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New Marketing Manager Announcement

Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse are thrilled to welcome Anthony Mills as the new Marketing Manager. Anthony will be leading the dynamic team of six talented individuals, spearheading marketing strategies and initiatives to drive business and brand growth.

Originally from New Zealand, Anthony has been residing in London for the past 15 years, and more recently in Surrey. With a wealth of experience in marketing leadership, he brings a strong track record of success in guiding teams and implementing effective strategies to achieve business objectives.

Anthony’s diverse background includes holding senior marketing and commercial roles in renowned corporations such as Heinz, Kellogg’s, and Heineken, as well as working with smaller SMEs, both in B2C and B2B sectors. His comprehensive expertise covers various industries, enabling him to adapt to the unique challenges and opportunities of different market segments.

As the new Marketing Manager, Anthony will leverage his experience to enhance Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse’s market presence, driving innovation and developing impactful marketing initiatives. His strategic vision and ability to align marketing efforts with overall business goals will be instrumental in driving the company’s growth trajectory.

Outside of his professional achievements, Anthony is an active member of the community. He resides in Woking with his wife and three children. As a passionate rugby enthusiast, he proudly supports the All Blacks, and whenever time permits, he enjoys indulging in his favourite pastime – golf.

Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse are excited to have Anthony Mills join their team. His extensive marketing experience and leadership skills will undoubtedly contribute to the company’s continued success and growth.

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Exciting Initiatives to Enhance Work Experience

Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse are pleased to announce the introduction of two exciting initiatives aimed at improving the work environment and recognising the outstanding contributions of their team members.

Understanding the importance of work-life balance, the company is empowering employees to take control of their time off with the new Annual Leave Purchase scheme. This ground-breaking initiative allows team members to purchase additional annual leave days beyond their regular entitlement. By providing this flexibility, the company aims to enable their workforce to plan dream holidays, spend quality time with loved ones, or simply enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse take immense pride in the dedicated and talented individuals who have been part of their team for years. In recognition of their unwavering commitment, the company is launching the Years of Service Achievement programme. This initiative serves as an opportunity to celebrate those significant milestone moments that showcase loyalty and dedication. By implementing this programme, Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse express their heartfelt gratitude to their employees, acknowledging their hard work, expertise, and pivotal role in the success of the company.

These initiatives are a testament to their commitment to create a supportive, inclusive, and rewarding work environment for all their employees. They firmly believe that a team comprising happy and motivated individuals is the driving force behind growth and continued excellence.

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New Wellness Room

The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products are pleased to announce the opening of their new Wellness Room, designed to provide employees with a comfortable and relaxing space to recharge and improve their overall wellbeing. The room is equipped with comfortable seating, soothing lighting, and a variety of resources, including books and mindfulness activities.

This new addition is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to the wellbeing of their employees. The Wellness Room can be used for prayer, meditation, nursing mothers, and as a place to seek help. Employees can also speak with a qualified Mental Health First Aider, who is available to listen, offer advice, and guide them to any support they may need. Located in a quiet place, a sign on the door indicates whether the room is occupied or not.

Charlotte New, HR Advisor, commented: “This new addition has been well received and contributes to a positive working environment for everyone. By prioritising the health of our employees, we continue to set the standard for workplace wellness.”

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Fitness Class for ‘On Your Feet Britain’

At the end of April, employees of Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse took part in a fitness class for ‘On Your Feet Britain’, a campaign aimed at encouraging people to sit less and move more throughout the day.

The training session was led by Advance Performance Lab and saw employees from various departments come together to engage in a range of exercises. Despite the rain, teams turned up, had fun and gave it their best efforts.

Noemi Lecce-Cleere, Purchasing Manager, commented: “We had a really wonderful time. It was a great opportunity to get staff members together from different departments and work as a team.” She added, “The activities were fun and it was great to see such strong commitment, even in the pouring rain.”

Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse are committed to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among its employees and is proud to have participated in the On Your Feet Britain campaign.

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Best Stand Award at The BIG Promotional Trade Show

Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse are proud to announce that they have won the Best Stand Award at The BIG Promotional Trade Show in Manchester on 18 April. The award is a true collaboration between Sales and Marketing, highlighting the company’s commitment to delivering outstanding products, services, and marketing to their clients.

Matt Dyl, Head of Sales, commented: “The tabletop display was a success. The feedback we received indicated that everyone thought our stand was beautiful, and the new products were a big hit. Our distributors particularly loved the Genie product offering.” He added, “The teams have been working  hard behind the scenes so we’re immensely proud of this achievement, it means a lot.”

