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Promotional Pens- a great way to advertise your company

There are thousands of printed items on the market, but how do you know what promotional product to use, to best advertise your company to represent your company. There is one promotional gift that is suitable for every promotional campaign and that can fit any budget- Pens.

Have you ever thought of how many times you use a pen a day? Pens are one of those items that are guaranteed to be used on a daily basis, which is why conversant companies use them as gifts and as giveaways at exhibitions and conferences.

Using promotional printed pens for your advertising campaign is the best way to gain someone’s attention as you can ensure it will be used time and time again. The Pen Warehouse offers a vast range of personalised pens starting from as little as £0.10 to over £5.00. All of our pens comply with the latest UK and EU legislation and are available with fast turnaround times to meet those important deadlines.

If you’re looking for an exceptionally distinctive gift for your larger clients, have a look through our executive range of Promotional Metal Pens. We can offer metal pens in a range of colours, suitable for any budget. They can be printed, or engraved for that added touch of luxury and also have presentation boxes available to further belie the pen’s cost.

Promotional pens have long been used as a means of gaining widespread exposure as each and every time your customers use them, your business is publicised to potential clients. In addition, your brand is given more exposure and will get people talking about the great experiences they have had using your company for all their promotional, personalised and printed pens.

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Contour Ball Pens – highly sought after promotional pens

Contour ball pens are one of the UK’s top selling promotional pens around and there is little wonder why- manufactured to extremely high tolerance levels, their price point belies the quality of these pens.

The range consists of the traditional Contour BallPens and Contour Argent Ball Pens, as well as two new additions to the range this year- the Contour Extra Ball Pens, which has a white barrel and the Contour Max Ball Pens and combined highlighter- an exclusive product to The Pen Warehouse.

Each pen has a smooth, push action mechanism, sculptured body with chrome trim, and an ultra soft rubber grip for added comfort. There is a colossal colour range available including two new additions to the Contour of Aqua and Magenta, so you are guaranteed to find an option that compliments your corporate logo and colours.

Our technical abilities have allowed us to develop a method of printing a larger print area than anyone in the industry at present. Our new print area is 35mm x 10mm, with an extended print area tapering down to 23mm x 3mm.

The Contour Extra ball pen is a new addition to the range this year, which is a modern twist on the Contour Argent. With its crisp white barrel and choice of 10 colourful grips, it offers a great contrast to compliment your corporate logo.

Another innovative addition to this personalised pens range is the Contour Max, as it offers a two in one pen and fluorescent highlighter, matching the trim of the pen.

The Contour, Contour Argent and Contour Extra ball pens are all available on our 3 Day Express Service for all those last minute deadlines, just ask for more details.

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Concerto Ball Pens – Time Honoured Promotional Pens

The Concerto range of ball pens comprise of the Concerto No.1 and Concerto No.2. This range of promotional pens is a time honoured favourite, as they combine both quality and value for money giving this range of promotional pens universal appeal.

They have a lacquered metal barrel, offered in two colour options, chrome trim and come with an extra large black refill as standard- the preferred colour for completing formal documents and for photocopying. The Concerto No.1 ball pen has a smooth black rubber grip whereas the Concerto No.2 is fitted with a comfortable black ribbed rubber grip for that added touch of class. Its mechanism also offers a near-silent twist action, making it a perfect ball pen for environments where noise isn’t tolerable.

We have developed an entirely new system of printing that now allows us to print over the majority of the barrel as well as in multicolour, exceeding the industry’s standard.

This range of executive pens is also available on our new engraving service for an added touch of luxury. To complete their great look, these personalised pens are also supplied in free presentation tubes as standard and are also available on an optional express service, to meet any last minute deadlines.

We are also able to send out a free no obligation sample to you once you have chosen the style you want, so get in touch and see how we can help you advertise your corporate message using personalised pens.

Adding a pot of promotional printed pens to a reception or office area is an effective way of carrying and advertising your company name at all times. People are always in need of a pen, so what better way than to provide them with one that may get your company name recognised by a wider audience.

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