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Promotional Marker Pens- make a permanent impression on your clients

Marker Pens are another very useful promotional item available here at the Pen Warehouse. They offer an unusual alternative personalised promotional item to the promotional pens or pencils you see at all the exhibitions. As they are permanent marker pens, they also serve a slightly different purpose to typical personalised pens, which means they will be used when just any old pen won’t do. Ordinary personalised ball pens don’t write well on anything other than paper, and there are so many situations where a permanent marker is a necessary item that you wish you had but can never find.

Permanent markers have the ability to write on a huge range of surfaces such ranging from as plastic, metal and wood and depending on the company you are trying to advertise, this could be one of the most useful items you give out to your customers, with the ability of writing on all sorts of items around both the home and office, having collective appeal.

Printed Marker Pens can be used to write on electrical goods, golf items and a whole multitude of personal items to aid identification and security. The Permanent Marker Pro even comes with a useful clip attached to the cap. We also have a clear plastic wallet which can hold upto four Permanent Marker Pens, ensuring your promotional marker pens are always at hand.

Our Permanent Marker Pro Pens are available in a choice of four popular coloured caps which match the ink colour of the pen, and also to compliment your corporate logo. These useful permanent marker pens are long lasting, making them a great promotional gift which would be greatly appreciated and by both current and new clients. Make sure you have them attractively imprinted with your logo and contact details on the promotional pen, taking advantage of the large print area the Marker offers, ensuring your customers can easily get in touch with you when they need your services.

Our Marker Pens are also available with a holder which accommodates four pens which is supplied with magnetic strips on the reverse. This is a useful accessory for offices and definitely one that is worth looking into for that added touch of expense to make sure your Marker Pens have a constant place in the office where everyone can use them- thus advertising your logo and company further.

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Customised Pens for Business

When entering into an office as a potential client, first impressions are important. It may be the minor details that make all the difference and having a selection of customised pens, unique to a particular business, available from a business reception desk can add that extra personality and professionalism to any approach. Here at The Pen Warehouse, we can supply a selection of top quality, affordable pens customised to exact requirements.

Whether you prefer to have your logo, your company name or both, we can provide a range of pens in a variety of styles to suit your precise requirements. A pen is the perfect giveaway for businesses so that guests and visitors to your office can pick up a free pen, take it away, therefore getting a company’s name out to a wider audience.

Our customised pens are a great, effective and most importantly a simple marketing tool that are appreciated by all. Pens are an everyday essential, so if a company can effectively get their name or logo on a pen that is used frequently, there is no end to the number of people who may become aware of a business brand.

Businesses have full say in the customisation process from us here at The Pen Warehouse. We can match company’s colours to the colour of any style of pen and will liaise with throughout the process to ensure our clients are happy with the procedure from start to finish.

Ideal for a corporate event, business gathering or for everyday use, our range of customised pens from The Pen Warehouse are a perfect tool for the effective marketing of any business. To make a selection and receive a free, no obligation sample, visit our website today or for further information contact our team via the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website.

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Incentives for your Employees

Motivating your employees to hit their sales targets and maintain them is one of the most beneficial things you can do. Rewarding achievements is definitely a way in keeping morale high and making the rest of the team want to do well to reap the benefits also!

When an employee secures the most sales in a month, giving them a high quality executive printed pens in a presentation box is something they will treasure for years to come. They always remember the employer that valued their work and rewarded them for it.

When an employee goes above and beyond and puts ideas forward on how they could become a more efficient team when processing orders, going beyond what is being asked of them should always be encouraged as they know firsthand what’s best for that department. Rewarding them with personalised pens encourages productive ideas to be put forward which can always benefit your company and its development.

Morale is key to the success of a company. If your clients ring in and are always greeted by an upbeat voice at the end of the phone and optimism no matter what the circumstances  then your customers are going to be loyal and willing to work with you if there is ever a problem, because you make every buying experience a memorable one. Rewarding your staff when a client points out that a certain member of staff went above and beyond their call of duty with a personalised pen is definitely a way to maintain this high level of service and will encourage the rest of the team to follow suit.

Giving Promotional Pens to your Employees is a great benefit as it commemorates all their hard work they have put in to generate you profit. If you keep your employees happy then they will ultimately pass this on to your clients in the level of customer service they offer. Pens are definitely a way you can invest in your employees and reap the benefits.

If you need help choosing the perfect executive metal pens for you, take a look through the range on the website or give us a ring and let us help you decide.

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Advertising your company and services successfully

Where do you start with your Marketing campaign? Should you focus on building your company’s image through your website or by direct mail, or even by e-shots to your database of clients? The return on investment on any advertising budget is often minimal, however, that isn’t the case if you invest in personalised pens! It doesn’t take much investment to generate a lot of orders!

If you purchased 500 printed pens, such as Harrier Extra Ball Pens and put your company name, logo, phone number and website on there and successfully handed all 500 out to 500 different people, that’s now 500 people who are now familiar with your brand and services available. What happened if they then lent their pen out to a colleague- they would also then be familiar with your brand. What if every single one of those 500 people went to your website to view all the products you offer- well that’s just boosted your website listings and now each person knows exactly what you offer!

