulations and also come with a black refill containing black ink, the preferred ink colour for signing official documents.

All our personalised pens are available with an optional express service which is chargeable, so if you have a tight deadline then there is no reason why this particular pen range wouldn’t be a suitable option.

This range also has a removable cap which fits on either end of the product making sure it isn’t misplaced when the pen is in use. It also contains a large breather hole making it completely child friendly so you can happily let your children use these.

As these are capped pens, we can only print in one spot colour, pantone matched to your requirements in the print area 45mm x 18mm. Remember- these are available on an optional express printing service.

Samples of all our products are available free of charge, just give one of our friendly customer service team members a call or drop us an email and let us help you to find the most suitable product for your next promotion.

Envirostick and Tetra Pak are registered trademarks.

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Corinthian Frost Ballpoint Pens

Corinthian Frost Ball Pens are an old favourite from The Pen Warehouse, as they are pens that are low in cost, great in quality and also come with a rubberised grip for that added comfort, making them an ideal pen for printing your logo on to. We also offer printed pens on our express pen printing service which is set up to meet those tight deadlines, just ask us for costs incurred.

This complete range of promotional pens is accepted universally as being one of the most suitable options available within the market. Personalised pens from us are full compliant with both UK and EU Safety regulations and come with documental quality black ink.

This particular range operates on a removable push button mechanism and can have both the barrel and clip printed and personalised to match your full requirement in up to 6 spot colours, pantone matched to your company logo and specifications.

We also think that optional presentation packaging is great at adding that added extra without adding to the costs as much as one might think. Appearance is key, so by adding one of our pen pouches, which are extremely good value, this is a great way of raising brand awareness.

Samples are available from us completely free of charge so why not give us a call, email our customer service department or complete our online request form and let us take care of your enquiry.

We want you to be 100% happy with your pen or pencil choice so if you aren’t sure of where to start or what is even suitable for you, then please contact us and let one of our skilled customer service representatives look after you and suggest suitable options to match your full set of requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you shortly.

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Castile Metal Ballpoint Pens

Pens are the biggest selling promotional products on the market currently. They sell in huge volumes year on year. Castile Metal Ball Pens are high quality metal executive promotional pens with black rubber grips around the lower part of the pen, for that added comfort when writing.

These particular printed pens come with elegant white barrels, contrasting with the elegant black grip and silver trims.

Their writing performance is also one that is of extremely high quality which you sometimes would not associate with such a quality pen. Personalised pens are great for printing your details on and for extra impact, why not add a presentation box to support your items and to demonstrate to your customers that you are investing in their business.

The print area is beside the clip, which can be on either side. You can place your logo in the area of 35mm x 7mm with ease. These items are twist action and therefore are extremely popular with the majority of people. The colour of the body of the pen as well is extremely modern as you have a blank canvas to print your coloured logo onto so colour distortion isn’t an issue.

If you have any questions in regards to any of our products seen on the website then give one of our sales executives a call that are on hand Monday to Friday to help you and find a solution for your promotional needs. Advertising is very important and is a great way to make you stand out from any of your competitors so artwork is extremely important. We offer great artwork mock ups as well which are completely free of charge so you can see exactly what we have to offer and what your items can look like before you get them printed.

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Challenger 2 Frost Ballpoint Pens

Challenger 2 Frost Ball Pens are great products for promotions when you have a small budget to work with as they are clip less, retractable pens with frosted barrels and silver trim, which are great for postal promotions, or volume campaigns. Due to these personalised pens not having a clip, we can only print one colour one position on to the barrel in the print area of 55mm x 20mm.

This range of promotional pens are available in three popular colours and are great for hospitality events when you want to give your guests a small gift to remind them of their trip to visit you. They are low cost printed pens but it’s not always about how much you spend but the overall effect they have on your customers.

We provide free of charge samples of all our products, so you can test the durability, quality and appearance of each item ensuring you are 100% confident with your choice before you invest your marketing budget in to them.

These items are also a great match with our clack neck pen holder, so you can have that additional extra to ensure your printed pens stay with your clients at all times and aren’t misplaced.

If you would like a mock up of your artwork on some different models of pen and pencils, then give us a call or drop us an email of the artwork so we can give you a better idea of the positioning of your logo, contact details and advertising message, so you can see if you would like to rearrange it, add more information or reduce the amount shown.

If you have any further questions then please do not hesitate in asking any of our skilled customer service team a call and letting them assist you.

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Caesar Metal Ball Pens

Caesar Metal Ball Pens are a new addition to The Pen Warehouse executive pens range. They are made from high quality aluminium and have a distinctive appearance. They have a chrome trim to add that bit of class to the items themselves, and also have an elegant push button top part.

Although they are made from aluminium they have a good weight to them, normally associated with high end promotional pens, so you can be sure that your customers won’t see these items as cheap, but luxury printed pens.

This range comes with black ink refills as standard, the preferred ink colour for signing official documents, and also abides by UK and EU safety laws, so they can be used by children without you needing to worry.

We can offer a 5 working day express on all of our metal personalised pens, printed one colour one position or engraved in one position, which is free of charge. We aim to be as flexible as possible when it comes to meeting tight deadlines, so if you think you have left getting anything printed too late, there is no need to panic. Try giving us a call and talking through options available to you and let us find a solution for you.

We have almost the largest pen and pencil range in the UK so if you aren’t sure where to start, let us come up with a few options for you, based on price point, colour, artwork or purpose and see what you think. You can call us as well for a no obligation quotation so why not give us a ring today and let one of our skilled customer service representatives advise you on what’s available to your company.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future.