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Pantone Colour of the Year 2022

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‘A New Pantone Colour Whose Courageous Presence Encourages Personal Inventiveness And Creativity’ – Pantone®

PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri

The Pantone® Colour Institute have announced that PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri has been selected as its ‘Pantone Colour of the Year 2022’ and we’re thrilled that it is a shade of a colour very close to our heart with our Pen Warehouse Purple. 

Pantone®’s Executive Director describes the selection as bringing ‘a novel perspective and vision’ from the trusted blue family with the violet undertones providing a ‘joyous attitude and dynamic presence’. With recent years providing an unparalleled amount of change, Very Peri is said to be symbolic of the current transitions we are all facing in our daily lives and the propulsion into a dynamic digital world. The colour encourages us to dare to be curious and creative as we head into a new, re-written future – we like the sound of that!

The announcement took us back to our exploration of colour psychology in business last year where we interrogated how colour choices affect consumer behaviour and psychology. In celebration of Very Peri, we wanted to look at the colour purple again a little bit further…

With its parent colours being red and blue – purple holds onto both the power and luxury of red, whilst maintaining the relaxing tones of its parental blue. When synthesised, the overall feeling is one of mystery and also nobility, which is why we often see purple royal robes and why it is used often to honour military veterans such as The Military Cross.

Purple is also said to spark innovation and passion – two of our favourite words! With brands who use it often being associated with creativity and luxury. 

With the sense of forward thinking, creativity and dynamism we can’t help but think these are all qualities that our Mood® collection inhabit – embracing individuality and self-expression but with a drive to the future, all whilst maintaining the cool, calm and collectivism that purple tones tend to offer. 

In honour of Very Peri’s win, we’ve handpicked a few of our favourite purple promotional products that make up our Mood® Collection:

To find out more about our Mood® range or to speak to a member of our team, please contact


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Personalised pens

Personalised pens are the top choice when it comes to looking for promotional gifts for marketing your business and promotional events. We have ranges that will suit even the tightest budgets.

You just can’t beat the price and choices available as well as the exposure you get from personalised pens. We have hundreds of ranges to choose from on and there is something to suit all budgets. Whether you are looking for plastic, wooden, paper, recycled or metal personalised pens, we have them all.

We are your one stop shop when it comes to printing your messages and logos on your pens. We know that sometimes deadlines are tight so we can offer you 3 additional printing options. We have a very quick same day service (when you have no time at all) a 24-hour express service for a next day delivery and a 3-day express printing service, just have a look at our website for full details.

We have a huge range of colours available from your standard colours to some very unusual bright and colourful ones. We are sure that we will have personalised pens to suit your corporate logos and we can even offer pantone matching on some of our ranges.

We also have a range of packaging options to dress up your pens. You may like to have a look at our suede presentation pouches, clear plastic tubes or range of presentation boxes, we have something to suit every budget. We also have some new high visibility pen pots which you just know will be used on every desk!

Our prices and printing services just can’t be beaten. We offer a 100% money back guarantee on all our orders as we know you will be delighted with your personalised pens which make the perfect promotional gifts.

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Promotional Pens

Promotional pens are the top choice for any advertising campaign. You have a huge choice from plastic, paper, recycled materials and fantastic metal promotional pens. Our ranges just can’t be beaten for value and choice. Just have a look at our website to see our new ranges of cheap promotional pens if you are on a tight budget.

We can also offer a choice of printing options. We know that sometimes you are very tight on time so we are able to offer you three extra express printing choices. Our same day printing service is available when time is just not an option. We can also offer a 24-hour express printing service for a next day delivery and a 3-day express printing service for all your urgent jobs.

Our colour choices can’t be beaten; you won’t have any problem finding a colour to match your corporate colours. We can even pantone match some of our ranges should you have an unusual request, but we carry a vast range of colours in stock suitable for all events and campaigns.

Packaging really gives your promotional pens that finishing touch. We have a huge range of presentation ideas available so whether you choose clear plastic tubes, suede pouches or luxury presentation boxes, your promotional pens will stand out and be noticed. All our presentation options can be seen on our website.

We also have some new high visibility pen pots which look great on any desk and always come in handy. You can be sure that if you add a pen pot, they will certainly be kept and used.

We offer a complete printing service for your logos and messages. Many of our promotional pens can be printed in up to 6 colours and we also offer full colour printing for a superb effect.

