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Pantone Colour of the Year 2022

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‘A New Pantone Colour Whose Courageous Presence Encourages Personal Inventiveness And Creativity’ – Pantone®

PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri

The Pantone® Colour Institute have announced that PANTONE 17-3938 Very Peri has been selected as its ‘Pantone Colour of the Year 2022’ and we’re thrilled that it is a shade of a colour very close to our heart with our Pen Warehouse Purple. 

Pantone®’s Executive Director describes the selection as bringing ‘a novel perspective and vision’ from the trusted blue family with the violet undertones providing a ‘joyous attitude and dynamic presence’. With recent years providing an unparalleled amount of change, Very Peri is said to be symbolic of the current transitions we are all facing in our daily lives and the propulsion into a dynamic digital world. The colour encourages us to dare to be curious and creative as we head into a new, re-written future – we like the sound of that!

The announcement took us back to our exploration of colour psychology in business last year where we interrogated how colour choices affect consumer behaviour and psychology. In celebration of Very Peri, we wanted to look at the colour purple again a little bit further…

With its parent colours being red and blue – purple holds onto both the power and luxury of red, whilst maintaining the relaxing tones of its parental blue. When synthesised, the overall feeling is one of mystery and also nobility, which is why we often see purple royal robes and why it is used often to honour military veterans such as The Military Cross.

Purple is also said to spark innovation and passion – two of our favourite words! With brands who use it often being associated with creativity and luxury. 

With the sense of forward thinking, creativity and dynamism we can’t help but think these are all qualities that our Mood® collection inhabit – embracing individuality and self-expression but with a drive to the future, all whilst maintaining the cool, calm and collectivism that purple tones tend to offer. 

In honour of Very Peri’s win, we’ve handpicked a few of our favourite purple promotional products that make up our Mood® Collection:

To find out more about our Mood® range or to speak to a member of our team, please contact


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Invest in Colour: How Colour Psychology Can Help Your Business

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How colour choices affect consumer behaviour and psychology. 

Your subconscious mind is continuously monitoring your environment and sending signals to your brain and so, prompting a response. But did you know, the way in which we perceive things even goes down to our choice in colour?

Without recognising it, you are (perhaps) more likely to opt for a dark purple taxi firm over a bright purple one. Similarly, if the price was the same, you may gravitate towards the green petrol station over the pink. As a customer, this may sound silly and unimaginable. However, as a business, this is well thought out and intentional, designed to influence your decisions.

It is said that the use of colour can trigger a psychological response that can alter the way in which we see things. Individuals don’t always react in the same way to colours due to previous experiences, however, there are a few generalities in which people do. So, if you like having bright orange walls and someone else doesn’t, don’t take it too personally.

Colour Psychology and Branding

Colour can be used as a powerful marketing tool – it already is, all around you brands have selected colours purposefully to impact the way in which we think and behave.

The infographic below shows the most popular colour choices by industry. This was created by Towergate Insurance by analysing over 500 logos from varying sectors. It’s interesting to take from the below that black is used most often in apparel and accessories industries to portray sophistication and power – things people are happy to put their money towards in order to be associated with. Red can be seen most commonly in restaurant branding, attracting people through bold and passionate advertisement.

With all that said, it’s no wonder branding and design can take companies years to master. Creating a logo, content and corporate identity that accurately reflects your offering is just as important to your business as anything else.

What can different colours insinuate to consumers? 

Colours, shades and hues can be powerful marketing tools – if used correctly. The way in which these are used and where, will play an important role in how your brand is perceived, whether you know it or not. This emotional cue can also help with attracting and retaining your ideal customer – helping you to speak to your target audience.

Used intentionally to capture (positive or negative) attention, show power and express passion. A bold colour for a bold brand and purpose. Ever wondered why warnings, promotions and call-to-actions are always in red?

Orange tones are said to be inviting by providing a sense of adventure, comfort, creativity and success. Often used to target younger audiences or for DIY/home brands to create the feeling of freedom. 

