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Promotional Pens and the marketing mix: where’s the fit?

Posted on on Monday, March 28th, 2011 at 5:54 pm.

The number of Promotional Pens available to organisations looking to promote their corporate message with existing and prospective customers alike is phenomenal. There is undoubtedly a large enough of a variety of Printed Pens on offer to cater for organisations operating in any industry around the world. For example, organisations operating in energy markets are likely to be looking to promote their green credentials at this time, for which an eco pen such as Envirostick Extra Ball Pens would be ideal. Food manufacturers and medical organisations will find Vogue Biofree Ball Pens, with their anti-bacterial protection more aligned to their business whilst white collar businesses are more likely to lean towards metal pens that can be used as a means of gratitude from loyal customers or as rewards for top performing sales reps.

So we have established that the shear variety of personalised pens available is suitable to adequately serve organisations operating in most industries. But how do promotional pens fit into the strategic marketing mix for organisations that will be primarily concerned with significant investments on above the line advertising and complex below the line activations? Where will they find the time to see value in how printed pens can add real value and deliver a return on investment? It is the responsibility of the promotional merchandise industry to ensure corporates are not only aware of but also understand the value promotional pens can bring to a campaign.

Brand marketers will talk of the need to ‘touch’ prospects at least seven times with marketing communications before they become switched on to a brand. Of course ATL techniques will ensure your message achieves ‘reach’ and a memorable campaign will self-perpetuate this objective through viewers reminiscing about the qualities and highlights of the campaign. However, ATL campaigns involving mass media will achieve spread for your message, but at what cost? Promotional pens in your customer’s hands will certainly ensure your brand and corporate message is at the forefront of their minds every time they use it. We are not suggesting that corporates swtick their multi-million pound activation budgets from ATL providers and invest the entire budget into promotional merchandise, but it’s worth considering that for a very small investment you can get a product with your corporate message into your customer’s hands where it will stay for an awful lot longer than a 20second TV commercial.

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