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Pens are the first choice for any promotional advertising campaign. They are affordable for all budgets and are the best way to get your message across to your customers. You can choose plain or frosted plastic, recycled, wooden, paper or smart metal executive pens. We have something to suit every budget. Our huge selection can be seen on our website.

Your pens can be printed quickly if you are on a tight deadline. We offer 3 additional printing services for rush jobs. You may need our same day printing service for a next day delivery, or if you have a little more time we can also offer a 24-hour express service or a 3-day express printing service. On some ranges we offer our 24-hour express service at no additional charge.

You also have a huge choice of colours, we can guarantee that we will have pens to suit your corporate logo regardless of what colours you need. Apart from all the standard colours, we also have some bright and unusual colours to choose from. We can also offer pantone matching for very specific colours on some of our ranges.

We can also add value to your campaign with one our many packaging options. We can offer presentation boxes, pouches, wallets, tubes etc, the list in endless and any of these options are a fantastic way to present your pens. Have a look at the choices on our website. We have just introduced some fantastic high visibility pen pots which look great on any desk and really show your pens off to their full advantage.

Our printing service can personalise your pens in up to 6 colours for maximum impact and we also offer full colour printing for an incredible effect.

When you are thinking about promotional gifts for your next campaign, pens really have to be your first choice; they are the perfect promotional gift.

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Printed Pens

Printed pens are the number one choice for promotional events and campaigns. You have such a huge choice of colours, shapes and sizes not to mention a choice of materials from plastic (frosted or plain) paper, wood, recycled materials or luxurious metal and they are affordable on any budget.

When it comes to printing your messages and corporate logos on your printed pens, we can offer 3 express printing services if you need your pens printed in a hurry. We have a same day service for those very tight deadlines, a 24-express service when you have a day to spare and a 3 day express service if you have a little more time. All our printing services can be seen on our printed pens website.

For many promotional events you struggle to find colours that match your corporate logo. You won’t find that problem on our website. we can categorically say that we will have a colour to match any event! We carry a large choice of colours in stock from the standard colours to some very exotic ones. We can even pantone match some of our ranges to your exact corporate colour.

How you present your printed pens is entirely up to you, but we do have some great packaging options which will really add value to your event. How about a nice suede pouch or a clear plastic presentation tube? For top quality metal pens, a luxury presentation box is a must! We have some new high visibility pen pots which are great for any desk.

Our printing service is second to none. We can print your messages and logos in up to 6 colours or even in full colour and all orders come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Printed pens have to be your first and number one choice for your next promotion.

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Cheap Advertising Pens

As someone looking to promote pens in their business or corporate event, the choices you have to make are important ones and must ensure your target audience is made aware of you and your company image. Cheap advertising pens are the obvious solution to this situation, with a cost effective answer that won’t break the bank…but will increase your businesses recognition factor.

Here at the Pen Warehouse, we are proud to be able to offer you the largest selection of unbranded cheap advertising pens in Europe. This will ensure you are able to match your preferences with our products, resulting in all round satisfaction with your chosen end product.

In a hurry? No problem…we can process your order quickly and smoothly, offering a 24 hour printing and delivery service on a large selection of our pens, from our warehouse based in Hampshire, to anywhere in the UK or mainland Europe.

Our huge selection of cheap advertising pens really has to be seen to be believed. Just visit our website at, to see the large range we have to offer. With our money-back guarantee and efficient customer service, we will make sure your order is placed through a distributor of your choice and promise you a rewarding experience that can’t be beaten!

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Cheap Printed Pens

With their proven track record and direct approach to marketing, there is no doubt that cheap printed pens are an effective marketing tool that are unique in their widespread ability to capture the attention of your target audience and provide a long lasting impression.

Our website,, showcases a huge range of cheap printed pens, in almost every style you can imagine. Along with our personalised printing options, we are confident this will enable you to find the perfect option for your business at a price that will suit your pocket. We are proud to offer you the largest range of  unbranded pens in Europe, guaranteeing you an unrivalled selection, to suit every taste.

We provide an efficient and professional service, with an optional express printing and delivery option for those last minute orders. These can be dispatched overnight from our warehouse, based in Hampshire, to anywhere in the UK or mainland Europe.

To view our full range of cheap printed pens, just visit our website at,, where our efficient team of staff can take your order and process it via your choice of distributor. We offer a full money-back guarantee on all orders if not 100% satisfied.