Ultimately anything yellow gives a sense of happiness and optimism and can be particularly motivating. For brands wanting to inspire and uplift – yellow will do just that.

Calming and balancing. Let’s take Holland and Barrett – a health-food store ultimately wanting to present feelings of calm, trust, de-stress and wellbeing to its customers and attract those who want to feel just that.

Known for its connotations with trust, knowledge and responsibility, blue is a soothing colour whilst also inducing feelings of dependability and calm to those who notice it. As one of the most-liked colours globally, it’s no wonder 33% of top brands use it as well as in hospitals and spas. 

Purple is a great colour to create a feeling of mystery and nobility. Holding the power of red whilst also the responsibility of blue allows anyone who uses it to be seen as creative, but luxurious.

A soothing and sensitive colour creating feelings of unconditional love. However, different shades and tints can portray different meanings so should be used carefully. Too much can often be associated with immaturity and even, lack of power. When used appropriately, this colour can generate feelings of hope and be playful.

For those wanting to be seen as powerful, elegant and modern. The simplicity of black can create a huge sense of clarity and confidence. Often used by technology companies and designers to give customers confidence in the brand as knowledgeable and in control.

Whilst the opposite, creates feelings of trust and innovation. White is seen widely as a ‘clean’ colour, creating a brand that is pure and peaceful.

A strong colour to create feelings of structure, comfort and purity. Although not the most stimulating or eye-catching it is great for brands that do not want to be seen as bold and loud, but supportive and reliable instead.


Whilst individual colours can give your brand a sense of whatever it is you are trying to convey, it is important to remember that a mix of these colours can also help to achieve just that. For example, if you want to inject the idea that you are reliable and provide a high quality service, why not try blue and black?

In just 10 seconds, people have formed a judgement on your brand. Whilst obviously, 10 seconds is not enough to form a fair opinion, this is all you have. Colour is one of the first things noticed by a customer and so, if selected correctly can help boost your credit by 40% and is a marketing tool you cannot afford to overlook.

Our Top Picks

If red’s your thing, make your statement with the Mood® duo

The Mood® vacuum bottle in orange is perfect for targeting younger, adventurous customers.

Spread positivity and motivation with the Kingsbridge Tote Bag in yellow.

Build up a portfolio of trust and reliability using the Stress ball in green

Use the Contour® Eco Ballpen in blue to generate a rapport of high dependability and knowledge.

Build mystery through the unique and multi functional Spectrum® Hi-Max Ballpen

Highlight hope with the Oriel hand sanitiser in pink.

Be in control with the Milano Business Card Holder in black.


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EcoSense: World Environment Day 2021

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We are having an internal conflict deciding whether it’s impressive or depressing that this global event has been around for 47 years to highlight environmental protection.

This year’s World Environment Day will be hosted in Pakistan, a country eager to tackle climate change head-on, through planting 10 billion trees over 5 years; one of the world’s most ambitious afforestation efforts. Each year, W.E.D has a theme, in 2021 it is ‘ecosystem restoration’ as tomorrow, June 5th will mark the start of the ‘UN decade of restoration’. A global call to action and an opportunity to gather political efforts, scientific research and mobilise financial support to urgently scale up restoration: imperative to the survival of our Earth and its inhabitants.

This deadline of the year 2030 has been identified as the last chance to prevent catastrophic climate change. Our ecosystems support all life, without them, we would not have access to resources such as food, materials, freshwater, regulation of climate, coastal defences and so many more. Click here for a more visual representation of what this means.

Keep an eye out this June for World Oceans Day and World Refill Day too. Tying in nicely, these 3 days should be a reminder of the current state of our planet and ways you as an individual can help to reverse the damage.

Currently, an estimated 40% of the World’s oceans are heavily affected by human activities such as pollution, bad fishing habits and the degradation of ecosystems. If you think these issues don’t affect you, think again; every 2nd breath you take is oxygen produced from the ocean.

