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Harrier Extra Ball Point Pens

Pens are a popular promotional item which we have specialised in for many years. Your company can benefit greatly from using promotional pens for your next advertising campaign, but can you afford them? Our printed pens start at just 15p per unit, including a 1 colour print in 1 position and can reach costs of over £20.00 per unit, meaning that you will be able to find the personalised pens to suit your company and budget every time. You cannot get a more cost effective promotional advertising method that using one of our pen models.

Browse through our 1,400 pen models until you find the particular product you would like, or let us do the hard work for you. Email us your price and specifications eg- colour, push button, twist action, ballpen, and rollerball – and let us suggest items that fall around your terms.

We also supply free of charge samples of all our products, so you can try before you buy, ensuring you are completely happy with your choice before investing your marketing funds.

We offer some of our most popular pen models on express service, from same day and 24 hour services for a one colour one position print from the time of sign off to despatch. You can’t get a quicker service than that for upto 5,000 writing instruments anywhere else!

Our Harrier Extra Ball Pens are a bestselling plastic pen which can be printed with up to 6 spot colours on the barrel and 4 spot colours on the clip dependant on sight of artwork. This range can also be supplied with a matching pencil in a pouch, to make an attractive pen set suitable for a huge range of organisations to use for their next promotions.

If you need any more information please do let us know.

This pen is part of the Harrier Ball Pens family

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Alto Metal Ball Pens

Alto Metal Ball Pens are elegant and stylish executive pens that are perfect items to use to promote your company. This particular range of pens have stylish chrome detail and trim meaning it is ideal as an executive business gift to give your already well established clients.

The print area which is standard is 23mm x 20mm however we do offer an alternative print area of 50mm x 20mm on the reverse of the pen, opposite the clip for those larger logos which cannot fit in the standard print area. These modern promotional pens have a timeless appeal creating a general appeal to both males and females of all ages.

These personalised pens also have the ability to be engraved, and offers a main engraved area of 25mm x 7.3mm in line with the clip, or an alternative engraved area beside the clip of 40mm x 7.3mm.

If you need any further details then please do give us a call or contact us via the contact us page shown on the website. Let one of our experienced customer service representatives to suggest the perfect printed pens to represent your company for your next promotion.

If you’re also working to a budget then let us know and we will look into giving you options that are best suited to you.

The Pen Warehouse offers you with a great choice of low budget and branded writing instruments, from Cross to Parker. Engraved metal pens are renowned for making a great impression on your clients, both old and new. You want to reinforce the relationships you have with your regular clients, as well as ensure your new clients are looked after and feel as though they are valued by your company, so they will continue to put more and more business your way.

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Curvy-Extra Ballpoint Pens

The Pen Warehouse is one of the largest trade only suppliers of pens in Europe and is the number one supplier of printed pens in the UK.

Our website demonstrates our complete range of promotional pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners and writing accessories, designed to ensure your logo can be supported on all our items with ease.

We hold all stock in Hampshire, England, on the same premises that we take the order and personalise pens. This means that we have the ability to have very quick turnaround times, including our same day and 24 hour products. No order is too small or large- we value each and every order we get through the door and try and be as flexible as possible to ensure we can try and appease your customer.

Our customer service team are fully trained in all our printing processes and can advise which product to go for and what print method is most suitable to ensure your company and logo is recreated as well as possible. The majority of our customer service team have worked for the company since The Pen Warehouse was first established and has seen the company grow from strength to strength.

Our most popular range that we seem to be selling increasing volumes of is our Curvy Extra Ball Pens. These particular items are beautifully sculpted to give it elegant curves unlike no other promotional pen on the market currently. This particular range offers a sleek white barrel and coloured grip, so you have a plain background to print your corporate colours onto without worrying about colours changing when printing onto a coloured bodied pen.

If you are after promotional items on a tight deadline, this particular range is available on a 3 day express at an extra cost, so if you have a tight last minute deadline, then let us know and we will work with you to ensure the order gets to you when needed.

The Curvy-Extra  is part of the family of Curvy Pens sold by The Pen Warehouse

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Curvy Standard Ballpoint Pen

Pens are great promotional items for companies who have a minimal budget but need to advertise their company during the recession. With our competitively priced promotional pens, from plastic printed pens to Top Brands Pens, we aim to ensure you are getting value for money with personalised pens starting from as little as 16p per unit, including a one colour print to the barrel in one position. We have our budget stick pens for as little as 12p per unit so no matter how small your budget- we can find the quantity of writing instruments you need for the price you can afford and get them to you within a tight deadline if needs be.