Advertising through direct mail is too temporary unless every single letter is followed up with a courtesy call. Some mail doesn’t even get opened so you’d be lucky if your advertisement was even observed. Doing direct mail advertising campaigns are also very expensive when you add all the paper, envelopes and postage up. E-mails get deleted or often go straight into the spam box, never to be opened and might not attract a single person to visit your website or give you a ring, other than to tell you to stop sending them marketing material!

Pens however cannot be deleted or never seen. They aren’t chucked away as most letters are, as it’s useful. If you send out executive metal pens to all your clients, that’s both comfortable and easy to write with, it’s most likely to become the pen that’s used on a daily basis, reinforcing your company’s name and details time and time again. Promotional Metal Pens don’t have to be expensive, ours start from just £0.45 per unit, including a one colour print yet they still look stylish and belie their true cost very well.

Promotional Pens are definitely one of the most effective Marketing strategies for all businesses. If you would like some advice on our metal pen range, please contact us via the contact us page.

Harrier Pens is a registered Trademark and design of Tancia Limited (T/A The Pen Warehouse)

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Small Businesses can benefit too!

As every company is aware, anyone involved in the marketing of small businesses will understand just how expensive it can be to advertise and get your company name out there. Every marketing department has a budget to stick to and is usually the first to be cut down in hard times. No matter how big or small your budget is, there is one promotional item that is guaranteed to get your company name out there – promotional pens. Pens can be used to promote your company without the need of breaking the bank.

Printed Pens can easily be personalised with your details. Whether you want to print your logo onto the pen or do a full colour wrap around print across the barrel, anything is possible when using personalised pens.

Printed Pens are an inexpensive means of advertising, so make sure every one of your customers has easy access to them so they are continuously able to promote your business and services. People love taking a freebie home with them, especially if it’s something that they can actually use so put them where your customers always go- at the reception of your office or restaurant, at the till of your shop and use them at exhibitions as free give-aways.

Repeat Orders are also a useful way of cutting costs even further. Here at the Pen Warehouse, if you have previously purchases some printed pens from us with your logo on and would like a reprint, we have a reduced origination charge saving you even more money!

If you need some help and advice on which pen is suitable for your company, let us know and our customer service team will be more than happy to help you. Stay tuned to for the latest offers and new additions to the range.

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It’s Not too Late! Order your Promotional Halloween Company Pens Today!


Yes the clock may well be ticking but never fear! With our optional express service, we can still fulfill your order for your Halloween Promotional Pens, placing your printed business logo or message in a range of eye-catching colours, to complement your spooky advertising campaign! 

You don’t have to sell Halloween products to make an impression at this time of the year. Many businesses are now realising that, to increase their recognition value and standing in their community, promotional campaigns should be as varied and regular as possible. Seasonal events, such as Halloween, provide wonderful opportunities to not only let people know who you are but to tell them you will be there next time you need them. 

Printed plastic halloween pens are a fun and useful way to spread such a message and remember, always plan a season in advance, if you would like to capture a bigger target audience to increase your Christmas sales then consider running a promotional Halloween campaign. This way, your prospective new end user will know your name well in advance and be able to call on you when they need you. Don’t run the risk of leaving it too late! 

Our Halloween pens are attractive and stylish and if you aren’t a fan of the more gimmicky novelty Halloween pens, then take a look at our huge range of plastic pens, metal personalised pens and promotional pencils to fill your treat bag with! 

So give us a call today or email us via the ‘Contact Us’ link at the top of this page and ask our friendly staff about last minute Halloween Pens

We hope you enjoy our ‘Voodoo Carnival’ Halloween video and wish you all a very happy and spooky Halloween 2010!

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The Life of Plastic Promotional Pens

Personalised pens are the most popular promotional gift for businesses at the moment. What would you do if you received an unattractive branded pen that broke after one use? Well you’re not likely to be left with a positive image of the business being advertised.

Generally companies are looking for a low cost printed pen that can be given out at trade shows and exhibitions or sent out in the mail to raise awareness of their company and to remind their customers of the services they offer. One great value branded pen, that won’t let you down when it comes to price, appearance and comfort is the personalised Contour Ball Pens Range, available from the Pen Warehouse.

The Contour Ball Pen is renowned within the market, for being built for comfort, without compromising on style and also being extremely affordable. With its modern finish and curves, this promotional pen offers exceptional quality and definitely gives the right impression of your company to any client.

If you still aren’t sure the Contour Pen is right for you, we are able to create a visual for you free of charge. Different logos suit different pens, so it’s always worth ordering a sample of the pen itself so you can try before you buy.

Promotional Pens have been a top-selling line for years as the most effective promotional gift on the market, and nothing has been able to push it off the top spot. Printed pens with your logo is a really simple way to put your name and contact details in one place, with a long life, ensuring your logo in seen time and time again. Every personalised pen is said to exchange hands five times in its lifetime so you can image how much brand awareness you are getting for as little as £0.20 per pen, including a one colour print!