June is a great excuse to flaunt your Mood® vacuum bottle and coffee mug. World Refill Day aims to make reusable products the new norm by connecting people to places they can refill, eat and shop with less waste via a free app: Refill

The Environment and us: Where do we stand in 2021

As much as we don’t want to remind you of the year 2020 for obvious reasons, it was also the year that shone a light on the effects of climate change. In March we saw forest fires in Australia extinguished after burning for 79 days. We also experienced frequent flooding, record high temperatures and a worldwide pandemic which also restarted some of our worst destructive habits.

However, it is not all doom and gloom, America re-joined the Paris Agreement after taking a step back in 2017. The Paris Agreement is a legally bound treaty that aims to reduce carbon emissions and limit global warming to below 2°C for each participating country.

If we pull down our face masks and take a look at the world, we can notice that the effects of the pandemic also came with some positives. Globally, most cities experienced better air quality from fallen emissions and significantly reduced noise pollution. Some ecological sites even displayed signs of recovery after a year of no tourists and human pressure.


As inhabitants of this planet, it is our responsibility to look after it and it is not good enough to remain ignorant. Seeing the value in tomorrow will leave you feeling aware of your purchases, resource footprint, waste, diet and mindset.

The subject of sustainability is becoming more accepted by younger generations, which is a positive step. This is a generation that can make peace with nature. We have already seen a boost of B-Corps, where more and more businesses are finding the value in the environment over profit.

With a new generation of sustainability champions, we can also expect a rise in personal action and responsibility. Google searches regarding sustainability news articles have seen a 38% global increase since 2008, showing that genuine interests are rising worldwide. Overtime, this shift in consumption patterns will be mirrored in shops. If there is an overall preference for more eco products and sustainable diets, our shelves will be stacked with more of just that.

Our promise to the Environment

Aside from encouraging you to choose eco-friendly merchandise options and eco-friendly writing instruments, we know we must do more.

So, with all things considered, here at The Pen Warehouse we have had to have a long hard look at the way in which we do business. Ethical sourcing, environmental impact and corporate and social responsibility are overriding considerations that influence everything we do. We ensure that long-term sustainability for our society and planet is not compromised by short-term policies.

This year, we have joined litter heroes up and down the UK by getting involved with the Great British Spring Clean. A two-week initiative created by Keep Britain Tidy to eradicate one million miles of litter from our streets and parks. We stumbled across this organisation whilst having a rethink about how we can do more as a business for our local environment. The litter pick began on the 28th May and ends on the 13th June.

Overall, our volunteers have cleaned up 60 miles of litter so far to help Keep Britain Tidy reach their million mile goal. The image below shows a 60 mile radius from our location, helping to put our impact into perspective.

On the 30th June, we will also be hosting our 8th ‘Beyond the Product’ webinar to open up the conversation on sustainability in the promotional product industry. For this, we have invited a guest speaker from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and will be announcing exciting new products. Look out for an invite landing soon. We are excited to share with you what it means to be environmentally aware and how you can take control of your plastic and carbon footprint.

We welcome ideas from all players in our industry so that we can help to make effective change together. Get in touch with us on


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Welcome to Eco Month!

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What’s easy to give to others, but often hard to take yourself?


With environmental issues never far from discussion, it is our choice whether we as individuals or, as businesses, take responsibility for our actions.

We are taking a month out this June to further dedicate our efforts and focus on sustainability. At The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products, sustainability is something we constantly strive towards and is at the forefront of our minds when it comes to any decision making. This month, we are excited to spread awareness in the promotions industry and help drive change. In order to do this successfully, we want to take time to explore the topic, further educate ourselves and find ways to improve our offering as well as share our findings with our customers.

Follow us this month to learn about greater personal responsibility, positive swaps, education and conscious buying. June also hosts an array of significant awareness days for the environment such as World Oceans Day, National Refill and World Environment Day. Keep an eye out for our next blog where we will discuss what these mean in greater detail. 

We hope to help you exit June feeling inspired, refreshed and ready for positive change.

