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The Pen Warehouse Renews Forest Stewardship Council® Certification

Leading trade-only supplier of promotional writing instruments, The Pen Warehouse, is delighted to have successfully passed their recertification audit to renew their Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification, to help improve worldwide forestry practices and promote environmentally, socially and economically beneficial management of the world’s forests.

The Pen Warehouse has held FSC® certification for 12 years and you will see this symbol across many of their product lines, including paper products, wooden pencils, the award-winning Mood® Notebook and marketing assets. 

“We are committed to being as environmentally sustainable as possible as a business and our progress in this area can be followed through our EcoSense Blog”, commented Helen Dyl, Operations Director of The Pen Warehouse, “the pass of this audit complements our ISO 14001 accreditation that was renewed last year also. A massive well done to the team internally for maintaining our high environmental standards, especially at this very difficult time for the industry”.

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Supporting Frimley Health Charity’s #BoredomBuster

The Pen Warehouse is pleased to be partnering with Frimley Park Hospital again after the success of their “NHS Hero Packs”, by donating colouring pencils to Frimley Health Charity for their ‘Boredom Buster’ Summer Annual. Packed full of interesting articles and things to do, the Boredom Buster is designed to uplift patients and is a collaborative project between the arts and culture sector, hospital arts teams and participatory arts professionals.

To learn about the work Frimley Health Charity does to help save and improve patients’​ lives at Frimley Park, Wexham Park and Heatherwood Hospitals, please visit

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Going For Gold

The Pen Warehouse is delighted to have been awarded the Supplier of the Year Gold Award for the eighth year running. This is the top supplier award given by the group, voted for by its members throughout the year. The Gold award is an acknowledgement of best in class service, measured over a 12 month period for consistency in all qualifying areas.

Helen Dyl, Operations Director, commented: “At a time of great difficulty for our industry receiving this award allowed us to reflect as a business on our hugely successful year prior to the impacts of the global pandemic. It is proof that there were better times and there will be better times again. A huge thank you to PAGE and its members as well as our team here, past and present, this award is down to you.”

Contact to learn about their full product range, including brand-new antimicrobial biofree® pens with industry-first antimicrobial printing ink.

Matthew Dyl, Head of Sales
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The Pen Warehouse develops certified antimicrobial printing ink

Leading trade-only supplier of promotional writing instruments, The Pen Warehouse, has launched a newly formulated printing ink with Biomaster antimicrobial technology and received certification to prove its efficacy. After months of in-house research and development, the company has gone through independent testing from an accredited leader in additive manufacture to receive certification.

The Pen Warehouse is delighted to be launching additional pens, all upgraded with biofree® antimicrobial technology to proactively disrupt the growth of bacteria on the surface of the pen and provide another line of defence. Furthermore, all biofree® writing instruments will now be offered with our newly formulated spot colour printing ink with Biomaster antimicrobial technology, free of charge as standard, providing complete antimicrobial protection across the whole product effective for its lifetime. Another industry-first for The Pen Warehouse.

“Promotional hygiene products are here to stay and very early on in the development of our latest pen range, we identified that offering an antimicrobial product without antimicrobial printing ink may reduce the hygiene integrity of the product. We are excited to have pushed the envelope further with our antimicrobial printing technology, offering distributors an all-inclusive hygiene writing instrument at no additional cost.” commented Helen Dyl, Operations Director of The Pen Warehouse.

The biofree® antimicrobial range with Biomaster printing ink technology will be expanding, and products will be selected based on customer demand. Contact the team to let them know the types of antimicrobial products your customers are asking for and to learn about the antimicrobial range.

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Superior Service Excels Further Still with Investments to The Pen Warehouse & Snap Products Warehouse Space

The Pen Warehouse and Snap Product’s new, cutting-edge warehouse space continues to progress with exciting momentum.   

Thanks to significant investments, the space has now been fitted with state-of-the-art racking to allow for increased stock and product lines to meet the demands of our ever-growing client base. The warehouse has also been fitted with sophisticated guide-by-wire stock pickers to effectively reduce errors and increase stock picking capabilities while promoting a safe working environment for our staff.  

The warehouse will be in operation 24-hours a day and will be used solely for hand-picked stock and work in progress. With its meticulous design and attention to detail, the new space will ensure the smooth and speedy transfer of bulk stock to working stock ready for the next phase of production.

Supplemented by a second pallet warehousing facility, the new warehouse unit will span a massive 45,000 sq ft and will effectively aid our methodical, reliable and swift response to meeting customer needs.

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Senior HR Appointment Signifies Investment in Employee Welfare

In a further sign of company investment to support business expansion, promotional writing instrument specialist, The Pen Warehouse, and Snap Products, a leader in digitally printed merchandise, are delighted to announce the appointment of Leanne Sanders as Human Resources (HR) Manager, effective 19th August 2019.

The senior hire continues the companies’ strategic investment in the appointment of industry leaders within their field to foster a professionally-driven organisation structure, underpinned by modern processes and operations.  Central to this appointment is the commitment to an internal culture that drives employee welfare, health and well-being at the heart of the companies’ business practices.

Leanne Sanders is an experienced HR leader with significant commercial experience, most recently acquired as Group HR Manager at Orchard Valley Foods Group and NIC UK.  In this management role, she oversaw the human resources function across multiple national and international sites and led department mergers and restructures.  Her notable career highlights include managing the merger of three companies which involved the development of a streamlined infrastructure and the transition of shared services into central operations.

Leanne joins The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products with a remit to establish a forward-looking HR company culture centered on employee welfare whilst promoting strong working relationships between line managers and employees.  She affirms: “I am looking forward to introducing myself across the companies and meeting our employees, listening to their needs and building strong, productive relationships across our functions to support our next phase of growth.”  