This form of advertising is great it’s effective and inexpensive and can be a lot more powerful than traditional media because of the long life of a personalised pen. If you need help choosing which personalised pens you need to reflect the image of your company, please either give us a ring or fill out the contact us form on the site.

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Modern Metal Pens for your Advertising Campaign

If you’re a company who purchase the same plastic promotional pens year on year to advertise your company, why not go for something different and modern to change your image.

My top three executive pens that I have chosen are all made from Aluminium and are new additions to our range for 2010. They are all able to be either engraved or printed to your requirements.

In third place I would suggest Stratus Ball Pens. These are stylish anodised aluminium pens available with an attractive blue or satin silver finish. It’s a modern promotional pen, with two print positions available across the barrel, offering an extremely generous print area.

In close second I would place Torpedo Ball Pens. This is a retractable ballpen with chrome trim and smooth black rubber grip, ergonomically designed to ensure a comfortable writing experience.

My number one suggestion are Electra Ball Pens. It’s an attractive aluminium pen with anodised finish and chrome trim. The unique positioning of the rings also means that that we offer a much larger print area than standard. The Electra is also available in four stunning colour options, my favourite being the Electric Blue. It’s a reasonably priced executive metal pen which looks extremely elegant and modern.

Unlike brand name printed pens, these three do not come with a gift box as standard, though clear presentation tubes and gift boxes are available, just ask a member of our team for more details. I recommend looking into this option because gift boxes will give these low cost printed pens an additional touch of luxury to belie their cost even further.

If you are still unsure of which executive metal personalised pens to go for, why not contact one of our customer service team who will be more than happy to talk you through available options.

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The Power of the Promotional Pencil

Often overlooked, promotional pencils are an extremely cost-effective and affordable way to promote your company. The Pen Warehouse offers a comprehensive range of personalised pencils, from the simple Standard WE Pencil Range to the Rainbow Pencil Range. You are sure to find a pencil to suit any occasion.

Pencils have been widely used as writing instruments for years and custom printed pencils have become extremely popular as an effective marketing tool for all advertisement campaigns. If you are looking for a cost effective promotional item with vast utility in your customers’ daily lives, pencils are great for promotional giveaways. It is said that a pencil can write upto 40,000 words so you can be certain that your printed message will be reinforced time and time again.

We offer a huge range of pencils for you to choose from. You can either browse our online Pencil section or give our customer service team a call to help you choose the right personalised pencil for you. Our most popular promotional pencils are as follows:

Standard WE Pencils – great quality promotional pencils starting from £0.09 per pencil, including a one colour print. This range of pencils have a high gloss finish, silver ferrule and pink eraser. You can choose one, or a mix of colours from the range on a 3-day express printing service for one colour printing. If your logo is more than one colour, we also offer multi-colour printing on this pencil on a standard lead time at extremely competitive prices; just give us a ring for more details.

Fluorescent Pencils – these are a great option for promotional campaigns, where you want to stand out from the crowd. These bright coloured pencils are suitable for single colour printing and come with ‘H’ lead as standard.

Black Knight WE Pencils – for a sleek, modern pencil, the Black Knight is definitely the one to go for. It has a matt black finish with black wood throughout the body of pencil. These are great for prestigious events to really make an impression and also offer a generous print area to fit any logo.

Companies, both big and small are using these cost effective promotional items to promote their businesses. If you need any help choosing which pencil to go for, then feel free to contact us through the Contact Us tab, or give us a ring.

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Why not use Eco Friendly Pens for your next Promotion

Ecological issues are more significant in the world than ever before. Many companies have put in place strict eco friendly policies to work by, to do their part to fight global warming. It is little wonder therefore that many businesses are asking for more eco friendly promotional gifts to promote their companies. The most popular and sought after eco friendly business gifts are promotional pens.

Eco friendly personalised pens are an extremely popular promotional gift because they are a great way of demonstrating your company’s credentials as well as being a useful product. Pens are used on a daily basis, so you can guarantee your pen will stay in your clients hand for a much longer period of time than other personalised promotional gifts. If they are printed with your logo and contact details, your logo is reinforced every time your client uses your pen.

Eco Friendly pens have improved dramatically over the past few years in both quality and styles available. The pens are manufactured from a number of materials such as corn starch, old CD cases, newspapers and even plastic milk bottles!

The Envirostick Ball Pen is a revolutionary development in the industry, because it’s the world’s first and only pen to feature a fully post-consumer recycled refill. The matching cap and nosecone is also made from the same innovative recycled material, produced by recycling used drinks cartons to generate, Tetra Pak. The white barrel is constructed from recycled polystyrene, making this the first ever promotional pen that made of 100% recycled material. If you want a truly recycled printed pens for your next eco promotion, the Envirostick is the perfect choice for you.

Finding an eco friendly pen that is right for your company doesn’t take long, as here at the Pen Warehouse, we now offer a larger range of Eco Friendly Pens than ever before. Stay tuned to The Pen Warehouse for the latest news on personalised pens and offers.