Great British Spring Clean

What better way to kick off than to announce that we are participating in the Great British Spring Clean. The initiative, created by Keep Britain Tidy, runs from 28th May to 13th June and aims to eradicate one million miles of litter across the nation: that’s equivalent to driving round the Earth 40 times.

This initiative aligns with our internal promises to the environment and so, at The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products, we pledge to have employees (voluntarily) outside collecting litter for 1 hour each, plus each volunteer will receive a tote bag filled with eco goodies to take home. We also aim to get family and friends involved where possible and hopefully inspire you reading this blog to get picking too.

Eco Webinars

Catch us at the end of the month (30th) where we will also be hosting a webinar discussing all things sustainability. Joining us will be a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Here we will explore our product offering made from paper and wood certified by FSC® and highlight what it means to shop more responsibly.
In basic terms, this means that our certified products have come from responsibly managed forests.

With a rise in awareness for sustainability, more and more businesses are getting in touch with their eco requirements and are hunting for solutions. In fact, 68% of suppliers believe enquiries surrounding eco products will rise significantly this year and 100% of end-users will ask for eco products by 2024. If there was ever a time to attend a webinar, it’s now. Boosting your brand awareness with a recycled or eco-friendly product may just be the next smart move for you.

Look out for details on how to sign up soon.

Positive Swaps

To celebrate National Ballpoint Day on June 10th, we have pulled together our top eco-friendly products to help you to welcome the day with positive change.

We currently hold the title of having the largest range of promotional pens in Europe, from this we can confidently offer a vast and impressive selection of eco-friendly writing instruments with a good proportion of these available within a 24-hour lead time. Our poppy pencil contains seeds in its biodegradable tip that can be planted; a perfect example of a promotional product that would be welcomed in today’s world. As well as this, we can offer instruments made from:

  • Recycled plastic
  • Sustained wood
  • Bamboo 
  • Recycled paper 
  • FSC certified wood 
  • Long-life refills
  • Wheatstraw

For more information on our eco range, you can download our digital eco trendz.® catalogue here 

Tote bags

Offering the largest print area and great usability, tote bags are one of the most successful promotional products ideal for retail, events and team gifts. Did you know, 160,000 plastic bags are used every second? By switching from a regular bag to a cotton tote or a recyclable option, your company will help pull the plug on plastic pollution.

Discover reusable drinkware

Your message is guaranteed to be seen by all with reusable drinkware; a product that can be used daily. We have a range of 15 reusable drinkware products with 4 versatile options that are able to hold drinks hot or cold. The added benefit of reusable products is that you don’t have to buy them again as people will hold on to them. This means your brand is being continuously promoted at no additional cost to you.


BPMA Sustainability Action Group Session #3 03/03/2021

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Opening up this Mental Health Awareness Week


Mental Health Awareness Week has been running for 21 years and has already grabbed the title of the biggest awareness week globally. Hosted by the Mental Health Foundation, it is a week to promote good mental health for all, after all this is a global concern as depression is ranked third in the global burden of disease, and is projected to rank first within the next 9 years.

Some exciting and positive news, mental health has been recognised by global world leaders and the decision to include it in the Sustainable Development Goals has been passed. A HUGE step in getting the help and support to so many communities and achieving a better world as depression is ranked third in the global burden of disease and is projected to rank first in 2030.

Nature: A powerful and free resource

The Mental Health Foundation has chosen to base the 2021 campaign around the theme of Nature. Outside meditation, birdwatching, exercise, picnics are perhaps activities we didn’t give much thought to or make any time for before. However, Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, many have learnt to value nature and have experienced its benefits on their mental health. Immersing yourself in the outdoors for a little as 2 hours a week is reported to reap noticeable effects.

In weeks such as this, it is also important to recognise the significant difference in resources available to individuals, the effects of nature may not be accessible to everyone. There remains a huge gap between those needing support and those with access to it. With many mental health concerns effectively treatable at a low cost, it is frustrating that this cannot be an option for all.

Although increased investment is beneficial to bring awareness to mental health conditions, the root cause is situational. The investment must be directed towards education, poverty, inequalities, violence to see real change and equal access for all.