Operations Director, Helen Dyl, comments: “We are delighted to welcome Leanne, an experienced and high calibre HR professional, to lead our Human Resources function and drive our internal company initiatives that will nurture employee welfare.  Her appointment demonstrates the commitment, investment and focus we place on ensuring our processes and structures thoroughly support our employees and stakeholders in their roles.”

As part of her detailed management induction plan, Leanne will be spending significant time within each function of the companies’ businesses during her first four weeks, working closely with teams to identify areas for training improvement, both on a personnel and coaching level.

For further information, call 01252 400 270 or email

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Bamboo – Nature’s Miracle Material


Bamboo is a perennial evergreen flowering plant that is prevalent in Asia, Australia, North and South America and Sub-Saharan Africa. China is currently the only country in the world that is exploiting the full potential of bamboo in the mass market. Most Chinese bamboo is harvested from the south Yangtze River area. Bamboo can grow on different altitudes and under various climatic conditions, but it prefers tropical climates. 


Bamboo is viewed as a symbol of traditional Chinese values and it is regarded as the harmony between nature and human beings. The history of Chinese people planting and using bamboo can be traced back 7,000 years. As early as the Shang Dynasty (16th-11th century B.C), bamboo was already used in various aspects of ancient Chinese people’s daily lives including food, clothing, housing, transportation, musical instruments, writing instruments and even weapons.

Anatomy of Bamboo

Although it looks, feels and behaves like wood, bamboo actually belongs to the grass family. Similar to all grasses, bamboo is characterised by a jointed stem called a Culm. In most cases the stems are hollow but some species have solid culms. Culms are segmented by nodes; the points where branches grow out of the culm. These nodes are solid throughout the culm and from the outside appear as swellings.

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength:- Up to 160 N/mm2 (3 times greater than most conventional construction grade timbers)

Compressive Strength:- Up to 86 N/mm2. (Cedar is about 40 N/mm2)

Hardness:- Up to 1690 lbf. – Janka hardness test. (Cedar is about 900lbf)

Bending Strength:- Up to 150N/mm2 (About 2 times stronger than structural timber)

Writing and Recording

Before the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220) when paper was invented, strips of bamboo had been used as the most important writing medium. China’s first books were crafted from bamboo strips on string. Thus bamboo played an important part in the daily life of ancient Chinese people, and its role as a writing medium helped keep historical records of traditional Chinese culture for us to study today.

Some of the most ancient writing instruments were also made from bamboo. These types of pens are referred to as dip pens as the tip has to be regularly dipped in ink to recharge the pen. The hollow shaft of the bamboo culm acts as a reservoir for the ink. Bamboo was the material of choice of Ancient calligraphers until it was replaced by the much finer quill pen in the 7th century. However, bamboo dip pens are still used in classrooms in some South Asian countries today.

Bamboo is being increasingly used for flooring as an alternative to hardwood. Its abundance, low cost and eco credentials is making it the natural material of choice for this and many other applications, including pen barrels.

Manufacturing Pen Barrels from Bamboo

Our pen barrels are made from compressed strand-woven Mao Bamboo fibres. The fibres undergo a chemical-free process known as carbonisation where they are heated under pressurised steam for a prolonged period to cause the natural sugars in the bamboo to caramelise which allows it to be removed. The fibres are mixed with resin and then pressed under extreme pressure into planks. These planks are then cut into long strips of square section and this forms the raw material from which the pen barrels are machined. 

The bamboo strips are machined on woodturning lathes using a cutting tool to size and polish the outside. The internal diameter of the barrel is reamed using a reaming bit mounted in the tailstock of the lathe.

Eco Credentials


New bamboo shoots can grow at staggering rates. Some species of bamboo have been clocked at growing over 900mm in one day. The entire growth period from new shoot to a full height culm can typically be completed in 30 days. Harvesting occurs between 3- 5 years (time taken to reach maturity) after which the bamboo plant regrows. This can be contrasted with wood where tree maturity rates are measured in decades, after which the tree is felled and no regrowth occurs.


Bamboo requires no pesticides to protect it from parasites or microbes during their growing lifetime.

Prevents Soil Erosion

Bamboo has a close knitted root system that helps to clump earth. This not only prevents erosion, but rebuilds already-eroded earth. This is particularly important in tropical regions where heavy rainfall can deplete nutrients and strip the land of soil.

Low Hydration

Bamboo plants require little water to prosper and no irrigation is required.

Greenhouse Gases

  • Bamboo Absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide than similar plants.
  • Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen than similar plants.


Bamboo inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi. Great as a material for hygienic writing instruments.


The bamboo used in our promotional products is cut from plantations specifically grown for harvesting. No wild bamboo is ever used.

Click here to browse our bamboo pen range.

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The Pen Warehouse Launch ‘Business Solutions’

Today, we launch the next stage of our digital evolution to help our partners and customers sell more. Business Solutions is our new integrated marketing services portal that combines our digital campaign tools, assets and expertise all in one place, online.

Designed and built by our own development team, in close consultation with our customers, Business Solutions represents our commitment to providing our partners with the best digital marketing and branding services to drive their lead generation and sales growth, digitally.

Discover more by watching our short video:

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The Pen Warehouse Receive the PAGE Partnership Gold Award 2018

The Pen Warehouse are thrilled to have won the PAGE Partnership Supplier of the Year Gold Award for the seventh consecutive year. Their long-term success is driven by the dedication, teamwork and collaboration across all their teams to provide outstanding service and ensure the supply of products that make their partners and distributors stronger.

The Pen Warehouse Customer Services Team

The Pen Warehouse Production Team

The Pen Warehouse Marketing Team