general Image for Superior Service Excels Further Still with Investments to The Pen Warehouse & Snap Products Warehouse Space

Superior Service Excels Further Still with Investments to The Pen Warehouse & Snap Products Warehouse Space

The Pen Warehouse and Snap Product’s new, cutting-edge warehouse space continues to progress with exciting momentum.   

Thanks to significant investments, the space has now been fitted with state-of-the-art racking to allow for increased stock and product lines to meet the demands of our ever-growing client base. The warehouse has also been fitted with sophisticated guide-by-wire stock pickers to effectively reduce errors and increase stock picking capabilities while promoting a safe working environment for our staff.  

The warehouse will be in operation 24-hours a day and will be used solely for hand-picked stock and work in progress. With its meticulous design and attention to detail, the new space will ensure the smooth and speedy transfer of bulk stock to working stock ready for the next phase of production.

Supplemented by a second pallet warehousing facility, the new warehouse unit will span a massive 45,000 sq ft and will effectively aid our methodical, reliable and swift response to meeting customer needs.

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Senior HR Appointment Signifies Investment in Employee Welfare

In a further sign of company investment to support business expansion, promotional writing instrument specialist, The Pen Warehouse, and Snap Products, a leader in digitally printed merchandise, are delighted to announce the appointment of Leanne Sanders as Human Resources (HR) Manager, effective 19th August 2019.

The senior hire continues the companies’ strategic investment in the appointment of industry leaders within their field to foster a professionally-driven organisation structure, underpinned by modern processes and operations.  Central to this appointment is the commitment to an internal culture that drives employee welfare, health and well-being at the heart of the companies’ business practices.

Leanne Sanders is an experienced HR leader with significant commercial experience, most recently acquired as Group HR Manager at Orchard Valley Foods Group and NIC UK.  In this management role, she oversaw the human resources function across multiple national and international sites and led department mergers and restructures.  Her notable career highlights include managing the merger of three companies which involved the development of a streamlined infrastructure and the transition of shared services into central operations.

Leanne joins The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products with a remit to establish a forward-looking HR company culture centered on employee welfare whilst promoting strong working relationships between line managers and employees.  She affirms: “I am looking forward to introducing myself across the companies and meeting our employees, listening to their needs and building strong, productive relationships across our functions to support our next phase of growth.”  

Operations Director, Helen Dyl, comments: “We are delighted to welcome Leanne, an experienced and high calibre HR professional, to lead our Human Resources function and drive our internal company initiatives that will nurture employee welfare.  Her appointment demonstrates the commitment, investment and focus we place on ensuring our processes and structures thoroughly support our employees and stakeholders in their roles.”

As part of her detailed management induction plan, Leanne will be spending significant time within each function of the companies’ businesses during her first four weeks, working closely with teams to identify areas for training improvement, both on a personnel and coaching level.

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The Pen Warehouse Launch ‘Business Solutions’

Today, we launch the next stage of our digital evolution to help our partners and customers sell more. Business Solutions is our new integrated marketing services portal that combines our digital campaign tools, assets and expertise all in one place, online.

Designed and built by our own development team, in close consultation with our customers, Business Solutions represents our commitment to providing our partners with the best digital marketing and branding services to drive their lead generation and sales growth, digitally.

Discover more by watching our short video:

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The Pen Warehouse Receive the PAGE Partnership Gold Award 2018

The Pen Warehouse are thrilled to have won the PAGE Partnership Supplier of the Year Gold Award for the seventh consecutive year. Their long-term success is driven by the dedication, teamwork and collaboration across all their teams to provide outstanding service and ensure the supply of products that make their partners and distributors stronger.

The Pen Warehouse Customer Services Team

The Pen Warehouse Production Team

The Pen Warehouse Marketing Team
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New Appointments Strengthen Expansion & Commitment

Promotional writing instrument specialist, The Pen Warehouse, and Snap Products, a leader in digitally printed merchandise, have continued their expansion with the appointment of two new Field Sales Managers for Scotland, Northern England and the South-West of England.  The appointments form part of the companies’ strategic drive to recruit from outside the industry, with a focus to strengthen their commitment to customer relationships in the regions and widen their business development footprint.

Both companies are proud to announce the appointment of Hannah Bonell as the new Field Sales Manager for Northern England and Scotland.  Based in South Yorkshire, Hannah holds a BA (Honours) degree in Textile Buying, Management and Retailing and brings significant purchasing and account management experience acquired in challenging retail environments.   Her initial focus will be to develop a commercial understanding of her customers’ needs whilst developing an insight to explore opportunities using new technology and innovation.  Hannah adds: “I am looking forward to meeting my customers, listening to their needs and building strong, profitable relationships as we move forward.”

The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products are equally delighted to confirm the appointment of Hannah Whitman as the new Field Sales Manager for the South-West of England.  Hannah has enjoyed a successful international sales career across the retail, food and beverage and automotive industries.  In her most recent role as Regional Sales Manager, she was responsible for driving sales growth and business development in a tough retail sector, managing retailers across the South-West.  Hannah, based in the Cotswolds, comments: “I am excited to meet the real people behind the accounts in the South-West region and look forward to cultivating new relationships to help and support them grow their businesses.”