Know someone suffering?

With an estimated 1 in 4 people globally experiencing a mental health problem in their lifetime. This is everyone’s business and it is a topic that should not be taken lightly and ignored. People suffering often face stigma and discrimination, making it extremely uncomfortable to speak up and be heard. If left untreated, mental health problems can lead to physical issues as it is reported to be the primary driving force of disability worldwide.

The difficulty with spotting if someone needs help is recognising that they are not coping. With Mental Health being an ‘invisible illness, it can be difficult to recognise the severity of someone’s suffering. People with bad mental health may be experiencing one of the following:

  • Not making the most of their potential
  • Struggling to cope with life
  • Do not actively play a full part in their family, workplace, community and among friends

If you think you know someone experiencing these issues, take them out for a coffee, invite them to the cinema, do an activity virtually if they don’t want to leave the house and most importantly, ask how they are: how they really are. 

Head to for supporting information, publications and ways to get involved.

Samaritans: 116 123
Mind: 0300 123 3393

In the workplace

We offer branded Mood® Motivation Cards, a box of 10-20 cards aimed to inspire, welcome or make someone smile. Each card displays a motivational message, perfect for mental health initiatives. 

The entire product, including the box, is manufactured in-house from FSC® certified card and printed in vibrant full colour.

At the Pen Warehouse and Snap Products, we have welcomed a new Gratitude initiative whereby employees send one Postcard with Neapolitan chocolates to a colleague that they would like to show appreciation for. This simple gesture is proven to strengthen teams, boost confidence and mood, as well as make others feel acknowledged. If you would like to do the same, our sustainable postcards can be found here

Lastly, we hope you are well. Remember to keep healthy and keep talking!


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Gratitude in the Workplace

Reading time: 1 minute 15 seconds

Gratitude is not commonly spoken about or often exercised at work; however, we’ve decided to create a new initiative to shift our focus and become more present with those around us. Gratitude is contagious, and a simple thank you can change the way employees feel and perform, with their success increasing by 50% when shown gratitude for their efforts.  

Each month staff can choose one of our in-house designed Neapolitan chocolate postcards and post it to a colleague who has made them smile. We have also expanded this initiative outside of the internal workplace and send a postcard to our customers once a week.

Employee recognition is an important part of creating stronger professional relationships and boosting overall morale. The simple small act of gifting someone a postcard with a warm message about them is enough to carry them through the next month. Acknowledging the value in the actions those do around you thanking them for it is proven to increase mood, confidence and team productivity. 

Aside from sending postcards, other ways to show gratitude are: 

  • Say thank you often 
  • Recognise efforts when things don’t go as planned
  • Respect other’s time 
  • Surprises such as lunch, coffee, chocolate
  • Greet employees each morning 

Our Neopolitan Postcards contain three UK manufactured milk chocolates with full colour wrappers. The postcard is made from 280gsm FSC® certified card with full colour digital printing offered on one or both sides.

If you’d like to get involved we are offering free samples of our Neapolitan chocolate postcards, just contact


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Celebrating World Earth Day: Restore Our Earth™

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Dear Earth, We swear to challenge our policies, support you always and have your health at the forefront of our mind.

Nice to hear, right? But it’s not enough. 

Personal responsibility can be tough to swallow and also overwhelming with so much work ahead. This is where organisations such as Earth Day come in and offer support to individuals and businesses that find value in tomorrow and are eager to get involved. 

History of Earth Day

Earth Day is the largest civic observance in the world and began in 1970 and today works with 75,000 partners in nearly 200 countries to drive and promote positive transformational change. 

Today serves as a reminder that each and every one of us plays a definitive role in preserving and caring for this Planet.

What is today all about?

This year they are focussing on Restoration, with their theme Restore Our Earth™.

Campaigns they are running focus on carbon dioxide removal, regenerative agriculture, sustainable food practices, cleaning up of public spaces, education, and citizen science. 