Not only do we have the largest range of plastic and metal pens, but we also offer an ever expanding eco friendly pen range, which includes pens made from recycled paper, corn starch, FSC Wood and recycled plastic.

If you are finding it hard to choose exactly which items you think would be suitable for you to go for then ask us for some free of charge samples which you have no obligation to then purchase. All you need to do is fill in the sample request form, or email us and let us contact you.

We value each and every customer and order, no matter if it is for 250 or 25,000 items. We offer a full money back guarantee on all orders if you aren’t completely satisfied with the outcome.

Our Curvy Standard Ball Pen is one of the most popular items that we offer within our range, which is on special offer from now until the beginning of July, so now really is the time to buy your promotional merchandise to compliment your advertising campaigns for the year. Take full advantage of this offer while it’s on

This Pen is part of the Curvy Pens Range of writing instruments.

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Curvy Ballpoint Pen

Pens can play an important role within your next marketing campaign as they appeal to a huge age range of people, have the ability to fit any budget and are also long lasting, useful promotional gifts.

Promotional pens have been proven for many years to be popular items to use for advertisement purposes so why not give them a go and see what they can do for your business. You don’t need to spend thousands on an internet campaign when you can still get results by using printed pens.

Personalised pens, printed with your logo and slogan, demonstrating your corporate colours and any special services you offer that puts you one step ahead of your competitors.

Our Curvy Pen range is one of the most popular plastic writing instruments on the market at present, as it offers a large print area which can be utilised on both sides of the pen body itself. The unique wine bottle shape we offer means that you can take advantage of the full body of the pen, even though it still has an elegant curve to it.

The Pen Warehouse has been selling this particular range and has expanded it over the years due to its sheer popularity. The huge variety of writing items and accessories that you can find on our website ensures you have a great variety to choose from, from low budget to high end items that can be used for offering to your most prestigious clients, or as hand outs at public exhibitions.

These particular items leave a long lasting impression due to the fact that anyone who receives them is guaranteed to find them useful as they are durable items that can appeal to a wide audience.

If you aren’t sure these are the items for you then please ask us for a free sample.

Curvy Ball Pens from the leading supplier of advertising pens

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Curvy Ballpoint Pen

Our Curvy Ball Pen is one of the most popular models of pens that we supply. It’s been a top seller due to the extensive colour range available, the low product price and also special origination offer that we have had on these specific promotional pens for a long period of time.

Printed pens are superb promotional gifts as they are a cheap way of getting your details in to new and current customers’ hands, reminding them of all the services you can offer them. Printing a special offer onto personalised pens ensures that you will get more and more people enquiring, not necessarily just your current clients, but new business as well.

Writing instruments are used many times a day by people of all ages, so you need to find promotional items that are suitable for everyone you could possibly need to satisfy.

Curvy Ball Pens have had their range extended to include the Curvy Argent Ball Pens– that have a silver barrel instead of the matching coloured barrel, Curvy Extra Ball Pens– this range has a white barrel and coloured grip, to give the items a more modern feel and to ensure you have a blank background which suits colourful logos.

All our Curvy Ball Pen range is available on a chargeable 3 day express service so if you have a tight deadline and only need a one colour logo printed in one position on the barrel, then these are certainly the promotional plastic pens for you.

If you aren’t sure of which products will suit your company and what your logo will look like on the items, then please ask us to do a free of charge artwork mock up so you can get a better idea of the positioning of the logo and the style.

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Curvy Ballpoint Pens

Promotional items are great for promoting your business and helping to increase awareness of your brand and the services you have to offer both current and potential clients.

When it comes to your marketing budget, especially when it comes to a recession, you need to be sure you can find a product suitable but not break the bank, but that will still deliver good results.

Choosing promotional pens over another printed product has been proven to be one of the few promotional products that works and can ensure you get more business from both your current clients and new products.

Using printed pens ensures that your marketing campaigns can be completely personalised to meet your requirements, in terms of product, price, colour of the pens, personalisation colours and also print area, to create the products that are most suitable for you.

Using personalised pens ensures you can get your logo literally at the fingertips of your clients, constantly reinforcing your message and company details.