The two new professional Field Sales Managers have joined Nicole Phillips, recently appointed as Field Sales Manager for the Midlands, to form a dynamic, customer-focused and energetic national sales team, led by Matthew Dyl, Head of Sales.  Harnessing the latest field-sales software technology will form a cornerstone of the new field sales programme to identify and respond quickly to new opportunities.

Both Hannah Bonell and Hannah Whitman will undergo an intensive and structured one month training programme at the companies’ Head Offices in Aldershot, Hampshire, learning about the companies’ comprehensive products and solutions as well as the latest industry developments and trends.  They will then accompany Matthew Dyl on visits to make their introductions to their customers.

Operations Director, Helen Dyl, comments: “We are delighted to welcome Hannah Bonell and Hannah Whitman to our Field Sales organisation.  Their appointments represent the next phase of our dynamic expansion, providing both companies with the professional experience and expertise we’ve sought to upgrade our regional service standards for our customers.   We look forward to further strengthening and building collaborative relationships with our distributors.”

For further information, call 01252 400 270 or email

general Image for The Pen Warehouse Introduce Their Promoted and Newly Appointed Professionals

The Pen Warehouse Introduce Their Promoted and Newly Appointed Professionals

As part of The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products’ commitment to continued growth through groundbreaking customer service, both companies have taken a fresh look at all aspects of their current offering with a view to providing a more streamlined, efficient and professional service to the trade. This involved root and branch analysis of the organisations’ structures, production facilities, warehousing, communication and sales, both internal and external. Exploiting the full potential of the latest technology and systems is pivotal to their strategy for enhanced customer-service. Invariably, many of these changes will be dependent upon internally promoted and newly appointed professionals that can deliver this new vision. Various announcements will be made in this regard over the coming weeks and months.

To begin with, they are pleased to announce the promotion of Matthew Dyl, to Head Of Sales. Matthew will be responsible for the delivery of Field Sales and Customer Service teams going forward. He has made huge strides since joining both companies last year in re-engaging with their customer base, and now seeing them through their highest sales month to date!

Both companies are excited to further announce the appointment of Nicole Phillips as the new Field Sales Manager for the Midlands area of the U.K. Nicole is a BSc graduate of Staffordshire University, has been in B2B Field Sales Management for the past five years and has a passion for customer service and strategy.  Nicole is looking forward to embracing the latest field-sales’ software systems recently installed by both companies and feels that real-time communication and reporting is the most effective way forward.

Nicole will be accompanying Matthew, on customer visits throughout the coming weeks and months but in the meantime will be undergoing intensive training at Head Office in Aldershot where she will be learning about the industry, the company’s customers, product ranges, services and systems.

Helen Dyl, Operations Director said: “Last year ended on a high for both companies with the purchase of our largest premises to date. This marked the start of the positive change we have been working towards since last summer. Matthew’s promotion and Nicole’s appointment are the next phase of our new and dynamic approach which is helping us to achieve our goals of increased sales and even better customer service. Both companies are looking forward to the future with technology, service standards and our employees at the heart of the business direction we take.’’

pens galore 21

Pens Galore Edition 21 – Out Now!

We are excited to announce the launch of Pens Galore 21, the latest edition of Europe’s most comprehensive promotional writing instrument catalogue. There are over 450 lines to choose from, with a range of branding options and industry-leading express services.

New lines for 2019 include pastel coloured plastic pens and the award-winning Contour Wood Ballpen. The Midas-i Glow Ballpen has stunning light-up engraving, while the Mira Extra Ballpen and Mira Colour Ballpen are set to be hugely popular budget writing instruments.

We have also introduced new Business Starter Kits – best-selling pens and digitally printed, FSC-certified business cards in great value bundles.

The vast majority of products are available on a 5-day standard lead time, with express services also available starting from just 24 hours.

Pens Galore 21 can be overprinted with distributors’ details for a small charge.

To request copies of Pens Galore or to find out about industry-first Custom Catalogues, call 01252 400270 or email

Spot Colour Soft Feel

Another Print Breakthrough from The Pen Warehouse

Thanks to new research and development, we now offer spot colour printing on our range of soft-feel metal pens. This is a first for the industry, giving distributors a new branding option on these popular products, with larger print areas and lower pricing.

Soft-feel metal pens have proved very popular over the last couple of years and demand for them is continuing to grow. These are metal pens with a rubberised coating to the barrel, giving a soft texture and a great tactile feel.

Initially, these products could only be laser engraved, but we were the first in the industry to introduce full colour digital printing last year. Now our Research and Development Laboratory has created a reformulated ink system that offers superb adhesion on this challenging print surface, allowing Pantone-match pad and screen printing to be available for the first time.

This new offering is now available on all soft-feel metal pens in our range.

For more information, contact The Pen Warehouse Customer Service team on 01252 400 270 or email