With Coronavirus limiting our social interaction, activation has looked a little different in the past year. Needless to say, there is nothing to stop us from shifting our efforts to new ways to mobilise action. In this digital age, it has never been easier, we can drive action online just as effectively.

You can watch the live digital event at 5 pm here where world leaders, activists, industry leaders and nonprofit innovators will discuss: 

  • Climate and environmental literacy 
  • Climate restoration technologies 
  • Reforestation efforts 
  • Regenerative agriculture 
  • Equity and environmental justice 
  • Citizen science 
  • Cleanups, and more. 

What are we doing?

At The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products, we recognise that the fight for safe and sustainable environments requires action at all levels. We know that as a leading supplier, much of our distributors’ activity is a reflection of what we do. 

Just some of our mitigation strategies include: 

  • Helping Keep Britain Tidy to reach their 1 million mile goal by participating in the Great British Spring Clean next month
  • Ensure our pens meet longevity standards by testing their writing lengths
  • Verify our claims on biodegradability to avoid disposal in unsuitable environments by carrying out tests in our R&D department
  • All spent solvents are recovered by distillation in-house.
  • Donate pens that do not meet our quality control standards
  • Made substantial packaging swaps. We now use gummed kraft paper tape; serving as a biodegradable alternative to traditional plastic tape as well as switching to paper sleeves for eco-friendly product sample send-outs.
  • Installed LED lighting at our HQ. LED’s use 86% less energy than traditional lights
  • We use 80Kw Solar Panels in our remote warehouse. 

Take home message

If we don’t go green, there will be nothing left to be seen.

Climate change became a ‘hot’ topic in 2020 after months of record high temperatures, hurricanes and wildfires: events that have all stemmed from the use of fossil fuels, deforestation and human activities. All of which, we play a part in.

According to Nasa (we tend to believe them), 2020 saw the highest ever average land and ocean temperatures globally.

It is more important than ever that we educate, adapt and accelerate our efforts if we want to restore this earth, our home.


Broiling 2020 was the hottest year ever, NASA climate scientists say | Live Science 

Earth Day: The Official Site | EARTHDAY.ORG

The Pen Warehouse Our Stance on Sustainability | The Pen Warehouse (

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Back to Work: 3 Ways to Transform your Space

Reading time: 3 minutes 52 seconds

The past year has left working alongside kettlebells and children the new norm and that squeaky office chair nothing but a distant memory.
As the UK continues its journey out of lockdown, we aim to see many people back to work but we are also likely to see employers adopting flexible working.

Whatever the situation, we believe practicality is vital and the importance of segregating your office space from your home space so that you don’t ever have to use toilet paper as a notepad again.

To help you get back into gear, we’ve come up with 3 ways to transform your workspace, wherever that may be.

1. Organisation

As much as you believe you are not a tidy person, we can all agree that nothing beats an organised office space. Proven to tackle lack of focus and productivity, a neat area can set you up for success. A study published in the Journal of Consumer Research showed a 40% increase in focus from students working in a clean room compared to those in a cluttered room.

There’s nothing worse than scrambling for a paperclip and finding one stuck to your shoe or the remains of a broken one stuffed in your chair. Our clever clip dispenser stores all your loose paper clips using a magnetic wheel, this product comes with coloured paper clips and makes a great addition to your desk. 

On the topic of keeping everything in one place, our triad pot is a great size for holding a suitable amount of pens, pencils and rulers whilst displaying 3 large print areas. Storing your pens so that they are readily available for when that genius idea comes to mind is a must for any desk. Studies have shown increased learning, engagement and coordination when writing notes physically as opposed to using technology.

So… turns out writing still matters, even in this digital age.

2. Functionality

Having a space that is functional allows employees to be efficient and will help to hit the above organisation goal too. 

Within our leading range of pens, we can offer 50 with a compatible stylus, making you the next whiz at note-taking. Within this range is the Spectrum Hi-Max Ballpen®, doubling up as a highlighter and stylus, this pen is undoubtedly the handiest on the market and a must-have for your workspace.