We have one of the largest ranges of pens available which can be searched for using our variety of search functions shown on the site. If you need plastic pens, pencils, highlighters and markers or eco friendly pens, then you can use the tabs at the top of the site to filter all the excess options out to give you choice of the pens you are looking for.

Curvy Ball Pens are great writing instruments as they have the ability to demonstrate large logos at low prices ensuring that whatever your budget, you can offer your clients high quality pens printed with your full advertising message on both sides of the pens if you wish.

If you aren’t sure your logo would suit our Curvy Pens range then please contact one of our customer service team member who are on hand to help.

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Curvy Type Pens

Curvy Pens are one of our biggest volume sellers and have been for a long period of time. This is mainly due to the low price point we can offer, which included a 1 colour print in 1 position. We also have an offer on our origination prices, so you can now get a large amount of pens for under £100- what a bargain.

Here at The Pen Warehouse, we hold large volumes of stock, ensuring that if you need to use our 3 day express service that we offer on these pens, we won’t let you down at the last minute.

We have also just increased our print area to one of the largest in the industry ensuring that now you can print the largest of logos on these popular promotional pens.

Our Curvy Ball Pen range is available in the largest range of colours with either a coloured barrel and matching grip, white barrel and contrasting coloured grip, silver barrel and contrasting coloured grip. We have also introduced the Contour Night Ball Pen into our range this year, which offers a solid black barrel and clip, which looks lovely when supported with a white or silver barrel print.

If you are looking for an understated ball pen that is available in a large range of colours, then this is the pen range for you to go for. If you don’t know what range to choose, that would best compliment your corporate colours, then please contact one of our customer service team members who have the ability to advise you on exactly which printed pens are best for your company and target audience.

We have easy to use search functions on our personalised pens site, so please take advantage of them if you are on a tight deadline or need executive pens or plastic pens.

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Curvy Ballpen

New businesses might not have the large budget to work with as some larger well established corporations do, so you need to use what little you have but in the most effective way to ensure you get the best result from your investment. Promotional pens can be bought in bulk as well for a reduced rate, so why not buy your year’s supply of printed pens in one go and save yourself some money overall.

Our Curvy Ballpen range comes in a wide variety of colours and is still extremely affordable, with a lovely comfortable grip suitable for making your writing experience even more enjoyable than writing with the normal plastic pens you associate with such a low budget.

Curvy Ballpen are inexpensive yet very practical promotional items as they can be customised on both sides of the barrel giving your customers a large impact when they see the print itself.

Get your business name out there by using our Curvy pens range for your next advertising campaign. You can even just print one colour one position on one of these colourful ballpens and still give a great impact to your potential clients as it will be looked at time and time again ensuring your company will be remembered time and time again.

We offer free samples of all our promotional items so you can be sure of the quality of the pen itself before you buy. If you have any questions regarding these particular promopens or any of the ones seen on our website then please contact us either via email or by phone and discuss available options to you with one of our trained customer service advisors who will let you know the best pens and positioning of your artwork for your company.

We look forward to hearing from you in the near future!

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Curvy Ballpens

Marketing campaigns are very important parts of every company’s survival no matter how big or small, how well established or how young they are. Pens are a way of promoting your business effortlessly and using one of our personalised pens is definitely one way to catch your customer’s attention and generate business.

Promotional pens that have your logo on, company details and demonstrate your corporate colours are a great way in which to demonstrate your company and core values. Unlike some promotional items, printed pens are kept for a much longer time and are put away in a draw until they are needed, which is then used further down the line reinforcing your company and reminding them of exactly what you have to offer. You’re basically investing in triggering a thought reflex later down the line, so even though you may not see an instant interest, you will further down the line.

Curvy Ballpens are great products as they are low cost advertising pens, which we currently have on offer. You cannot get cheaper promotional items which are of the same quality on a chargeable three day express anywhere else. We also offer the largest print area available on the Curvy Ballpen so if you have a large logo, you can maximise it to its full potential.

We offer FOC samples to go out the same day requested to you so if you would like a sample of any of the curvy ballpen range, please contact us either by phone or email and we will ensure we send samples out to you without delay.

If you would like some advice on your logo and which colour Curvy Ballpen to print on, then please let us know and we can do a free of charge mock-up on these pens for you to ensure you are happy with the general look of the pens before you invest your marketing budget in them.

If you need any more information, then please let me know.