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Cheap Promotional Pens

Cheap promotional pens simply cannot be beaten for their general appeal, huge range and pure usefulness as a marketing tool to promote your business. With the ability to  customise the pens to your exact requirements, you are able to reach your target audience and provide them with an item that will suit both their needs and their tastes, not an easy task in today’s marketplace.

The beauty of choosing cheap promotional pens as your marketing tool of choice, is that we are able to offer you an outstanding, personalised to meet your budget and topped off with your very own printed message or logo.

We are also able to offer you an optional express delivery service on many of our cheap promotional pens, which we can dispatch to anywhere in mainland Europe, from our warehouse here, in Hampshire.

To view our full range of pens, just visit our website at,, where our team of staff can take your order and process it via your choice of distributor. We offer a full money-back guarantee on all orders if not 100% satisfied.

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Pen Warehouse Video Blog #4

Hi and welcome to the Pen-Warehouse video blog. My name is Philippa Hackett and I work in the Marketing team.

Today I’m going to talk to you about a programme that I manage here at the Pen-Warehouse that will be of benefit to those distributors that don’t currently have a specialised promotional pens website.

Many distributors will naturally sell a substantial range of promotional merchandise; pens making up an element of this offer, and having a site dedicated to advertising pens ensures a simplified buying process for your customers that are only interested in writing instruments. If promo pens are not an area you have considered branching into before then a LogoPens website provides you with a complete solution to ensure you can offer your customers; a diverse range of over 1,300 products, an easy to use search function, product videos, an e-commerce function, detailed product information, artwork guidelines and e-catalogues, all of which are completely void of Pen-Warehouse branding and the only contact details visible on the site will be yours.

LogoPens provides distributors with a unique online presence that is simply unrivalled in the promotional merchandise industry.  Where else can you obtain a Free of Charge Website that includes 3D rotating-Pens and Product Videos so your customers can appreciate the product in a complete 360° view.

Whether you’re looking for a pensite to bolt-on to your existing website or a unique standalone website, we can meet your requirements. If the Bolt-on option is your preferred choice then we can offer you the url: Alternatively, if you are looking to use LogoPens as a stand alone site to direct your customers to we can provide you with a unique domain name and web hosting for a one off fee of just £35.

If you are worried about having a pensite that will look similar to other distributors then you will be pleased to know we have 38 web skins to choose from allowing you to select the ‘look and feel’ that is most representative of your business and brand.

With our database of over 1,300 products, with detailed product descriptions and RRP Pricing you have everything you need to promote a complete range of pens with a product suitable for every type of customer imaginable. Whether your customer is looking for eco friendly pens to promote their green agenda, a pen printed in full colour to communicate complex or detailed brand identities or engraved executive metal pens for corporate gifts, then the LogoPens website has a solution for you, as our powerful search functions featured on the site will enable your customers to find the pen that best suits their needs every time.

In addition your LogoPens site provides you with a bespoke Contact Us enquiry form which will be directed straight to your inbox ensuring you are immediately made aware of any leads generated by your LogoPens website.

With an ever increasing number of organisations searching for Promotional corporate Pens online it is critical to have a presence on the internet if you wish to maximise the opportunity available to you in this market. LogoPens offers you an all in one solution to establish your online presence and help to increase your revenues.

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Transformer Robotic Pens

Companies in the current economic climate are finding it harder than ever to promote themselves to make them stand out from their competitors, which isn’t an easy thing to do when you have a tight budget to fit to, which is constantly being eaten into and cut. At The Pen Warehouse, our aim is to make the impossible possible, by supplying promotional pens suitable for any budget, for any company, no matter what line of work you are in. We want you to find printed pens that suit your company and services you have to offer.

Pens can be customised in a large variety of ways- full colour printing, spot colour printing, wraparound 360 degree printing or even engraving, which we now have the facilities to do in house. Why choose personalised pens over another promotional product though? Well the benefits are huge- they are one of the few marketing methods you can use that you can guarantee will be used time and time again, and passed hands tenfold. They can also be customised to fit your campaign 100%!

We have one of the largest ranges of advertising pens available from one supplier, which allows you to find the pen for you in one place.

All our pens on our website have the ability to meet your specifications. We are on hand to help you and advise pens to fit your specifications, so do not hesitate in giving us a call.

One pen range in particular are our Transformer Robotic Pens, which if used will definitely give you a quirky edge over your competitors. Watch our video on the website which demonstrates the mechanism of these fabulous promo pens.

Stay tuned to our printed pens blog for more details on our latest offers, prices and new releases so ensure you are one step ahead of the competition.