We also supply ball pens that neatly convert to a USB flash drive with up to 16GB of storage.
And if that’s not your thing, perhaps a USB that can comfortably fit in your wallet is. Our Credit Card USB flash drives are compact, slim and offer a large branding area.

Picture this; a last-minute meeting has been scheduled, your phone is out of charge and you’ve lost your pen. Our range of conference folders are the ultimate executive gift and will leave you effortlessly organised. The cover of each folder can be printed or debossed and can contain chargers, compartments, notebooks, phone stands and power banks. 

3. Comfort

If working from home is looking permanent for you, webcam covers may be a good tool to avoid any slip-ups between meetings because nobody likes that overriding fear of still being visible.

We all use mouse mats but what if they could serve more than one purpose… Hosting a USB cable and suitable for any smart mobile, the Geneva Wireless Charging Mouse mat is a smart addition to your space.

A snapshot into where this blog is produced

Some of you may be wondering what the desk behind this blog looks like, and eager to find out whether I’m a hypocrite.

When joining the company, I was given a mouse mat printed with an image of my choice, a small touch but meant the world to me as it helped to get me settled and made me feel comfortable at my desk (the plush chair helps too).

I was also given a pack of Mood® motivation cards on my first day at the Pen Warehouse. The first thing I do on a Monday is choose my card for the week and place it under my monitor. This almost becomes my mantra for the week, making me feel appreciated and keeps my mind focused.

In my Triad Pen pot I have my top 3 chosen ball pens: Contour® biofree® sanitiser ballpen, Spectrum Hi-Max Ballpen® and a personalised Mood® Softfeel Ballpen, not forgetting the matching notebook.

Final Words

Founder of brandalaxy stated “Making your office more efficient starts with company culture”. 

Whilst space and layout are important factors in mood and productivity, the addition of promotional products to your employees’ workspace is an effective method to communicate the integral part they play in your business.

blog Image for Promo Roadmap: May

Promo Roadmap: May

Reading time: 1 minute 53 seconds

And… just like that, we are almost onto stage 3 of our 4 step roadmap out of lockdown in the UK (internal screaming).

Exiting Lockdown: The Next Steps for the UK

As of 17th May, we will see the return of events, more friends (if you have more than 5) and the reopening of most businesses including cinemas and hotels. Hygiene measures and social distancing will still be a thing of normality throughout May and beyond, so it is important that these sectors are well prepared for their reopening.

Products to help you get prepared

We are currently running an introductory special offer on our Polyester Face Masks until the end of April – so don’t miss out. To redeem simply quote PFM50SU on your PO. These are available with spot colour or full colour transfer printing on a rapid 5 working day lead time. To see our full range of protective face coverings click here.

Keep your staff members and customers safe with our Health and Safety Executive (HSE) approved hand sanitisers offered from our biofree® range.

  • UK manufactured in-house
  • WHO approved formulation
  • Contains 75% alcohol
  • Diverse range from travel size to jerry cans

Our extensive collection of hygiene essential packs include some of our best-selling biofree® hand sanitisers.

We can help to make sure your business follows the latest COVID-secure guidelines with our top-quality British-made floor graphics, signage and acrylic screen guards that don’t compromise communication or culture. Our floor graphics are made using R9 rated anti-slip and anti-scruff material suitable for outdoors, hard flooring and vinyl.
Perfect for:

  • Cinemas
  • Hotels
  • Stores
  • Events
  • Workplace

For added safety, we are proud to have created an industry-first: Biomaster ink. Biomaster is an antimicrobial spot colour printing ink developed in-house that disrupts the growth of bacteria and ensures the product provides complete antimicrobial protection effective for its lifetime. We offer Biomaster spot colour printing on our range of biofree® writing instruments.

With the return of sports and events in May and permission to leave the house, water bottles are a great product to gift attending guests. Sustainability is so important and promoting your business on a reusable product that will be used daily, is a smart move and will give you long-lasting exposure.