Snap Products and The Pen Warehouse are thrilled to have received this recognition and would like to thank their teams for their hard work and dedication. They are committed to continuing to work together to provide innovative, high-quality products and marketing to their clients.

To see their stand and find out more, register your attendance for Heathrow show on 27th April here.

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The Pen Warehouse & Snap Products Host Ignite Incentives Group

The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products had the privilege of hosting the Ignite Incentives Group at their Hampshire headquarters.

Open days are more than showcasing product and print for The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products, it is also about sharing what they do with likeminded customers who are equally as passionate about the promotional product industry.

Matt Dyl, Head of Sales at The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products commented: “Thank you to Richard Pettinger for co-ordinating the day with us, and to our customers in attendance.” He added, “a huge thank you for participating in the much-needed discussions and debates, the feedback is invaluable.”

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Redefining Print with UltraHD

The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products have launched their revolutionary UltraHD printing system. This brand-new printing technique was developed in-house over the course of two years, and offers a large print area on cylindrical products including writing instruments and drinkware.

The print finish of UltraHD is unmatched, allowing marketers to exploit the full potential of high-definition print. The resolution, edge definition, colour gamut and colour gradation are dramatically improved to near magazine quality.

To learn more, visit

To watch our launch video, click here.

To request your free sample, contact

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Significant Investment Announcement

The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products, leading suppliers of promotional products, have announced a £1.2m investment in their business and machinery, which includes the recently launched UltraHD printing system. The major investment is part of the company’s commitment to delivering superior printing services and high-quality, innovative products to their customers.

The UltraHD printing system was developed in-house over the course of two years and offers unparalleled, high-definition print quality. The product line includes writing instruments and drinkware, all available with magazine-quality resolution, edge definition, colour gamut and colour gradation. This unique, cutting-edge technology provides customers with a stunning and long-lasting full colour print finish that surpasses traditional printing methods.

The investment will include the purchase of new state-of-the-art machinery, as well as upgrading existing machinery, to improve efficiency and capacity. This will enable the company to offer an even wider range of products and services to their distributors, including new and exciting personalisation options.

Managing Director, Neil Cleere, commented on the investment, saying: “We are thrilled to be investing in our business and machinery to enhance our offering to customers. This investment will allow us to continue to deliver high-quality products and services while also expanding our capabilities.”

The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products are committed to sustainability and the environment. The company is constantly researching and implementing changes to reduce their carbon footprint and make their production processes more sustainable.

The investment is a significant step for the company, as it looks to expand its product range and branding methods, as well as streamline its processes. The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products have a reputation for quality and innovation, and this investment will enable them to continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Further details will be released over the coming weeks and months, including a brand-new drinkware-specific printing method and faster printing techniques to ensure lead times remain industry-beating.

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Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day

Friday 17th March was all about Red Nose Day at The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products, and fundraising to help support life-changing projects in the UK and around the world. The afternoon was spent sponge throwing and enjoying delicious treats, and the team raised over £200 for Comic Relief.

Tiffany Pegg, HR Administrator, who organised the day commented: “Comic Relief help people who are facing the toughest times of their lives and help them to break free from poverty, so we wanted to organise a fun filled day to help raise as much money as possible for such an important cause.” She added. “A lot of laughs were had this afternoon with the sponge throwing. It was great to see so many people laughing and smiling! Together we have the power to change lives.”

For more information and to donate, please visit and

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Easter Egg Hunt 🐰

The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products hosted a successful Easter egg hunt for their employees on the morning of Tuesday 4th April 2023. The event was fun filled that brought colleagues from different departments together in the spirit of Easter.

The Easter egg hunt took place at the company’s headquarters in Hampshire. Employees were divided into teams and given clues to follow and riddles to complete. The winning team, ‘Jodie’s Ladies’ was rewarded with a special prize of a giant chocolate Easter egg, and the whole company received a chocolate egg too. The event was enjoyed by all, and the employees expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to take part in a fun activity that brought everyone together.

HR Administrator of The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products, Tiffany Pegg, said, “We are delighted that our Easter egg hunt was such a success. It was great to see everyone come together, have fun, and get into the spirit of Easter. Our employees work hard throughout the year, and we wanted to show our appreciation by organising this event.”

The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products are committed to creating a positive working environment for their employees. The Easter egg hunt is just one example of the company’s efforts to strengthen the workplace culture and is also a reflection of their values of teamwork and collaboration.