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Tue, 10 Nov 2015
Talking Pens – Issue 10

The latest news from The Pen Warehouse. Meet Monica Malfa, our No-Minimum.co.uk Project Manager, find out about our fantastic range...
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Wed, 09 Sep 2015
Electrify a campaign with the Electra Ballpen

Following the recent acquisition of the latest laser engraving technology, the best-selling Electra Ballpen range can now be personalised with...
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Wed, 09 Sep 2015
Metal pen 360° peripheral laser engraving from The Pen Warehouse

Traditionally, laser engravers perform line-of-sight marking on round metal pens, typically yielding a limited circumferential engraved height of between 6mm and 10mm. In this process...
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Distributor News

Tue, 09 Jul 2013
Standard WE wooden pencils
Design your own Standard WE promotional pencils on-line....
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Tue, 09 Jul 2013
Promotional Pens Store Update
At Redbows we have been working with the Pen Warehouse for a number of years. They are a great team...
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About The Pen Warehouse

Welcome to our website, the home of promotional pens, pencils and general writing instruments. It is designed to be an inspirational source to help you make the correct selection for your next advertising campaign.

Once you’ve browsed our website you will quickly realise why it’s become the trade’s sourcing reference for promotional products, not only in the United Kingdom and Ireland, but also across mainland Europe. Whether you are looking for low-cost plastic pens or fine writing instruments, we not only have the stock, we also have the means to personalise them in-house quickly and cheaply. No order is too large or too small as we have flexible production capacity and warm and friendly customer-service staff to guide you through the selection process.

Our History

Founded in the late seventies by our current MD, Neil Cleere, we were originally a general trade supplier of promotional items but by the mid eighties had become a specialist-supplier of printed pens and complementary promotional products, including promotional crayons and promotional pencils. Since that period we’ve steadily built the product range to our current position encompassing over six hundred models and during that period have built an enviable reputation for quality and service as a trade-exclusive supplier. Our innovative approach has helped define, not only the way promotional pens are designed but also marketed to reflect the demands of today’s discerning purchaser.

Our Philosophy

Great service, quality and price is to be expected in today’s competitive market but we would not wish to be defined by these basic prerequisites alone. Maturity has taught us that doing business should be pleasurable in all respects. Pleasurable for our customers, for our dedicated staff and also for our suppliers. We see everything as a partnership and regard the hours we spend at work as a very relevant component of life’s experience and we hope this approach is reflected in the way we do business.

Ethical sourcing, our impact on the environment and corporate & social responsibility are overriding considerations that dictates our company’s direction to ensure that long-term sustainability for our society and planet is not compromised by short-term policies.

Our Staff

We currently employ one hundred and forty eight full-time staff, covering administration, sales, printing and manufacturing. Many of our shop-floor employees have been with us since we first became involved in pen printing and our policy of ongoing cross-training has given us a resource that we believe is unequalled in terms of experience and flexibility.

We also carry this policy of cross-training through to our sales and administration departments to ensure our flexible approach is reflected in customer service and we find it particularly gratifying that we have, not only built a loyal customer base over the years, but also forged lifelong friendships. We are an equal opportunities employer and we take great pride in helping our staff achieve their full potential by actively seeking opportunities for personal development.

Our Products

The Pen Warehouse is now one of the largest trade suppliers of personalised promotional pens in Europe and the leading supplier in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The following is a summary of our product range.


Promotional Pens (Materials)  


Promotional Pens (Types)


Promotional Pens (Action)


Promotional Pens (Printing)

  • Screen Printed Promotional Pens
  • Pad Printed Promotional Pens
  • Digitally Printed Promotional Pens
  • Transfer Printed Promotional Pens
  • Full Colour Promotional Pens
  • Laser Engraved Promotional Pen
  • Promotional Pencils (Types)


    Promotional Markers (Types)


    Promotional Applications

    • Exhibition Giveaways
    • Trade Show Giveaways
    • Conference Giveaways
    • Pharmaceutical Promotions
    • Promotional Pens & Pencils for Training Rooms
    • Corporate Promotions
    • Business Gifts
    • Promotional Incentives
    • General Promotional Items


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