For more detailed information on the UK’s roadmap out of lockdown, and to learn about key products for each step, join us on Wednesday 28th April at Midday for our Promo Roadmap Webinar.


blog Image for Looking After You – Our Top Tips for Mental Wellbeing & Health

Looking After You – Our Top Tips for Mental Wellbeing & Health

Reading time: 2 minutes 51 seconds

Mark your calendar: It’s Stress Awareness Month!

April has hosted Stress Awareness Month for the past 29 years, a vital event for many and perhaps now more than ever. Since Coronavirus restrictions became a thing of normality, over 65% of the adult population experienced heightened stress levels in the UK. 

It is extremely important that we continue to look after ourselves and those around us when we notice signs of stress. Increased stress levels can leave the body feeling fatigued and can lead to further and sometimes serious health issues. Stress can also leave the mind highly active leading to trouble sleeping and with time can cause anxiety and/or depression.

On April 7th is World Health Day, an initiative created by WHO that helps raise awareness on a particular global health concern. The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the socio-geographical divide in public health services, education and food. This year the topic is based on building a fairer world and the importance of recognising the lack of support in some countries.

Tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle

When feeling overwhelmed with emotion is it helpful if you have a coping mechanism that works. If you haven’t managed to figure out what that is just yet, here are a few tips that could come in handy.

The NHS has put together a list of top stress-busting apps, most of these are free to download and can be a creative tool if you feel you are not ready to reach out just yet. On the topic of apps, our personal favourite is Balance. It is a meditation app that helps with stress, mood and sleep.

After a year-long ban from the office, the anticipated return to work, although exciting, may bring a feeling of uncertainty, worry and stress to some. Our staff each have their own Mood® Motivation Cards, a small portable pack of cards that help to boost staff morale and remind us all that we can do anything! Head to our Mood® blog post where we talk about all things motivation.

Enjoy the outdoors, after all, it is free and has been proven to boost serotonin levels (the happy hormone). On days that haven’t gone to ‘plan’, we recommend getting outside and doing exercise. This does not have to be running a marathon! A quick 20-minute daily walk will do wonders and you can even combine this with a visit to the local shop to buy chocolate (we won’t tell anyone).

Taking time out before bed to read or write down any feelings, great ideas, tasks or even to draw. Putting a pen to paper and allowing yourself to offload can sometimes be the best form of therapy and can help you to make sense of your emotions or pinpoint the cause. This type of activity can help the brain to switch off and focus on the task at hand. Browse our range of stylish and high-quality notebooks here. Our colour range is unrivalled in the industry so there is sure to be a notebook for everyone. Paired with one of our many stylus pens, you’re set to switch between notebook and tech.

Stress Buster Calendar

The team here at The Pen Warehouse and Snap Products have collected our best tips for when it comes to mental health and have created a 30-day self-care calendar. Follow our daily challenges and we hope you have an April full of calm and self-care.

1st: Try a new recipe
2nd: Walk 12,000 steps
3rd: Do a 3 min breathing exercise
4th: Carry out a mindless activity – paint by numbers
5th: Each your lunch outside
6th: Reach out to a friend
7th: Happy World Health Day! Drink 3L of water
8th: Set a new goal (this can be small)
9th: Write down 3 things you are grateful for
10th: You time
11th: Go for a picnic
12th: Watch your work colleagues’ fave film
13th: Tidy out your wardrobe
14th: Watch the sunset
15th: Go on a coffee date
16th: Make a new music playlist
17th: Go for a 25 minute walk
18th: Make your favourite breakfast
19th: Create a to-do list for tomorrow
20th: Do some gardening
21st: Perform a random act of kindness
22nd: Try out some yoga
23rd: Have a lie-in
24th: Light candles & read a book
25th: Listen to a podcast
26th: Visit somewhere new
27th: Make some art
28th: No phone for 1 hour before bed
29th: Have an early night
30th: Confide in a friend

Promotional products to promote a healthy lifestyle

Amongst our collection of 900+ (and growing) products, we can offer a great selection that will help to maintain a healthy body and mind for your customers.

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